Skullgirls Grabs Castlevania’s Musical Maestro

If you’ve played a Castlevania video game from the past decade, you’ve likely enjoyed the musical stylings of Japanese composer Michiru Yamane. She’s the musician behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and dozens of other Konami games. Now she’s scoring indie fighting game Skullgirls, lending it some jazzy flair.

Yamane, who can boasts more than 20 years worth of video game scores, from Twinbee to Contra: Hard Corps to an impressive ten Castlevania games, will be handling musical duties for the upcoming fighting game, due sometime in 2011.

“After seeing the game’s distinctive artistic direction, and discussing its beautiful premise with Autumn Games and Reverge Labs, it was easy to be inspired,” Yamane said in a statement. “Because Skullgirls has such a unique style, it is important that the music both complements and adds to the game’s atmosphere. I think fans will be very happy with the direction we are taking.”

We recently got the chance to go hands-on with Skullgirls, which is planned to come to consoles this year.


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