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In honor of WrestleMania, which I'm totally missing out on right now, I thought I'd make today's 'Remember This?' a video game. But not an awesome video game - that would be far too easy. I thought I'd choose the worst wrestling video game I can ever remember playing. Good luck folks, and if you happen to get this right before I show up again, feel free to reminisce on this truly terrible game.


    Looks like a N64 game? One of the WCW ones. Nitro or backstage assault maybe. They were pretty terrible.

    I got this game from an EB bargain bin years ago. I played it a few times, then I needed a cold shower.

    It sucks that I totally missed the ECW era. Like so many other people I only got into ECW after the company had folded.

    There was a worse one. The Insane Clown Posse wrestling game. Absolutely turgid.

      The backyard wrestling game?

      Or the simpsons wrestling

        Both of those were absolutely horrendous. The Simpsons one I suppose was saved by novelty factor alone, but there was 0 percent novelty factor to the ICP backyard wrestling game. That was a truly shockingly bad game up there in quality with Big Mother Truckers I and II.

    Is that WWF Warzone on PSX? That title was pretty terrible but I spent probably a good 100 hours on its sequel WWF Attitude. The terrible commentary on both titles ended up being funnier than it was supposed to be!

      From what I vaguely remember, the commentary was considered the highlight of this one... other than that, it should be buried in a landfill alongside ET.

    Haha oops didn't read the signs in the background. Never did WCW or ECW...

    There hasn't been a great wrestling game since No Mercy on N64.

    And yeah, thats definitely ECW Hardcore Revolution.

    Backyard Wrestling is up there as the worst...

      I really enjoyed backyard wrestling as a guilty pleasure, some of the moves were hilarious. The second one sucked though.

    ECW Hardcore Revolution for sure. I still have a copy!

    I wouldn't say it was a truly terrible game. It did have a barbed wire ring mode- that was cool for the time. However it was let down by a useless control system.

    Either of the ECW games (Acclaim spat out two) were no better or worse than the WWF Attitude/War Zone games... But then, they were the same game! And to be fair, they had create a wrestler before the AKI WCW (and later WWF) games did.

    Backyard Wrestling and its sequel were much, much worse. You could finish BYW with one move... presuming it didn't crash on you, that is.

    Yeah its ECW Hardcore Revolution.
    I actually liked this game. It was better then the WWE (WWF at the time) games which where Warzone and Attitude.

    does Anyone Remember that Dragon ball game where you could build up a characters Level to Like What Ever i think it was the best fight game out i remember having a level 245 Gohan .. now that was a game it was back on ps one too bad it never had online

    Best wrestling games were Exciting Hour and WWF Superstars in Arcades.

    Best Wrasslin' Game IMO was WWF No Mercy, great CAS, great gimmick matches for the time, and great control scheme. What I wouldn't give for an update of that game.

    Its one of the ecw games

    Mario 64! Anyone else wonder where Tristan went?

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