Sony Considering Make-Good For PSN Subscribers, Too

Sony Considering Make-Good For PSN Subscribers, Too

Sony Online Entertainment has already said it plans a “make-good” for D.C. Universe Online and Free Realms subscribers on the PS3. What about the rest of the 77 million PSN account holders?

Sony is “currently evaluating ways to show appreciation for your extraordinary patience as we work to get these services back online,” said Patrick Seybold, the top spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The answer was in a followup Q&A about the weeklong PlayStation Network outage, expected to last at least two weeks. Other answers: Download histories, friends lists and settings will not be affected by the downtime, PlayStation Plus cloud saves will be retrievable, and any trophies earned in single-player offline play during the outage will be awarded when the WOPR PSN comes back on line and they can be synced with the server.


Q&A #2 for PlayStation Network and Qriocity Services [PlayStation blog]


  • Hello I am a wife of the play-station Network user and right now my life is hell because of the outage. Believe it or not how silly it sounds my husband is crazy mentally ill SMI (Seriously Mentally Ill. And Part of his therapy is the play station network. I have realized that it is truly his outlet it keeps him from blowing up. He is a agoraphobia and cant interact with the public but this is way he can. So my question is what is the positive about play-station network going for us wife’s inconvenience. I mean it our husbands go crazy without this.

  • The only people that should be compensated are the users that have Playstation Plus. These subscribers are not paying for unusable features as they are at the current time. Regardless of what the free users want, they shouldnt be compensated for anything. What have they lost other than time spent sitting and playing games? Maybe they are more than just your average player. But regardless of how much you like to play or what reasons you play for, the only people who are actually entitled to anything is the Playstation Plus subscribers. People who are just mad because they are without there precious PSN should just suck it up and say thank you for getting the network back online. Sony should NOT compensate anyone except for the Plus subscribers. Just for the record. Im not a playstation plus subscriber. I am a regular user that should not be compensated because i havent lost anything that i have paid for.

    • Why do people keep saying only Playstation Plus users deserve some kind of compensation? Yes PSN itself is free, but the majority of the people purchase Playstation 3 games for multiplayer. So, we’re still paying money to Sony by purchasing their games for online play.

      • its not free i spent 400 dollars for the playstation which includes access to psn.. its like buying an ipod but access to the itunes store goes down yes its free but it was part of the product u purchased and may be THE reason u bought the product, u might have bought a zune instead if it wasnt for itunes.

        bottom line is u paid for a product and all its features, if the features goes down u deserve something…

        • Umm.. except the PSN will be back online. It hasn’t been disabled forever. And it is due to a crime being commited. Sony is a victim as much as you. Quit looking for something for nothing.

    • You’ve lost nothing except your contact details, address, D.O.B., PSN shopping history & potentially credit card number to a bunch of crims.

      Sure, you dont pay to use the PSN, but this may still end up costing you. Then you might change your mind.

    • While PSN may be ‘free’, the costs are rolled into the hardware costs and to some extent passed on to developers. Essentially, everyone payed a one-off nominal subscription fee when they purchased the console.

    • Maybe so, but considering Sony is a multinational conglomerate, I’m sure they will work out the best possible means of compensation to those who they believe deserve it. They aren’t out to spite anybody, they are a good company, the same reason many of us own their consoles and have also owned past Playstation consoles. Everybody deserves an opinion.

    • surely your not serious ? what do you base your oppinion on ? surely you don`t think that only playstation plus members contribute financially to sony i have 4 systems 40 ps1 games 85 ps2 games and 42 ps3 games 3 cams 10 ps3 controllers etc. do you think I’m getting my moneys worth right now ? I didn`t think so !!!!
      sincerely ICEMAN1960

    • I absolutely agree, what has anyone else lost? A few hours online, I got the new SOCOM, I’m a bit angry and fed up of playing the campaign. I’m a PSN PLUS user and have lost money because my PS3 broke 3 weeks back and they took forever to repair it. I have lost 5 weeks of PSN and PSN PLUS, but just go outside a get some sun on your pastey skin. Sort the finances out when the network is back up. They can’t do much without it because they can’t check your account.

  • As a PS Plus subscriber from day one, I sure hope they’re planning to make this up to me somehow. Unlike most people, I haven’t lost faith in Sony or their abilities, but I would say something should be done for subscribers.

    A free month would do me just fine – I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

  • “The only people that should be compensated are the users that have Playstation Plus.”

    wrong. when you buy a device w/ an advertised option and you’re unable to use that option for 1-2 weeks + you should be compensated one way or another.

    what if you bought network games that require internet access? add-ons? patches? sony needs to show some sort of good will towards the average user.

  • As a plain non-Plus PSN user… I’m not really expecting any kind of compensation for time lost on the network. It is free.

    Of course, on one PS3 board I visited, somebody (tongue-in-cheek) suggested we all get an exclusive “I survived the PSN outage” avatar. Which actually *would* be kind of cool.

