Remedy Gearing Up For New Game - Possible Alan Wake 2?

Alan Wake had its detractors, but for the most part is was an interesting proposition - a narrative driven experience that took its story seriously. Apparently Remedy are currently preparing to start work on a new title, for the Xbox 360, and they're looking for a level designer well-versed in "drama and storytelling." Could Remedy be working on Alan Wake 2?

It's far from 100% at this stage, but regardless we're happy to see this talented developer remaining focused on delivering different types of gaming experiences on the 360. Alan Wake was hardly perfect, but it took itself seriously and Remedy truly did attempt to create a game of substance. We'd love to see them take a bash at some sort of sequel.

Alan Wake 2 “looks promising”, Remedy hiring for new Xbox 360 title [Gamesector]


    Couldn't get into Alan Wake at all. The episodic nature and the narration ruined any immersion and the story itself came across as a dime-store Stephen King knock off.

      Disagree on both counts; loved the episodic structure as I completed a chapter each night and I found the story to be a lot better than people give it credit.

      However I got incredibly sick of the repetitive gameplay. Luckily I really wanted to know how it ended so I forced myself through it.. glad I did. I really should check out the DLC.

        I agree, the gameplay was fairly mediocre and I had to force myself through it to advance the (actually pretty interesting) story.

        Yes you should. I downloaded the first chapter and really enjoyed it.

        There were two things that annoyed me in Alan wake.
        1. The difficulty curve seemed to be less of a curve and more of a wave.
        2. The ending was terrible in my opinion. The DLC redeemed that though.

      You obviously didn't get far then.

      People throw King's name around too much, the story had more in common with work such as House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski and Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis

      I thought it was supposd to be a Stephen King knock-off, or "hoamage" as they're calling 'em these days.

      I disagree as well, I loved it. I also loved the song at the end of each episode. The gameplay did get a bit repetitive towards the end, and if they make a sequel that is pretty much the only thing they need to change.

    Alan Wake is on my to-get-back-to list. I picked it up at the same time as RDR, played the first few levels but then found myself always passing it to play RDR. It was very atmospheric, but I got pulled out immediately by what felt to be stilted and wooden character animation. I expected a game as linear and focused as AW to have more of a focus on those types of things and as a result it ruined my immersion.

    But, rest assured, I'll give it another shot and see how I fare. :)

    Oh I do hope so, loved the first Alan Wake.

    Pleeeze! Not another Allan Wake. Leave the original to die an honourable death.

    I personally found no desire to go back and play it after beating it first time around.

      Most people don't even finish games. If you didn't like it, just don't play the sequel, we will all be more happy because of it.

    If they keep all the meta stuff I will be a happy chappy!

    Loved the concept of Wake, but the execution left a lot to be desired (it basically just turned into a shooter most of the time) and the decision to bring in a comedic character seemed... odd.

    The tense quiet moments in Alan Wake were ruined by the 360's loud fan =\

    Other than that, the game was pretty good, and a mindbender towards the end.

    What happened to the episodic DLC idea that this was going to have? I wasn't all that interested in Alan Wake but wanted to see if this concept had any merit. So far I don't think I've seen anyone really do episodic content well, I had thought Valve might do it with Half-life 2 but how long have we been waiting for episode 3?

    Please be true, I loved the first Alan Wake, bring on a sequel.

    YES!! Bring on the sequel!

    Loved the story, hated the gameplay. If history is anything to go by, it probably will be the other way around for the sequel... :)

    Can we have Max Payne 3 first? No wait... that's not Remedy anymore.

    I'm all over an Alan Wake sequel! One of the finest video game experiences ever. Yea, the game play was a bit repetitive, but I loved all the atmosphere. The art direction was brilliant. Well drawn characters (esp. Barry and the light jacket - hilarious) And the story was gripping, even through "The Signal". Great music choices (Roy Orbison, Harry Nillson, Nick Cave and David Bowie) all songs work great with the themes in the story. I lost interest in RDR over this game, played it through twice just to say I did it on Nightmare mode. More, more!

    Don't listen to these ignorant children Alan wake was a phenomenal One of the Greatest Cinematic Experiences I have ever played Gameplay was new and

    Don't listen to these uneducated children Alan Wake was a phenomenal One of the Greatest Cinematic Experirnces I have ever played Gameplay was new and Fresh instead of the typical Hide behind the crate shoot hide in that Corner Shoot. Characters were excellently done nicetwists great cliff hangers loved the episode features

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