Professor Layton Studio Is Making A New Professor Layton Game

Akihiro Hino, who really needs some sleep, recently tweeted that his studio is currently working on the sixth Professor Layton title. Shocking! Hino did not specify the platform, but the other Layton games are DS or 3DS titles. So... [via @AkihiroHino via Eurogamer]


    Thanks to the good professor I gave Earl Grey tea a second chance - it actually tasted better after I knew it was the drink of gentlemen.

      I think you'll find Captain Jean Luc Picard was there before Professor Layton. ;)
      (Both are gentlemen though!)

        That's awesoem, because right now I kinda have a haircut like professor layton's (no top hat tho) but it think in a few (maybe 10) more years I'll have the same hair style as captain picard!

    I hope they release an english version of the Layton vs Phoenix game. They'd be crazy not to!

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