Sega Pulls Streets Of Rage Remake To 'Protect IP Rights'

The fan-made Streets of Rage homage released earlier this month, eight years in the making, was recently pulled at the request of Sega. The maker of the 16-bit Streets of Rage games says it took action to "protect our intellectual property rights". Sega's full statement is here.


    Good thing I grabbed this when I did, torrent time.

    ah crap i forgot to download that...

    If you want to protect your IP then how about actually using it, SEGA? Don't go after someone who devoted EIGHT YEARS into doing what you wouldn't.

    Enough people got this and enough people were like me and were REALLY excited about it.

    Now Capcom look bad for being jerks to fans and on top of that, they can't stop the distribution now. Once you release something like that into the wild, it WILL multiply.

    Eight years after he started, they finally decide to do a cease and desist?

    Wow, way to be on top of the game, Sega. They should have done it before it was finished, now it's going to be all over the torrent sites before you know it. Plus eight years of work is kinda hard to just trash...

    Sega seriously need to strike a deal with these guys and sell this on PSN/XBLA/ect. It is fantastic, I would happily pay money for it and to not do so would be a stupid move. So it won't happen. Nice going Sega.

    I feel bad for the poor bastards who put 8 years of work into this, notifying Sega all along, and then to have it pulled now...

    Ok, give us a new SoR then.

    “protect our intellectual property rights” - have these idiots played any of their own games lately? The only threat to Sega's IP is Sega...

    I knew this was going to happen. It just goes to show you that you how fucked up intellectual property laws are around the world.

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