Reader Review: Mortal Kombat

Reader Review: Mortal Kombat

Yeah, Mase is a dangerous man. Not only has he managed to pick up a copy of Mortal Kombat via nefarious means, he’s also decided to do a reader review for us. Fight the power Mase… fight the power.

The best reader review of the month recieves an awesome Blu-ray pack from Madman.

Take it away Mase.


Wow, what a task to undertake. What you are about to read is extremely hard for me to write because technically, what I am reviewing is considered illegal in our country. That’s right, customs and the Australian Classification Board have failed and an Australian, living in the country, is reviewing the Refused Classification game Mortal Kombat. From what I have been able to gather, I am one of the first Australians to get the game into the country and, given the nature of the game, I understand why it has been banned in our country. But that’s won’t stop me from reviewing it for all of you.

LOVED Graphics: I have to say, this game looks amazing. I think that this is one of very few games in my collection that not only is 1080p but takes full advantage of that graphics power. In Mortal Kombat, you can easily lose a fight if you let yourself get distracted by all the amazingly detailed background scene. To put it in a more simple way: THERE’S FREAKING DRAGONS IN THE BACKGOUNDS!

Controls: The Mortal Kombat games haven’t had the best controls over time but today they are more responsive than ever. Gone are the days where you take one second between button presses to make sure the command gets through; you can actually pull of Marvel vs Capcom 3 style button speed here. However you do need to slow down with the dial in combos though.

Story: I know it’s weird, but Mortal Kombat does have a story, and it’s a real interesting one. Considering that this is meant to be seen as a reboot of the franchise, NetherRealm Studios could have taken the cheap route and just done the same story all over again; but instead they went out of the way to continue the story from Armageddon, and at the same time they are changing the story around enough for it to be fresh. Personally I’m on the second play-through of the story mode since there are so many little nods and cameos in the story that you might miss them all the first time.

Challenge Mode: This mode is the ‘other meat’ of the single player experience. While it does start off as a cheap tutorial mode, it does evolve into some weird and wonderful challenges. Plus it’s a real effort too, to the point where you might think that the game is being cheap as hell, but it’s a good test at putting your opponent into a situation that benefits you. Word of advice though; some of those zombie challenges are a pain in the you-know-what.

King of the Hill: Now while I didn’t get much time with this mode due to the Playstation Network situation, I did get a chance to check this mode out. After sitting through the ‘jiggling cards’ spectator mode of Marvel vs Capcom 3, this was a refreshing change. Plus that addition of a live reaction really gives you a tournament feel to the game. You want to put on a great show for the people watching, but at the same time you still have an opponent to beat.

HATED Graphics: Yes, I praised the heck out of the graphics above, but it’s the graphics that have become this game’s biggest downfall in our country. All you have to do is put some time into the Fatality Trainer and you’ll know exactly why this game was banned here. You end up seeing every little bit of your opponent’s insides to the point where in some fatalities you can see chunks falling out (I’m looking at you Noob). This game was banned here because of things like the many decapitations and ‘splitting open’ of your opponents, and I actually agree. I do not let my seven year old little brother see me playing this game because of the graphic nature of everything, right down to the fight damage and the X-ray moves.

The Krypt: I HATE THIS THING! Seriously, it is the biggest waste of time. You spend a lot of time walking around, slowly, in 4 different areas with very limited movement. If they had given players a full first person control system in there it would be so much easier to navigate. Then there is the ‘screamer’ like thing that pops up at random. Funny yes, but completely pointless. Plus you make enough koins in the first play-through of the story mode to clear out two of the four areas there. I expect anyone who gets a hold of this game to have this place cleared out in less than a day of solid playing.

Alt Costumes: Now going through story mode you notice a lot of characters with two different costumes that you think are really creative, then you go into The Krypt and unlock the concept art of other costumes and you get excited about getting them… Then you go into the game and find that a lot of the alternate costumes are nothing more than slightly darker or a slightly different coloured version of the standard costume. I’m suspecting future DLC content here. Mind you, the Retro costumes are awesome looking.

No Manual: Mortal Kombat has jumped on the ‘green’ style of gaming and have removed the thick manual that most games used to have. Instead of something that gives information and back story, you get the first couple of pages of a standard manual (Standard legal mumbo-jumbo, how to turn on your PS3, etc) and a small booklet of items you can buy from websites that are licensed Mortal Kombat gear (Games, T-Shirts, Caps, Posters, Fight Stick, Blu-Rays, music cd and hint books). So much for saving paper huh?

Kratos: Yeah he fits into the game, but he seems like he has been crow barred into the game at the last minute in terms of character model and moves. He does have one move that uses a Quick Time Button Press system; man it’s annoying. I think they needed more time to balance him out a bit.

Lack of real “unlockables”: Here’s a list of what you’ll be able to unlock: 2nd Fatalities, Alternate Costumes & lots of artwork. The two hidden characters are unlocked through story mode and one extra costume for Mileena is unlocked in the challenge mode. Babalities and stage fatalities are hidden too, but you will have to find the combinations online to work them out. It’s really sad given the insane amount of places in The Krypt that you can choose from that there is too little real content to be found.

Over all, Mortal Kombat is a great rebirth for the series. The game is everything a long time fan of the series like me wanted. But I can also see why the game has been banned here in Australia. If you happen to get a copy of the game through customs and into your machine, then have fun with a real successor to Mortal Kombat Armageddon, and a “we’re sorry” about MKvsDCU. Now for those of you who will want to know how I got mine; well all I’m going to say is that the Easter Holidays played a big part in how it got here so quickly. Good luck to you all.


