PS3 Crosses The 50 Million Mark

According to Sony, the PS3 surpassed 50 million consoles sold worldwide on March 29, 2011. What's more, PlayStation Move sales broke 8 million units as of April 3.


    Is that sold or shipped? Sony usually use shipped figures, don't they?

    Regardless, 50 million is still a pretty impressive number considering the shambolic first year or two the PS3 had.

      In a lot of ways the PS3 was ahead of its time in a way.

        In a lot of ways... in a way?

          Friday afternoon. Garr.

          I will leave my terrible sentence unedited for posterity.

            I lol'd.

            Also, Kotaku comment system is a bit of a chore.

              We're fixing stuff up with a redesign soon. I feel the same way.

                Im all for a Gawker type system as long as you give me a star staight up, ive been trying for a year now to get a star on the american site.

                By fixing stuff up, you don't mean the new Gawker US layout do you?

                Be careful, most people hate it and whenever I see anyone link to Kotaku they link to now (same content, old layout).

                In a lot of ways you feel the same way?

    Who the hell is buying all these Moves and Kinects!!?!

    All my friends with consoles pretty much have the same attitude as me... DO NOT WANT.

      I'm about as core gamer as there is and I have a move. It was out of obsessive need to collect everything, and to play games that actually use it properly. Tiger 11 is much better with the move than without. That sorcery game looks interesting too.

    I wonder how many of the 50 million consoles were fat ps3 owners buying a slim after ylod ;/

      I'm sure the number is far overshadowed by the number of people who bought a PS3 after their 360 RRODed.

        Yep, the console fanboy comment has arrived.

          How does that in any way insinuate that I'm a fanboy? I started off with a 360... Then it RRODed on me once, then again.... then once more. My PS3 60GB has still been going strong since the day I got it. Even my Wii hasn't broken down yet. There is only so much fault you can put up with a gaming console, let alone any mechanical device before you just say ".... Ah screw it."

          Xbox 360 failure rate 23.7%
          PS3 failure rate 10%
          Wii failure rate 2.7%

          Not being a fanboy. Just stating facts.

            Hush up fanboy. We've heard it all before.

            RROD is old news. It was fixed YEARS ago.

            I have a zero failure rate on my 360.
            I have a zero failure rate on my ps3.

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