Portal 2's Starlet Certainly Looks Different In This Concept Art

Portal star Chell is keeping things simple for the game's sequel. Same orange jumpsuit, it's just...rolled up. This concept art for the character shows she could have looked not just different, but a lot different.

Uncovered as part of Valve's vast, potato-based alternate reality game being run to promote Portal 2, the art shows Chell looking like an extra from Brazil, an extra from THX 1138 or a robo-legged runner from Mirror's Edge.

While they're interesting designs one and all, we're obviously glad Valve kept it simple for the final design. After all, two of their other most iconic female stars - Half-Life's Alyx and left 4 Dead's Zoey - get around in a hoodie and a track top respectively. No need to make things messy just for the sake of it!

There are also some great pics showing concepts for her trademark "chicken leg" stilts, as well as designs for the co-op mode's robot colleagues.

Lots of Portal 2 concept art [Super Punch]


    some beautiful work there

    I think they made the right choice tho.

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