Parents Concerned Over Students Play-Acting Call Of Duty

Parents Concerned Over Students Play-Acting Call Of Duty

“It’s too real and too much like the Columbine tragedy,” says one concerned parent regarding a video shot at Rocklin High School in California depicting students pretending to play Call of Duty with imaginary weapons. Oh come on, really?

There are no guns in the YouTube video “COD Black Ops JamT productions”, which features students participating in a pretend game of Call of Duty on their high school campus. There are no weapons whatsoever. Guns and knives are pantomimed, special effects (not including blood) are added in post. The only real violence is the throwing of a chair in anger, which is quickly followed up by a hug.

It’s the modern day equivalent of playing cowboys and indians out in the woods with your pals, and parents are comparing it to 1999’s Columbine Massacre, in which two students at Columbine High School in Colorado killed 12 students and a teacher before turning their weapons on themselves.

I could understand outrage if the students that crafted this video had been running around with realistic weapons. I could understand people being upset if the special effects included copious amounts of blood. This is just play. It’s fun. Kids are supposed to be doing this.

Aren’t they?

Check out the full report at Sacramento’s ABC News 10.

Video parody taped at Rocklin High raises concerns [News 10]


  • These days kids don’t play cowboys and indians, no, they’re playing Red Dead Redemption where the cowboys can shoot innocent townsfolk and tie their wimmens to the train tracks. Oh the humanity! Save the children!

  • Yeah totally, they should have done this in a warzone, at least then it wouldn’t have been like Columbine.

    Please note sarcasm throughout previous statement.

  • The video itself was kinda meh but I don’t understand why people undies are in such a bunch over it. At my High School we did way worse videos implying much more then people be shot in a virtual space.

  • bang bang cops and robbers, bang bang robbers and cops. bang bang rob that bank, put’em in jail put’em in jail.

  • So in the USA it’s ok to have real guns but not to have pretend ones. That pretty much says it right there about the USA. What really worries me is how can you tell if someone is openly carrying a pretend gun!

  • “It’s the modern day equivalent of playing cowboys and indians…”

    Well said. I guess the parents simply aren’t ready for the fact that this is 10 x more “vivid” than going around the school yard going “bang! bang!”.

  • Kids yeah… but these guys? It’s more than a little sad.

    What’s most ludicrous about people complaining over trivial things like this though is… they’re living in a country already absolutely saturated in guns and the glorification of gun culture. Where laws are being passed to allow people to legally carry assault rifles and carry concealed weapons into university campuses and bars.

    I’m forever grateful that I don’t live in the US, where one day it might just be infantile teenagers horsing around… the next an ex-marine or social maladroit wielding his uncle’s legally purchased AK-47.

    • Oh my it seems to be an another anti-gunner! Save it you sappy bastard. Go hug a tree or fuck a frog or whatever you excuses for men enjoy. Quit making such a big deal over nothing , your just not educated enough in firearms.

      • Any way to report comments on here? Cause I think this one probably deserves it. Juvenile, offensive and unnecessary.

  • If the teachers had guns at Columbine, then they probably would have stood a chance.

    The poor kids in U.S. schools cant play footy, tag, pretend guns, cops and robbers, cowboys and indians, hell they cant even bring toy guns to school, or hell, even LITTLE PLASTIC ARMY MEN because they had LITTLE PLASTIC GUNS… it’s almost like slave training in those schools.

  • In this issue of “hysterical mothers monthly”, how to get your quivering mug on Fox News.

    Step 1: mention video games
    Step 2: Mention columbine

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