Paint The Town Brown With Duke Nukem Forever

Evidently, crap will be a missile weapon when Duke Nukem Forever releases - quite ironic for a game that's spent 14 years unable to shit or get off the pot.

I have no problem with toilet humor, I can deal with the sight of turds and I can handle, conceptually anyway, someone throwing them around. I can pretend a Baby Ruth is a big ol' log and bite off the end and still go about my business. But whatever that gratuitous ... slurping is in this Duke Nukem Forever video just grossed me right out.

Duke Nukem Forever Will Let You Play With Wet Sh!t [NSFW][RipTen]


    Is it just me or does this smell like no pun intended) Postal2?

    I think the funniest thing about this is that it's been named the 'official feces trailer'. ^^

    They let this (excuse the pun) Crap through and not Mortal Kombatr some weird and sick puppies out there at the classification board methinks.

    It's a drinking fountain. The player has covered it in poop and is drinking from it. Duke begs the player not to do it. Awesome! Disgusting, but awesome.

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