See Every New Mortal Kombat Fatality, See Kratos Become A Baby


    Every time one of the mortal kombat stories gets posted, I get a little more depressed. Do you people enjoy torturing us?

    As predicted, the fatalities are now available to anyone, so the ban is pointless anyway

    Alright, so now we've seen the most brutal ban-inducing content that this game has to offer. Can we play it now?

    Why was this game banned? I have played games that are much more Gory then this. This should of got an M rating in Australia.

    My copy is due in next week.... REALLY hope it makes it through

    I really don't understand the point in banning due to the fatalities, unless we're going to have an overall ban on the internet too.

    In about 2 weeks there's going to be every possible combination of fight on youtube anyway...Nice work government

    is there no way you guys can order from NZ? will it get pulled up in customs or something? i've had to order few games from ebay as we sometimes dont get games that AUS dont get. blitz the league 2, gta4 uncensored.

    The Babality's were pretty cool

    Under the terms of Australias proposed internet filter if a game gets RC'd (like Mortal Kombat) then any pages or web sites showing content from the game will be blocked.
    So, in the not too distant future, a article like this could get Kotaku blocked in Australia. If Kotaku AU posted the story then they would get a substantial fine for every hour it remains on line.

    After watching it its pretty easy to see why its banned here.
    Even if we had an R rating theres no guarantee it would have gotten through.

    My brother died this week. I remember when he had to cancel his pre-order due to the stupid ban. He never got to play it, never will. Thanks, Government.

    Ordered my Kollectors Edition via Amazon and it has made it past Customs. Might be delivered tomorrow. I recommend EVERYONE import the game.

    It's just doesnt make sense, in this country you can buy cigarettes, adult movies, alcohol and knives over the counter but if you want Mortal Kombat you have to go all "Chapelle Corby" and smuggle it in. I mean whats that say to the rest of the world. It makes me cringe that a minority can over rule common sense - end rant

    hahaha. I thought the Babalities were way better than the fatalities.

    They should have had a bit more variation in their fatalities other than just ripping bods

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