  • “Regardless of what the free users want, they shouldnt be compensated for anything. What have they lost other than time spent sitting and playing games?”

    @jake, are you kidding me? Surely the loss of my personal details is worth SOMETHING.

  • I subscribe to PS Plus, but I couldn’t care less, as long as they extend some of the deals/discounts that I may have missed because of the outage then I won’t be too worried.

    Sidenote: I always thought PS Plus was a sneaky pre-cursor to a paid online service for the future, I really hope that isn’t the case, especially after all that has happened.

    • I reckon that after this fiasco it’ll be a long, long time before Sony’s credibility recovers to the point where they could get away with charging for PSN. Read the comments in any gaming forum on the net… there’s not a lot of love in the room for them at the moment.

      • I’ll have to disagree with that, my bet is that this is exactly like the time “all” those Left4Dead players said they were boycotting Valve and Left4Dead 2; the reality is, while people may feel like they’ve lost their personal info to a bunch of thieves, it’s not however a more tangible loss (like game saves or downloaded games, though money remains to be seen and is most likely a splintered issue for some. Most people will likely have cancelled their cards and is no longer an issue)

        The point is that for most people, it’s not an primary loss, but more of a tertiary loss — equivalent to the loss of a bike when you own a car.

        So being that those things are apparently safe, I think that users who demand more of a reprieve will die out when the core groups (read:intelligent masses) have their faith quickly renewed by Sony in the return of online gaming.

  • No, it isn’t just PS Plus users who are losing out. What about us with Lovefilm subscriptions and other services.

    What about the numerous games in my collection I had to PAY for to access online content at 7.99 a pop like Sims 3, Fifa Ultimate Team, SvR 2011 etc.

  • All I gotta say is I miss MAG and it’s my favorite game right now but, online only games can’t be played obviously so I dusted off my old FF Chronicles and started my fourth adventure through FF4 BEST GAME EVER MADE!!!.

    • Personally I dont care if we get any compensation but 20$ in the store wallet would be perfect because I want to get ESCALATION for BO when it comes out.

  • What could Sony possibly do to compensate me for the fact that all my information has been given out, including my CREDIT CARD DETAILS. I am frothing at the mouth ready to participate in the inevitable class-action law suit that will be driven against these incompetent morons, storing details in plain-text, you buffoons, I sincerely hope you go under for this disgrace.

    Guess I’ll be investing in that gaming PC sooner than I thought.

  • it really doesn’t matter what anyone wants or what they deserve…they’re gonna get what sony gives them.
    im not a ps+ user, and i don’t expect anything, sure it’d be nice but i’m not gonna go around like a two year old demanding that i get something because of it, along the lines of the avatar thing doug mentioned, a “i survived the psn outage” shirt would be pretty cool :]
    the only thing i want is psn back up, it’s been almost two weeks and i’m tired of replaying all my old games, i want multiplayer back.
    BUT…[i tend to get off topic]
    what i was saying, yes ps+ deserve to be compensated since they pay for that feature, but that doesn’t mean sony doesnt owe SOMETHING to the free users, even if it’s just an apology. we do pay for our games and paid for our system. but sony gets to decide how they want to compensate you and no matter how much you whine and cry it’s not going to change what they plan on doing…you have to remember there are 77 million psn users…do you know how much giving all of them a $20 psn card would cost? $1,540,000,000
    do you honestly think sony would dish out that kinda money just for a two week outage? doubt it.

  • if u ever seen the terminater movies than u know that machines have a way of taking over our lives. well i believe the terminater is real and he exist in the form of a ps3 and he is wining the war over our lives. maybe we should take this time 2 injoy lives (fight 4 our right 2 live). soon he will be controlling us again.injoy ur freedom while u can. 🙂

  • I just paid $50 to a company to alert me of any changes to my credit history in case my identity is stolen and someone takes out loans, bank accounts, new phones contracts etc in my name.

    I have been advised by government agencies in Austlralia to seriously consider cancelling my credit card which will then force me to have to contact several companies who I have automated payments setup with.

    My ‘crime’ was trusting a world renowned company with some personal information… the same information that I’ve put in trust with other well known companies like ebay, paypal, amazon and the list goes on. Who’s to say one of these won’t be hacked next?

    The truth is, for people who use their CC online, that information is stored in many databases all over the world, and we really have no idea who controls access to them, how secure they are, and it’s possible that if the information is compromised, we may never even find out about it until it’s too late.

  • But lets not forget the people who don’t use the playstation plus service have paid £300+ to get the free online game expierience.

  • in this day in age ur cc info can be anywhere at anytime. the best u can do is 2 make sure u r able 2 get reimbursement 4 any unauthorised purchases 2 ur card

  • Um, ps plus people should get something extra, but the ordinary people need something because our details have been STOLEN as well and can stuff up our lives

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