Ridiculously Easy Game Show Question Was Good For $US100,000

Ridiculously easy for us of course. I'm sure when some neckbeard gets to $US100,000 on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" and goes deer-in-the-headlights when asked "Which Pope commissioned the painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling", every snark on the art history blogs is all lolwut and SMFH and such.

Yes, "I don't think it's Climbman", either. Two, if not three of the bogus answers to "What was Mario's original name" could be ruled out on grounds that they sound like rejected Robot Masters from Mega Man. Which may make them sound all the more plausible, who knows!

Give the contestant credit, she doesn't use a lifeline, poll the audience, or cop out and take the already sizeable wad of cash she'd amassed ($US43,100; getting $US25,000 if she chose to answer and was incorrect.) Even with Meredith Viera staring at her like "are you shittin' me?" she dials in the focus, picks C and, I'm told, ended up with $US250,000 after getting one more answer right.

Oh, and Pope Julius II commissioned the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Final answer.

Old School Nintendo Trivia on Millionaire [A Little Bit on the Awesome Side]


    Well, if my Assassin's Creed Knowledge is anything to go by with that Sistine Chapel reference....

    That's a pretty good question, and only reason I know the answer is because I used to play those old-school handhelds

    Pope Julius II

    I assumed jump man, since that's what he does in the game, climbing is only minimal :P. I didn't actually know though.

    I remember the first player to reach $1M on the Australian version, and I just laughed at the question.

    "How many men have walked on the moon?" (10, 12, 14, 16)

    Hmmmm, let's seeeeee. No Russians, so only the Apollo program. Apollo 11 through 17 - 13 = 6, times 2 men per mission = 12. Wow, that was so hard.

    I guess I'm just a space nerd, but they even mention that in Apollo 13. When did that come out. Too long ago.

    If I were playing for that amount of money, I would actually start doubting my answers even when I know it. Mario does do a lot of running, jumping and smashing afterall.

    I just watch such shows rarely, but 'the drop' is good for increasing the divorce rate. I mainly like the show because of the flawed logic so many people to use to get the right answer! It seems that the tv game god does not always reward smart people.

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