Sony Didn't Mention PSN Outage Today

While Sony did introduce its new PlayStation tablet, the company did not address any of the issues plaguing the PlayStation Network, reports The Wall Street Journal.


    They couldnt take 10mins today to give thier waiting customers acknowledgement, SONY obviously arent taking this serious enough.
    Its clear to me SONY dont care less about thier customers any more than 9 till 5 monday to friday

    Thanks alot SONY.

    Wait it out guys. They're getting their asses handed to them. Hopefully psn will surrender soon and we can all get back into the final killcam.

    What a joke this whole week has been, nothing but people babbling crap because of PSN being down. Why don't these people find a social life, or at least a hobby? i love my games as much as the next person, especially online. However, in the recent absence of the PSN, i've just got on with life as the rest of you should do instead of complaining.

      The thing that really worries people more than 'not being able to play online games', is the fact that they could have had their identity STOLEN. Billing details and name/email are not something people just want shared with hackers.

    Pull your head in random. People have the right to be annoyed here. There is clearly a monumental screw up here and whether it due an "external intrusion" or an "internal crash" of the PSN - sony have a lot to answer for.

    The total mismanagement of this situation inflames people's responses and rightly so. They still will not provide an estimate on the return of the PSN.

    Your telling people how they should be living is ridiculous. I have plenty of interests but I'm just as annoyed as more hardcore gamers probably are.

    Doubletap..... I'm not telling anyone how to live their lives, just suggesting that instead of bitching like a group of 13 year old schoolgirls about SONY. Why don't people shut their stupid mouths & let those of us who know what they are talking about get on with the important part. Fixing the problem. Or is that too much to ask? Tell me Doubletap, how much do you know about Linux network infrastructure?

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