So How Was That Anonymous Sony Protest?

Over the weekend, Anonymous held in-person protests at Sony stores. The idea was for the Guy Fawkes mask-wearing members of the group to go into Sony's shops and pass out fliers. How did it go? Well, the weekend came and went.

According to online reports, Sony closed some of its retail shops in the UK the day of the protest. The Sony store in Manchester even had cops out front.

On the Operation Sony Facebook page, some users wrote that they went to Sony shops in Southern California (such as San Diego, Costa and Los Angeles) and that the there wasn't much of a protest. Wrote one:

Well I went to Costa Mesa and no one there, went to LA … no one there… so I stuck fliers places till I got kicked out haha mostly fail if ya ask me

Obviously, this could be a member of Anonymous or it could be someone trying to make Anonymous look bad. That's the thing with Anonymous... they're anonymous.

Since Anonymous doesn't have much of an organised structure, pulling off something like an organised protest does seem tricky. There's always cyber attacks and... George Hotz said he won't buy a Sony product again.

But hey, some Sony shops were apparently shuttered on a Saturday. That must count for something other than grasping at straws.

Anonymous Sony Store Boycott Fails; Stores Take Defensive Action [gamrFeed]


    Dunno why Sony bothered. Their "power" (very loosely speaking, comes from their anonymity. They turn up anywhere, suddenly they're not anonymous.

    Look this is the deal. ANONYMOUS got what it wanted. Sony has done something to "stop" the sit ins that ultimately will disrupt sales. It just goes to show that even the threat of boycotts and protests by the Group are taken seriously and should be. There are an unknown number of Members. You do not want to take ANONYMOUS on.

    ... “We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us .”

      If "Anonymous" was any real threat a government would have tracked them down by now. They are just an annoyance if you ask me. Now I'm not saying they are bad people or anything. There are things they have done that I fully agree with but there are somethings that make me question them in their entirety. They are kinda like playing Pokemon Black&White. Sure you're using Pokemon to help people and fight off "evil" Pokemon but is it really right to force them to fight.

        Even if a 'Governemnt' took Anonymous as a threat its not like you could organise a raid on Anonymous HQ.. it simply doesn't exist.

        Anonymous isn't a political movement, there are no memberships, there are no organisers.

        Someone says 'Fuck Sony', someone else says 'We should do something, lets protest at their stores'. The media catches wind of it and next thing you know its in the news. Sony gets some bad press then closes several stores for the day. Closed stores = lost sales. Lost sales means Sony has been hurt. Granted, only slightly, but hurt none the less. No business likes to lose sales.

        Sony lost maybe $15-20k in sales.. Anonymous will see this as a win. It is a win. And they didn't even have to show up.

          I assume you are joking, right? Governments can go into war ravaged zones and cleanse an entire underground network of caves of insurgents in the most remote part of the world. Using my powers of deduction I'd deduce that they can track some 18 year old kid who has a face covered in bum fluff to his parent's basement, taser him 12 times and arrest him.

          No one is anonymous. If a government REALLY wants to find you, they'll find you. Anonymous are nothing but a group of naive children.

      hahah really?

      no seriously...really??

      boy you guys are funny.

    I like how incredibly stupid and uneducated the entire "Anonymous" group are in regards to the Sony situation with GeoHot. It's like when people get riled up over September 11 after watching Lose Change. Instead of finding out the real story, they just get excited about the lies and make-up side of things told to them by a tiny group of people on the internet.

    Excellent article! Thank you for being un-biased. Too many of these articles are floating around casting a bad light on Anonymous, when in the end, the group is there for the freedom of info & speech. You have just gained a place on my bookmark tab :)

    stores being shut is a worthwhile safety measure

    What happens if one of these anonymous people is a crazy gun man that decides to go awol on the innocent staffers of the store.

    Sony as a tech' company are all but irrelevant anyway.

    Man, they need to check their spelling: "Should visiting a YouTube video make you liable? Sony does." That's not even a sentence!

    Anonymous are pathetic, they seriously need to get over themselves and realise that GeoHot broke the law and Sony had every right to enforce legal action. That way us normal gaming consumers can play our games in peace and they can go back to poking around with computer parts in their mother's basements.

    Nice to see their stupid stunts affecting the consumer yet again. I really don't see anything useful that these guys have acomplished other then making life hard for us (the everyday gamer)

    Didn't bother checking my local Sony store. Wouldn't have mattered if they did close it for the day - I rarely see anyone in there.

    From the flyer -
    "Should visiting a YouTube video make you liable? Sony does."

    A hacker group that does not use correct grammar - autofail.

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