PSP Sees An Aussie Price Drop

With the 3DS currently going gangbusters, and smartphones continuing their trojan-style assault on the handheld market, Sony has wisely decided that the price of the PSP needed to adjust accordingly, going from a hefty $279.95 to a more wallet friendly $189.95.

It seems like Sony are attempting to slot into the budget niche the PS2 still manages to fill, to this day, offering solid gameplay experiences at an accessible price point.

“PSP continues to offer a total entertainment package at unbeatable prices," claimed Patrick Lagana, Marketing Manager at SCE Australia. "The new price, complimented by a whole host of affordable games in the Essentials, Platinum and minis collections, opens up a world of portable gaming for less – particularly for our younger audiences. Along with the entertainment services available to all PSP owners on PlayStation Network, there is no better value portable entertainment system around.”

Despite featuring a serviceable games library and solid unit sales, the PSP has strangely been perceived as unsuccessful in the face of the all-conquering DS - which is completely unfair in the face of things. The PSP has seen strong sales in almost every territory, and if (as we suspect) the NGP won't see a release in this country until early 2012, this might be a decent time to take the plunge on a cheap entry point into Sony's handheld experience.


    This is harsh, I really need a new PSP ever since I dropped mine screen first.

    I eally want one but I can't spare the muneez...Woe is me!
    WOH! is me.

    Good. Been meaning to replace me scratched 2000.

    This intrigues me...

    I don't know why, but I want a new PSP.

    That is a fantastic price drop... might see if I can track down a PSP Go, which have been generally even lower, it will compliment my PSP-1000 nicely.

    I might get myself a 2nd PSP just so I can do some footage recording on the newer models :D

    Got one a few weeks ago at Myer for $200 (the LBP bundle), good to know that the price drop is official now. Sure took them a while though, it's been $130 in the US for months now.

      $130 in the US?

      Shouldn't it be around $120 here then?

    I swear this is how console companies minds work... "That girl, Gemma, she just bought herself our console. You know what we should do in a couple of months? lower the price. That'll really annoy her."

      Yeah, happens all the time to me too. They're evil :/

    Wait, we're talking about the PSP 3000, right?

      Yeah - the only way they can sell the GO! is at $10 with ~85 games.

    How long do these usually take to filter down to retailers?

      Not long...

    Even with the lowered price, I'm struggling to justify buying a PSP.

    Handheld gaming has appealed to me less and less lately, and it really takes a special game to get me to play to pick one up. The PSP has good games, but there's just nothing on the platform that appeals to me that I can't find similar or better experiences on the platforms I already have.

    I've been wanting to get a psp, I think I'll get one soon as I have money to blow.

    I just splurged on 4 games from ozgameshop as soon as I heard the news. I'm guessing the price drop will show at retailers before my games arrive so I'm going to have a PSP just sitting there doing nothing for at least a week and a half.

    $100 free with monster hunter 3rd and i will consider it.

    Would go for it, if there was any guarantee the UMDs I bought would be (somehow) transferable for codes or something when the NGP hits.

    Non backwards compatibility sucks balls and something Sony seems to underestimate. They cut it from the PS3 when Nintendo proved it's a huge part of why people buy DS/3DS It means when the console launches, there's a huge quality library as well as potentially roping in people who missed out on the last gen able to catch up.

    Nintendo's upcoming 3DS Game Boy VC is a masterstroke.

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