Single Player Resistance 3 Footage Leaks

Over seven minutes of Resistance 3 footage has leaked, and it looks like Insomniac hasn't lost their touch for creating a grand sense of scale. Their penchant for innovative weapon design also shines through.

I've never been a huge fan of the way the Resistance franchise feels, but Insomniac sure know how to create set pieces and build anticipation. Anyone with even a passing interest in the series owes it to themselves to check out this video.

Over 7 minutes of Resistance 3 footage [Gaming Everything]


    I hated in Resistance 2 that you would die from so many cheap shots. for example..You would die from some unexpected invisable you respawn... remember where that previous invisable Chimera was...kill him... move on to the next area.

    But overall I do like the Resistance franchise. Good to see some environment destruction.

      Those enemies were easy enough to pop off if you listened for the audio cue, watched for the predator style shimmer then used the shotgun.

      Played through it again recently, was only ever killed by the very first one, and that was cause I forgot they existed.

    Why does the holding a pistol animation look strange?
    Loved RFoM, Resistance 2 was a major back step imo, heres hoping number 3 brings it back.

    It is looking good!
    Apart from the fact that everything these days are "leaked" and not just called "marketing".
    Like the mist. It is going to rock...I hope

    @Tom, that's also what I didn't like about the Resistance series, but I saw it as cheap and generic and simply a tactic to stretch out the hours. The game was not hard, but there were points where you'd die for no reason, then be like "okay, don't step there"... get past it easily just to have a similar unavoidable death two minutes later.

    As for the video... wow... we're in a slow moving whatever, enemies start attacking from a distance then eventually climb onto the boat/train/plane/spaceship/truck/anything that moves. Now which FPS have I seen that in, other than every FPS ever made? And woooh a giant mechanical spider? Original.

    The Resistance series has underwhelmed me so much I'm not even going to consider buying R3. I bought the first two, but didn't finish either of them because I genuinely thought they were so awful it wasn't worth my money or my six hours... I haven't played a series that's so consistently mediocre but still has a huge following.

    Here's the bit I'm going to get shunned for, but I think it's so popular just because it's PS3 exclusive, not because it's any good. I.e. it was the only exclusive FPS available at the PS3's launch, and when you've got nothing else, people had to like it, justify their early purchase, etc... and I actually think it's still the same thing.

      I'm not going to deny the fact that R2 was completely underwhelming, a number of things they changed weren't for the better, but they did success in some things, like the co-op online missions which were fun.

      R:FoM is an underrated gem, everyone has their own opinion, but I found it too be a game that went against the FPS formula. At the time, shooters were still growing, but they always forced you to pick 2 weapons, regen health was also standard and historical WWI or WWII games were the norm.

      So here is Resistance, Alternate history that shows that WWII didn't exist but we were invaded, the guns also felt not completely modern, it was only the Chimera guns that felt futuristic (Auger & Bullseye rule), no regen health so you had to play careful and of course the Weapon Wheel which allowed you to carry everything and choose the best gun for the situation. The game was hugely atmospheric also, a game that needed the brown palette for the most part.

      The online component was also an incredible experience and I would rate some of that 40 player craziness (Meltdown was brilliant) over some of the more recent games anyday.

    I don't want to be a wet blanket but after some truly impressive shooters, visually at least, such as KZ2 and 3, Resistance 3's graphics seem a bit under-par. But the graphics do not the game make, to butcher an old saying. Everything about it just seems so middle of the road...

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