Shadows Of The Damned Now Has Some Damn Nice Screens

In what may be the most natural of musical team-ups, English punk band The Damned has announced it will be contributing the title track to this winter's horror adventure Shadows of the Damned. You know, the one from game design oddballs Grasshopper Manufacture?

Yeah, the one where you go to Hell to save your girlfriend with a disembodied skull as your sidekick. Right, the game in which Garcia Hotspur chugs booze to regain his health and fights all manner of kooky hellspawn. The game that was original just known, not coincidentally, as The Damned.

Anyway, the Shadows of the Damned title track was actually penned by Silent Hill songster Akira Yamaoka, with members of the Damned - Dave Vanian, Captain Sensible and Pinch - performing their respective parts. The Damned call it a "perfect blend of video game soundtrack and trademark dark energy that only these two powerhouses of their respective industries could concoct".

Sadly, Shadow of the Damned was just recently delayed by a fortnight, meaning it will now hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 21. Here are some new screen shots to make the wait easier.

Thanks to Manuel for the heads up!


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