Paid Subscription Would Offer Early Downloads For EA Sports Titles

Paid Subscription Would Offer Early Downloads For EA Sports Titles

An online survey indicates that EA Sports has plans to offer a paid subscription that, among other features, would deliver some paid downloadable content for free and make full versions of upcoming games available for download before their release date.

“Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA Sports console-based titles” was the first bullet point mentioned, of sure interest given how much of it the sports publisher pushes in titles like FIFA, NHL, Madden, NCAA Football and Tiger Woods PGA Tour (SSX was also mentioned, and specifically cited as “SSX: Deadly Descents”, meaning this survey went out before that title’s name change at the beginning of April.)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters, offers several additional courses as paid DLC, all available in a $US50 package. It and other current EA Sports titles also offer career and franchise mode boosts and other optional content, for a charge.

The bigger draw may be, for devotees of certain series, the ability to get the game over the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live before it streets. Indeed, this would be indicative of a push toward total digital distribution, a path EA Sports president Peter Moore has said is definitely the future for publishers.

Finally, “ability to transfer paid content from your current participating titles to future title versions” would also be worth it for many subscribers. That $US50 package of courses in Tiger Woods 12 is, you guessed it, playable only in Tiger Woods 12 (that we know for now.) Transferring paid DLC such as golf courses to future titles would also be a subscription perk. It may also hint at Moore’s earlier comments of greater portability of one’s experience, achievements and career progression across editions of the same series.

Asked to comment on the survey, EA Sports spokesman Rob Semsey said at this time the publisher has no announcements.

The full text of the survey (pictured):

“This subscription gives members access to exclusive benefits for Madden NFL, FIFA, NHL, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, SSX: Deadly Descents, and NCAA Football. While you’re a member, this new subscription service will enhance your gaming experience by providing you with:

• Discounts on all downloadable content for participating EA Sports console-based titles.

• Full downloadable versions of aprticipating titles before they come out in stores.

• Exclusive membership recognition badge that appear both in-game and on your web profile.

• Ability to transfer paid content from your current participating titles to future title versions.

• Free and exclusive opportunities to extend your EA Sports experience to PC and Web

• Free and exclusive EA Sports downloadable content for participating console-based titles.

• Your subscription will be available for purchase from participating retailers, through the EA website, or on your console.

EA is planning a Subscription Service [PlayStation University]


  • Are you kidding?? ANOTHER PAID service… geez.. between Xbox Live, PSN Plus, a monthly Internet Connection and other odds and ends, do we really need publishers now jumping on the bandwagon to rob us of more money for trinkets and DLC that SHOULD be free, for everyone and not released 2 days after (or before) the retail version..

    I’m beginning to hate where console gaming is heading.. Next we’ll have SEVERELY cut back games coming out and unless you’re an EA or Activision, etc subscriber, you’ll be missing out on the full experience.. AND I doubt they’ll be cutting back the price of their games either..

  • Utterly ridiculous money grabbing from the corporate yahoos.

    Even just with regard to the digital distribution as a norm, don’t they realise that not everyone who pays a full ticket for thier releases also has unlimited super fast broadband. Downloading a whole game off PSN or Live would take me forever and eat away like crazy at my data cap…

    What a fucking joke…

  • I am never buying an EA sports game again after Fight Night: Champion. Earn exp points by fighting and training and working your way up the ranks…..nah just buy them with real world money.

  • Isn’t this Kotick’s Brass Ring? He keeps talking about finding a way to monetize online multiplayer. Damn EA beat him to it and I think we have a new evil empire!

  • Its all getting a bit totalitarian, being forced to go digital. When are the publishers going to realise that physical/digital media can exist in the same world?! Some things we have, like books and magazines, are exactly how we want them to be – physical. In my hands, and not connected to a screen or power outlet. I know myself after a long day of gaming I get sick of looking at a screen, and love to lay down a read some (game) magazines. Like Hyper>> and Retro Gamer, plug, plug. Some things dont need to be changed.

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