Peyton Hillis Is Madden NFL 12's Cover Star

Fans selected Peyton Hillis, the Cleveland Browns running back, to grace the cover of Madden NFL 12. Hillis prevailed in a five-week, tournament style vote-off that drew nearly 13 million votes, and was the final round winner over Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.<


    Can't believe a middle of the pack RB for one of the worst teams was voted through - props to the Browns supporters, first "win" surrounding their franchise in forever...

    If it came down to Hillis and a man convicted of torturing animals for profit, I'm glad Hillis made the cover.

    Hilis was the only bright spot on the Browns offence, heck the only bright spot on the Browns but he did play exceptionally well considering that he was the only thing the opposing D had to worry about

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