Pinball FX2 Goes To Mars

Zen Studios is launching a new table into their Xbox 360 pinball platform on April 20, when Mars comes into orbit around Pinball FX2.

Pinball FX2 isn't a pinball game. It's a pinball platform, freely downloadable by anyone that can access the Xbox Live Marketplace. Once downloaded, players can pick and choose which tables they want to purchase from within Pinball FX2. Tables like the excellent set of Marvel tables released last year, or the gorgeous Mars table dropping next week.

Like the other Pinball FX2 tables, Mars combines realistic pinball physics with the sort of 3D special effects you can only find in a video game. Check out the trailer and screens for Mars to see what's going down on the red planet come April 20. 240 Microsoft points buys you a one-way ticket.


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