Product Placement Found In Angry Birds

Product Placement Found In Angry Birds

Now, I’ll admit, I was among the millions of mobile gamers who caught the Angry Birds bug when it was first released, but I haven’t played it in months. Apparently Rovio has now updated the game with levels featuring some very direct and obvious product placement.

They can be found in the Golden Egg levels. The first one we were sent blatantly advertises Skype, while the second has YouTube spelled out within the map.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Product placement is rapidly become the norm, and that’s fine, but having the ads intrude in the actual level design itself is a different matter entirely. It would be understandable in the free Android version, but this product placement was found on a paid iPhone App.


  • Whinging about product placement is like pissing in the wind.

    What happened to quality journalism Mr Serrels? Oh wait, we’re on an Allure Media blog where lackluster effort and opinion that follows the general bandwagon is the norm.

  • I frankly don’t mind or care. These products are ones that a lot of people already use frequently and daily, and are household names.
    If it was advertising little known products, it would be a little more annoying, well not really, more like “wtf is MyFace?” But then again, I haven’t played many games with advertising in them, so I’m not annoyed of these things yet.

    • Product placement for Skype seems particularly odd. Skype is like Photoshop, it’s so ubiquitous that the name of the product serves as a verb for the action the product does.

  • It’s annoying, but I guess I’ve seen worse product placement in games that I paid much more for.

    Still, thanks for the heads-up. I haven’t played Angry Birds for ages so I wouldn’t have known this happened otherwise.

  • Firstly.. James Parson: Companies dont learn unless we the consumer educate them.. and Rovio in this case seriously need some education about respecting their users and how to maintain some of their own brand credibility.
    Secondly.. this annoys the crap out of me!

    When they joined up with Microsoft to recommend we all “Bing” the cheats.. we all went along with it..
    When they introduced a Facebook “Like” that you had to do to unlock the additional levels.. we all went along with it..
    We even gave them more money to support their joint venture for RIO..
    But to blatantly create brand names within the creative is basically suggesting they’ll do anything for money and are no longer concerned about getting the eggs back from those bastard pigs.
    And thats just sad.

    • Seriously? They’re a company that wants to make money, not lose it. Sure they could up the pricing of the game but that may affect sales. I’d much prefer to pay $1.19 for a game, that is really enjoyable, fun, irritating to pass, makes me angry, then happy and longer than any FPS released on a console or PC as of late.

      If that means having to have a bit of product placement that isn’t affecting the game in anyway, and more enjoyably, integrating with the gameplay itself – then bring on more. They’re creating levels with the names of companies, OH NO! GAME SPOILED 4 LYF

      This is the least worse kind of product placement I have ever seen, but I don’t care, and neither should you! Better than having ads plastered everywhere, or better yet, the consumer wins by keeping the cost of the game DOWN. The quality is still there.
      Some people are just pathetic…

      • Whats pathetic is having a crack at people for their opinions!
        Funny you think that’s whats keeping the cost of the game down for the consumer.. As you may remember the original release had zero product placement/ads/etc and cost the same amount.

        And if they must advertise for whatever reason.. it could at least be relevant!

  • “We even gave them more money to support their joint venture for RIO..”–TMissK

    WHAT MONEY are you talking about? That little $1 you’re paying for hours of entertainment? The money has to come from somewhere so the company can pay it’s staff and continue to make profit-more than a buck a pop. Get real. If you hate the adds play something else. This $1 stuff is no good for game developers. The product placemnt offers them a real chance at some real money.

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