Pay This Man Your Super Meat Boy Respects

Absolutely anyone who finishes Super Meat Boy on 100% receives my everlasting respect, but this guy? Pulling off a no death run on the notoriously balls to the wall tough 'The Kid' levels? This guy takes it to another level.

Via Team Meat's official twitter page.


    Hats off to the lad

    Compared to I Wanna Be The Guy (the game that inspired the Kid levels), the game really isnt that hard. There are more levels in SMB and yet I finished it faster than the 3 or so months (of off and on playing) it took me to finish IWBTG.

    Still, a no death run through those levels is pretty impressive.

    Holy hell! Having done those levels yesterday, I can appreciate how hellishly difficult that must have been. Respect to that guy!

    My favourite part is the cut at 1:13.

    Not going to call the guy out because I sure as hell couldn't do it with no deaths, but that makes it look mighty suspicious to me.

    I actually just downloaded SMB today. On Steam. I've got 60 - 70% on world 1 and I'm already swearing at it.

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