Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one single screenshot? Chances are high the answer is yes. If you guys manage to get this before I check back in, feel free to reminisce on this 'classic' game!


    From memory that would be Cosmic Carnage on Sega's 32X.

    Mario 64

    Is this the bot fighting game that Sega Power gave a 3% score because they weren't sent a review copy?

    Can't remember the name...

      Rise of the Robots?

        hahah definitly not rise of the robots, but damn i loved that game!

        I remember seeing that in Megazone!
        I really wanted it, but never ended up getting to play it :(

          The only pc fighting game i loved more than that was One Must Fall. Sango Fighter came a close second, but I wasted so many hours playing OMF! It was such a kickass game!

            Wow... Thats brought back memories, I had utterly forgotten about One Must Fall. It was THE fighting game on PC back then.. I can barely remember the robots in it now.

    Looks like abit of carnage going on there, and it is pretty cosmic.

    Cosmic Carnage, rubbish game

    Worst fighting game ever.

    Cosmic Carnage

    Cosmic carnage on the 32x !

    Xenophage? Remember it was some sort of alien fighting game.

    Cosmic Carnage!!!! 2D Fighters FTW!!!!!!!!!

    That would be Cosmic Carnage from the early '90s I think.

    Goro vs Sub Zero.... Halloween edition.

    Super Street Fighter II... with Blanka vs. Vega during Carnivale

    It is most certainly Cosmic Carnage for the 32X.

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