So How Close Are We To Unlocking Portal 2?

With two titles "completed" in Valve's play-for-an-early-release stunt with Portal 2, GLaDOS says we've only shaved about 90 minutes off the scheduled release of midnight, Tuesday. Several sites calculate that the effort is much further ahead than that. Like, between 16 and 18 hours as of writing.

That means at this pace, everyone's beating their brains out playing indie games all weekend just to get Portal to unlock in the middle of a workday - 3 p.m. Monday on the east coast, noon, on the west.

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    Weird, I get about an hour aswell.

    It started off at 94 hours, it is currently at 59 hours.

    94 - 59 = 35. Of those 35 hours:

    35 - 34 = 1 hour saved. (34 is the amount of time it has been running for in total)

    That can't be right?

      It seems there's evidence that the rate of increase is rigged anyway:

      Note that I say 'evidence' and not 'conclusive evidence'.

      Maybe the total amount of time that can be saved is less than a whole day.

      Under the large timer is the GLaDOS Textual Output field. The first line of that has the standard unlock time. There is currently a 2.5 hour difference between the two.

    This somehow seem's rigged. Some games have consistantly more "cpu's" backing them, yet they are growing at a slower rate than the rest.

      It's not rigged in that respect. Progress is active cpus as a proportion of the number of installations of the game. Killing Floor has a big install base but only 4k or so people consistently playing; progress is slow. The Wonderful End of the World has a small install base, so the 3k active cpus it hit at peak was a much larger proportion of the install base, leading to much faster progress.

    In all honesty, I think everyone has been wasting their time (and money) from the start. I can't imagine a lot of people appreciating getting their game a lousy 90 minutes earlier than they would have after having spent the money and the time. There's also a lot of talk about this whole event being fixed like the golden wrenches event they pulled a while back. The worst thing is that there are pirates and people who got their retailer to give it to them early who have already finished the game. I'm surprised more people aren't bitter at this point.

    It's a staged event in the likes of the Golden Wrench for the Engineer Update in TF2.

    "Victor Alpha to internet watchtower, Portal 2 troll has been deployed and has successfully swindled thousands of customers, awaiting orders"

    "Victor Alpha, this is internet watchtower, proceed to deploy cryptic messages about Episode 3"

    The smaller games require less CPU time to complete ergo they will give the least amount of savings in time - BUT they make the larger games complete faster and the larger games give a greater Time saving also the progress bar as a whole is over 50% and will probably accelerate now.

    By this time tomorrow Portal 2 will probably have been released. Which is good because I will be on days off then.

    For all the difference it makes to Australians, who'll find the game unlocked at some ungodly hour in the morning. If I had a job I'd be sweating, but fortunately, and unfortunately, I don't have a job to worry about. Sucks to be you working folk.

      Yeah, I don't see it being released in the next five hours (the time frame that is resonable for me to stay up this Sunday night). Any point after that and I have to wait until Tuesday night due to work and band commitments.

      Sigh Valve, for getting my hopes up on Friday. I was hoping for a weekend release. :/

      Currently, we are looking at around 8:20pm South Australia time, instead of due release at 12am.

      We're around 57% of the way through the games collectively, and each game completed cuts a definite amount off the end release time, with the assumption that once we reach 100%, we will get it immediately.

      That said, 57% over 44.5 hours means we have a very rough and approximate 33.5 hours to go, which makes it around 8:30am, Tuesday (SA time).

      Which, compared to midnight, I am satisfied with. It's not 4 days early like it should be but it beats having to stay up all night to play it.

    Or they could frigging well release it already without the BS.

      "Release it already"?

      Yeah Valve, shame on you for giving the community a chance to play your game early. And not only that, but shame on you for releasing it early in an interesting way AND in a way that supports indie developers.

      Why would they release it early WITHOUT all this "BS"? Either wait until the official release or participate in helping unlock it early, you can't have it both ways.

    Aren't people more likely to be playing something with an established, multiplayer community such as Killing Floor regularly; rather than something completely single player and released only a small time ago?
    So wouldn't it make sense to adjust the value of hours played accordingly?

    And they are clearly counting hours of gametime, and not the number of purchased copies; so 10 hours of one person playing one game is equal to 10 people playing one hour of the same game.
    So, people would own a game released several years ago with greater frequency than a game released a couple of weeks ago, yet perhaps may not play it as much nowadays?

    Now, I'm not saying it's impossible that this event is rigged, but surely there are more benign scenarios we should consider first?
    Or are we all just far too cynical these days?
    (God bless Diogenes.)

    Also, aren't the potatoes supposed to be some form of multiplier, and therefore should alter the rate?

    And if all that is completely wrong; surely it can't hurt for valve to promote INDIE developers in such an unprecedented and clever way; through (for lack of a better term) the exploitation of one of the most anticipated sequels in the history of video games?
    Just a little bit?

    Or you can just download it and play it :) I've already clocked the game; and before have a cry, I still plan to buy it when released.

    People can't wait a few days? My copy is gonna be arriving from the UK so I'll have to wait until after the release date to play it, no biggie...

    Wow. Valve go so far as to organise a mass discount on a bunch of indie games, then spend time and money (at no cost to the consumer) to orchestrate a massive inter-game "conspiracy" etc etc etc and people complain??

    What the frak is wrong with retards?

    You people complaining about how little it shaves of the release date and such are the very reason that developers and publishers spend so little time worrying about the PC market.

    As a PC gamer, I am disgusted to be associated with you lot. You get given a tonne of stuff for free or at minimal cost and you still about a true definition of greedy and idiotic.

    Have we actually confirmed that this phase is about releasing Portal 2 early? From what I've seen, it's speculation based on GLaDOS saying that it's in our hands as to when she's freed. For all we know, this is just a lead up to a launch event.

    She's lied to us once and had us jumping through portals for her own amusement, who knows what evil she has us unleashing on the world now.

      Oh wait, nm. It's on Steam that you can help release it early. Herp Derp.

      I blame the insane AI. She told me to say that!

    i for some reason am not excited, don't get me wrong i loved portal, but ill just wait till its like $9-5bucks

    It's just different flavoured cake!

    I refuse to play their "jump little doggy" games. I am not that easily distracted!

    Oh look, a pony...

    With more games being completed there is now only one likely contender to finish before "launch" and that is bit.trip. So based on current "launch" time I see it launching at 2am in Adelaide. Ungodly hour? And that is assuming Steam doesn't pull one out of its rear and hold us back for whatever reason.

      They might squeeze out audiosurf

        That may go down to the wire. Though with 27 1/2 hours left I think it's now.. 6am? I'm confused, but playing Portal 2 tomorrow shall clear my head.

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