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Today's 'Remember This?' goes out to Adam Scott and Jason Day - unlucky chaps. So close, yet so far. Today's Masters finale was pretty ridiculously dramatic, so it inspired me to go hunting for super rare golf games. So... can you name this game from one single screenshot? I'll give you a clue - it's a game about a sport of some kind.


    Jack Nicolas Golf on the Sega Mega Drive

      It isn't. I had that on the NES - christ it was terrible!

    Is it Golf War? You had to bunker down and line up golfers with a sniper rifle.

      Whwere have you been??

        I've been trapped under a massive pile of work. No days off for the last few months. Things are finally slowing down, so I should probably check-in with the collab project?

    NES Golf????

    I am pretty sure this is Yakuza 3's Golf minigame.

    We are talking about the sport of female hammer throwing aren't we?

    Lee Carvallo's putting challenge quote

    Duck Hunt?

    Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge?

    Looks like Lee Carvello's Putting Challenge.

    Tiger woods 9 hole challenge. Now with golf.

    I suggest a feather touch; You have chosen POWER DRIVE!
    You are in the parking lot; would you like to play again?
    You have selected..No

    Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf, it's the game Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge was based on.

      Oh, and if it wasn't really obvious.. i should probably say it was on NES, and was an unbelievably horrible golf game.

        Ah! Was it just called Golf. It was like NES tournament golf without stripey pants and good gameplay

    Leaderboard Golf?

    Golf for the C64? Nah...

    Rory McIlroy Presents : How To Choke Like Greg Norman


    Jason Day Presents : How To Get Lowest Score By A Debutante At The Masters


    Charl Schwartzel Presents : If Not Me, Someone From South Africa, Celebrating Gray Player's Historic Win 50 Years Ago, To The Day!

      How old is Jason Day? That was a ridiculous round he posted.

        23 I think

        Only 23, but he's great - really aggressive, but he reigned that in a bit and hence his awesome performance.

        Adam Scott's my man, but Day is going to be our best golfer for the next 20 years. Super-talented guy.

    Pretty sure i had this on my Sega Mastersystem!.. Just forget the name :P

    Golfamania on the SMS?

    Ah! Was it just called Golf. It was like NES tournament golf without stripey pants and moustaches

    It's Fighting Golf. I have my copy down stairs, it used to be one of my favorite games as a kid. I used to play as the female character in the pic, she was the best.

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