PSN Attack Now Has Attention Of US Homeland Security

The US Department of Homeland Security has joined the FBI, Federal Trade Commission and 22 state attorneys general in investigating last week's PlayStation Network breach. That "malicious intrusion" into Sony's online network and its Qriocity service forced PlayStation owners offline and threatened the security of some 77 million accounts.

Homeland Security says it is "aware of the recent cyber intrusion" to Sony's online infrastructure, according to a report from NextGov. DHS spokesman Chris Ortman tells the site that the department's "Computer Emergency Readiness Team is working with law enforcement, international partners and Sony to assess the situation."

Yesterday, the FBI confirmed to Kotaku it is "presently reviewing the available information in an effort to determine the facts and circumstances concerning this alleged criminal activity."

Personal data culled from the exposure of millions of PlayStation Network and Qriocity accounts may expose other accounts, including those of government, business and financial institutions.

Sony said in a statement earlier this week that it believes user information including names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses, login names and passwords may have been exposed, as that data was not encrypted on the company's PlayStation Network. The PlayStation maker says stored credit card data was encrypted, stressing that "there is no evidence at this time that credit card data was taken," though it could not rule out the possibility.

For PlayStation 3 owners, the one bright light in this ordeal was that Friends Lists and PlayStation Trophies are expected to remain intact when the service returns, likely sometime next week.

DHS probing Sony PlayStation network attack [NextGov]


    It is safe to say, the person/s you did this is stuffed.

      *who did this

    I hope this guy/group knows how to run, he's about to be chased down almost every possible force you could's only a short amount of time hopefully before they name and shame him justice would be served on their sorry ass, and once again peace was restored

    Hahahaha my group is in contact with the group who has hacked Playstation Network

    They should truss him up in Call of Duty and let everyone shoot him.

    This doesn't mean anything. The Department of Homeland Security is a goddamn joke of a money sink that was invented in the post-911 paranoia.

    Even on top of the major fuck-ups such as unqualified personnel and gross wastefulness, the DoHS still gets ridiculous government budgets to spend on anti-terrorism courses no-one attends, anti-terrorism hovercraft, anti-terrorism dog shoes etc.

    Yo man, whoever did this is going to be chewing on some meat sandwich down in guantanamo bay! Hahaha (for those of u who dont get it, reffering to "harold and kumar Escape from guantanamo bay")

    Are you serious? They're probably going to hire him instead. Anyone good enough to hack PSN and keep it down would be worth hiring as a security expert.

    the punishment should be to have 77 million different objects intruding into his/her/their body, its only fair this way.

    Who cares about trophies? we care about our information being stolen

    "names, addresses, birth dates, email addresses, login names and passwords may have been exposed, as that data was not encrypted on the company’s PlayStation Network"
    They don't encrypt passwords? I thought that was Network Security 101 - passwords are stored using one-way encryption, and there are plenty of hashing algorithms that are pretty secure nowadays.

    Eh. My theory is that whoever did it isn't part of Anonymous, but Anon's dicking around provided a neat cover to try to break in, and break in they did.

    As to whether they'll get caught? They're probably in Russia or something like that so will be able to get away with it.

    When the people get caught, imagine how tainted their names will be, history will rememeber them as the idiot's who hacked a global company and pissed off so many innocent people.

    You ruined my easter break, I hope you get what you deserve in jail, A-hole.

    Thumbs up!

    hrmm maybe thats how the US found Osama ... they found linked his COD Blackops account back to the compound in Pakistan.

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