Remember This?

Sweet nostalgia, you hurt so good. Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Odds and previous experience say 'yes'. I say when you do inevitably guess which game this is, feel free to reminisce over how frickin' awesome it was.


    Sensi, Kick-Off, or a derivative thereof? Hmm...

    Actually, no, stuff that. I'm going to guess it's Cannon Soccer. I think I've still got the coverdisk that came on somewhere.

    I would also guess Kick-Off. Amiga 500. It was so long ago and my nieces and nephews trashed the A500 so I haven't got it set up to check.

    That DEFINITELY one of the Road to the world cup games on Sega Master System.. i have it at mum's and used to play the heck out of it.. can't for the life of me remember the exact name, though

    Sensible Soccer! I only ever played the Amiga version, which this looks like.

    Sensible Soccer, innit?

    @Alex, are you talking about the version of Sensi that had a hand grenade instead of a football?

    I concur with all those who've said Sensible Soccer...

    ...they released an updated/modern-ish version a few years back on the original xbox, didn't they? (I'm sure I played it - was still fun)

    I'm sure this is that Sensible Soccer rip off called Football Glory. I used to have it for my Pentium 75 booya!

    If I remeber, there was a streaker that would come on the pitch and start kicking the ball about. It also had some awesome celebrations!

    Fulham probably wasn't in the top division back then.

    You can get Sensi Soccer off XBLA. It's great. Wish there was a compatible PC port though. (Not Sensi Soccer 2006.)

    Oh my god, that's Sensible Soccer! On the Amiga! One of my favourite games of all time! Actually, it could be one of the variations (I think there was a 93/94 or 94/95 edition, as well as Sensible World of Soccer).

    Great, great game.

    Sensible Soccer - anyone play Sensible World of Soccer, or World of Sensible Soccer - can't remember the exact title. Had an awesome management component. Amazing.

      The depth of competitions in SWOS was absolutely mind-boggling. It didn't just go down to the top level leagues in each country, but way down into lower divisions. You could even play local suburban Australian teams - I couldn't believe that I could actually play West Adelaide v Campbelltown City in a videogame.

    Sounds like a lot of low-res soccer games looked alike.

    Argh! Used to play this on the mega drive when i was younger. Cant remember the name though.
    It came in a three pack with Columns and something else I can't remember the name of. One of the forgotten gems from my childhood

    Ahhh sensible soccer on the amiga. one of my fav games. and also the best multiplayer screaming match yourve ever had with your mates! the remake was awesome too =D

    Interzone Futebol?

    Sensible Soccer is the shit..

    Aahhh sensible soccer, possibly the one on SNES?

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