  • Great review, pity to hear about the unlockables, I was hoping they’d do a bit more there 🙁

    Question…. does anyone actually know a person who has had their copy confiscated by customs? I’ve got about 9-10 different friends who’ve all got the game without a problem

  • I have never had a game opened by customs, I have to say the likely hood of customs opening the game to check specifically if it is MK is very low.

    • That fine was for importing it to sell in bulk. If you import a copy for yourself, you just get a warning, try again and you may get a fine.

      But yeah, plenty of people in Aus already have it, as its always been with customs and RC’d games. I’ve got a few now and they all got through fine. Although I recently found out that owning them (in WA) is illegal too!

    • I got my Tournament Edition yesterday, it went through customs no problem. Check my gamertag Shadow Artiste if any Aussie gamers wanna play some MK

      Screw customs +D

  • “This game was banned here because of things like the many decapitations and ‘splitting open’ of your opponents, and I actually agree. I do not let my seven year old little brother see me playing…”

    That’s no reason for the game to be banned. That’s why it should be rated R! Stoopid classification system is stoopid

    • The argument against this, which has been going around the blocks, is that even under a R18+ rating it would be banned because of the gore.

  • Complaining about too much gore! that is soft!!!!
    If you dont want to see gore than go play tekken or street fighter. Mortal Kombat has been gorey from the beginning so complaining about it now is stupid.

    • I’m a huge MK fan and have never been squeamish about the gore in the series… but I must tell you… Noob Saibot’s Fatality that is referanced in the review? I shuddered when I did it…. and have decided to avoid using it in the future 😛

  • Probaby a good thing you used a psudonym for the review, you never know who’s watching.

    Thanks for the review, hopefully a copy will find it’s way into my hands at some stage.

    A question, though, would this game fit into an R18+ category or, in your opinion, would it fall into the RC bin?

  • My collector’s edition came yesterday morning after the long weekend, no trouble at all.

    As stated above the $100k thing is for bulk importing most likely, they aren’t exactly going to open every single package that looks like a dvd case.

    Good review, I thought my copy was dodgy because it didn’t have a manual.. good to hear its standard i guess lol

  • My Nana is sending me my copy. She said the guy in the game shop in the UK new exactly why an 78 year old Australian lady was in their shop on the day. Apparently as soon s they heard her accent they asked if she was looking for mortal kombat.

    I’m 30 and I still have to get my Nana to buy games for me???

    • Your comment put a smile on my face and I even told my mum. Knowing an old lady walked into a UK game store and her aussie accent made the people working there twig as to why she was in there is so cool.

  • Online multiplayer. Anyone actually get this working? I entered in my code that I got with it and it didn’t work. So I activated the 2 day pass thing and I couldn’t get into a single game. Not sure whats happening there. Kinda sad seeing it was the main reason I bought it. 🙁

  • Yeah I have got a copy of MK but with the psn down I can’t try and I’m not sure what to do with the code.
    Do games like this and say Dead Space 2 imported let you use the online code with AUS PSN or do you need to make an overseas PSN?

  • @Matt – make a new account on your 360, set your country as the US, redeem the codes, download the files and they stay on your hard drive. then delete it, unless you really want to use that new account/gamertag.

    @Mick – both my US/UK versions work a treat, though I didn’t test my UK online pass code as I’d already done the US way to get it…
    either way, the disc themselves work.

  • Great review, agree with pretty much everything that was said.

    Though I have to mention Shang Tsung’s “Bang Bang” Fatality…
    Anyone annoyed by the neutering of MK vs. DC (particularly Joker’s “Killing Joke” Finisher), or anybody annoyed by censorship in general, needs to check out this Fatality. I “Lol”d and immediately felt the need to give Ed Boon the highest of fives.

    • I was going to mention it, but at the time it slipped my mind. Plus given the place in the timeline that Boon has said MKvsDCU applies (He said once that it’s between MK1 & MK2) that fatality creates a time paradox unless the tournament in ladder mode takes place after MK3

      • I was completely unaware that MK vs. DC was actually given a place in the timeline at all… I just assumed it was sort of an alternate ‘universe’ unto itself. 😛

  • Remember, its only illegal to import it…Its okay in most states to possess RC material.

    Basically, if you get it through Customs, there is pretty much nothing they can do legally…unless you sell it or display it publically I think it was.

    And fines are up $120,000 for Importing with intent to distribute and 3x the RRP for Single Copies…if I remember correctly.

    • Everyone’s mental state is different. However since I firmly believe that this game would fall into the R18+ category (If we had one) then I’d say no you shouldn’t be playing it.

      • I think you shouldn’t be allowed to buy it below 18 either. it is very violant. But I also beleive that if your parents know (like mine did when I was your age about me) that you can grasp that it is fantasy, fake, wrong to do to real people, things etc etc then I see no harm in you playing it. I played the original MK’s when they were new, I was maybe 7 and I didn’t turn into a violent or simpleton person that does wrong by others or society.
        I’m trying to take Mase’s point further, it’s case by case as he said and your parents should therefor “parent” and decide for you.

  • Got my copy through no problems. Stayed up with 4 friends til 4:30am playing it on Friday night. So freaken illegally awesome!

  • I still havn’t received my copy and I’m getting pretty worried :/. What were the sources some of youse used in case I might have to attempt it again?

  • Hi all

    Well I refused to be told by the Commonwealth what game I can legally play as a 30+ gamer. Therefore I ordered the Mortal Kombat Xbox 360 Tournament Edition from in the US – Grand total including shipping AU$ 150.

    Despite this game being NTSC and indicating it will only play on an NTSC console, it works perfectly on my Australian 360 slim – no issues. I must thank Customs for allowing my gaming wish to come trust, and stuff you OFLC / Classification

    I decided the games I play.

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