Remember This?

Can you remember this classic game from one single screenshot? Will you heed the call? Usually the answer is yes - and if you guys manage to guess this game before I check back in, feel free to wax lyrical on this classic effort.


    The Story of Thor on the Megadrive

    Its the Story of Thor, also known as Beyond Oasis.

    I should also point out that the game was damn good. It had a genuinely cool story.

    There was a version for the Saturn which wasn't as good as the Megadrive one. The perspective was too close to make anything out.

    Megadrive version was awesome though.

      True, true. Have actually got a copy of Story of Thor 2 for me Saturn, still havent got around to playing it yet. Loved the first one though.

    Mario 64

    Ahh the Story of Thor, when I first bought this I was expecting some glourious romp through Norse mythology, instead it had a more Arabian Nights feel to it.
    Never understood the reference to Thor, I can't remember that name being used anywhere else in the game.
    Still a very good game though.

    I guess the art design is unique or at least left a unique impression on me as I guessed this on in an instant despite having never played the game!

    I remember playing this one as a rental. The thing I liked most about it at the time was running away to somewhere quiet and standing still for 15 minutes while my health bar recovered.

    Story of Thor 2 was the saturn version... I loved story of thor so much I bought number 2 three months before I could afford the saturn...

    I got this on 360...seriously try harder, Serrels. Usually I'm completely stumped!

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