Pretend To Be An Investor In A Religious Games Publisher And Get A Free Game

Left Behind Games, publisher of the notorious Rapture romp Left Behind 3: Liberals Get Shot Rise of the Antichrist, has opened a free video game program under the auspices of providing a product sample to investors - even potential investors. "Potential investors," means pretty much anyone, so now's your chance!

Set up as an "investor giveaway," Left Behind Games is offering a download of Left Behind 3, or its less violent fare, such as Charlie Church Mouse or the singing game Praise Champion (microphone, of course, not included). It values the products at between $US20 and $US30.

"Now, those interested can see for themselves why Charlie Church Mouse is loved by so many kids and parents alike, and why our other quality Christian games represent a life-improving, healthy alternative to many of the video games currently on the marke," Left Behind Games CEO Troy Lyndon said in a statement.

Admit it, you've always wanted to see what the fuss was about in Left Behind 3. Now's your chance, for free. Just don't post any spoilers in the comments.

Left Behind Games Investor Giveaway [Left Behind Games, via Game Politics]


    Wow, Owen. You're really a jackass. Tell me, are you against all violent video games, or just Christian-themed video games that aren't really that violent but you pretend they are anyway? So have you downloaded and played LB3 yet? Care to let people know exactly how violent you found it to be? How many "liberals" did you gun down?

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