PS3 Hackers Begin Targeting Sony Executive’s Personal Information

PS3 Hackers Begin Targeting Sony Executive’s Personal Information

Not content with attacking Sony’s commercial websites and the PlayStation Network, a group of hackers has now turned its sights on obtaining the personal information of a number of Sony executives.

A “splinter group” of hacking outfit Anonymous, calling itself “SonyRecon”, has asked members to get “people to gather and contribute dox, and work towards a common goal of finding and information and detailing useful targets”. “Dox” is basically any and all personal documentation and/or identification of an individual available online.

And what noble public goals are being undertaken by some of these hackers? Here are some suggestions left in the group’s chatroom:

Craigslist – Make a[n]ad in the “free stuff” section, or in “erotic services” and “casual encounters” as is evident here there are many horny men who will relentlessly pursue someone who they believe to be 19/f.

STD Postcards – send one of these e-postcards notifying the target that one of their previous sexual partners has a STD. Makes for an uncomfortable wait for them. Alternatively call an AIDS hotline and ask them to anonymously tell the target they could have HIV, thats [SIC]a 6 month wait until the test comes back.

Free UPS Boxes create an account and order the target a couple of hundred boxes & labels, fedex also offer free boxes.

Google Maps use Google maps to locate local businesses to mess with the target.

Call them:

Skype – Use skype to call the target. When you first register a skype account you get one free call…

IP Relay – Ask the operator not to announce at the start of the call. This is a service only available to people in the USA.

Way to fight the good fight, guys.

As an example of the kind of work that’s being done, Sony executive Robert S. Wiesenthal has had a ton of personal information, like “marital status, age, place of address, education and even whether he has children”, released.

While this action seems petty, even contradictory to the activist’s original aims, noted PS3 hacker KaKaRoToKS says that the information is all already publicly available, and that SonyRecon is doing this “in the hopes of finding something incriminating to help in the lawsuit”.

I don’t see how juvenile pranks – like bringing down the website of Sony’s law firm – are helping with a lawsuit. Then again, groups like these must be difficult (if not impossible) to control by their very nature, so while some may have the best intentions and genuinely believe they are helping, others are obviously using it as an excuse to be, well, less constructive.

Anonymous Gets Serious, Attacks Sony Employees [Updated] [PSLS]


  • I love how every single hacking incident is automatically related to Anonymous. Its as if writers throw their name in just to validate their article.

    All i know is they must be very disjointed and unfocused in their goal and their current strategy.

  • Well there ya go. Another reason Sony should’ve just left the Hotz alone. Even if they win the lawsuit, what will the cost be? So far they seem to be losing a lot more than they’re gaining.

    • So… you think a major international corporation with thousands of employees and shareholders depending on them for their living should allow threats from a bunch of basement-dwelling, dateless adolescents to intimidate them into not protecting their legal rights?

      What a great precedent that’d set.

      • You forgot to add the terms “pre-pubescent” and “script kiddie” in there.

        I might use my powers of deduction to determine where they live based on the amount of mountain dew and twinkies sold in a certain area when compared to the national average. I would then order them 35 pizzas.

        • Maybe Sony should run a similar campaign of anonymous harrassment against George Hotz instead of taking legal action. Although the bit about “notifying the target that one of their previous sexual partners has a STD” probably wouldn’t work with Hotz – I doubt there are too many candidates there. “Mr Hotz, your right hand has just been diagnosed with a social disease. You might want to get yourself tested.”

          • While I can’t agree with the tactics employed by SonyRecon I think your constant need to reiterate dated stereotypes only detracts from any worth your comments might have.

          • I was thinking the exact same thing. All of those stereotypes are the exact kind of things that non-gamers think gamers are, so it is just as likely these descriptions represent you guys as much as the hackers.

            Just because someone does something you don’t agree with doesn’t mean you have to make out like they are some kind of pathetic losers, for all you know they have better and more fulfilling lives than you do.

          • Did you actually read the list of “suggestions” they made in the story above?

            I’m sorry, but they ARE pathetic losers.

  • oh no not the La Le Lu Li Lo!

    I don’t see why they should have loft geohotz alone to freely screw up there business? Sony make playstations and games, then sell them to people who use them, and someone is trying to disrupt that flow of business where Sony is getting rightfully paid for goods and services. Thats just plain wrong no matter which way you look at it.

    Piracy isn’t stealing, but it isn’t helping.

  • Can you change the title of this article. It’s not “PS3 Hackers” that are doing this. “PS3 Hackers” are the guys like GeoHot who are workon on the PS3 itself.

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