Play Kalei Twists Your Photos Into Endless Entertainment

Play Kalei Twists Your Photos Into Endless Entertainment

Thanks to its wonderfully convenient camera, most iPhones are home to dozens if not hundreds of random photos, depicting everything from smiling friends’ faces to particularly interesting bits of plastic, all fuel for Chillingo’s twisted new photo game Play Kalei.

Crafted by casual game developer LoadComplete for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, Play Kalei is one of those incredibly simple games that you just can’t seem to put down. A kaleidoscopic image is generated from a certain point in a photograph, and the player must use a finger to determine the distorted image’s point of origin on the original piece. The faster the player finds the point the more likely they’ll clear the level with three stars.

The more stars the player earns, the more photograph sets are unlocked, including the obligatory kitten and hamster galleries. Burning through the pictures included with the app should take the better part of an hour. Then the real fun begins.

Play Kalei can make any picture into a game. Take a photo of your favourite video game journalists and see if you can discover the twisted points of origin lurking within. Or fire up two-player mode and take on your significant other one-on-one in a Play Kalei exploration of your amateur porn vacation pictures.

Once you get used to seeing things the Play Kalei way, you’ll never look at your photos the same way again.

Play Kalei and Play Kalei HD [iTunes App Store]

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