People Change Into Pokémon. Wait, What?

This autumn, a new Pokémon manga debuted. There have been Pokémon manga before, but nothing like this. Title Poké Reburst, this manga features humans changing into Pocket Monsters.

It's supposed to be a more mature take on Pocket Monsters and features a main character named Ryouga, who hails from a town where people live with Pokémon. Characters can change into Pokémon, as evident by the above manga scan, which reads, "...into Zekrom". Zekrom is the mascot for Pokémon White, the most recent Pocket Monsters game.

Pokémon fans are following the manga's development closely. But what's more starting than this more adult spin on Pokémon is the fan that this took three years to plan and create. Isn't three years in the making a little... long?

As one Japanese netizen stated today, "Why do Japanese people always have to brag how long things take?"

コミックナタリー [週刊少年サンデー via オレ的ゲーム情報]


    wow i would love that i would change into a
    charizard hehe :) awesome

    I'd like to be Alakazam. I could still eat Ice Cream with those spoons and have psychic powers.

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