Sony Doesn't Know Yet If Your Credit Card Number Was Stolen

Sony has not yet determined if the personal information or credit card numbers of users on the still-down PlayStation Network have been stolen, according to a Sony spokesman.

Sony Computer Entertainment is conducting "thorough investigation" into the outage, Satoshi Fukuoka, a spokesman for Sony Computer Entertainment in Tokyo, tells PC World.

Sony Computer Entertainment of America spokesman Patrick Seybold reiterated Fukuoka's statement, confirming that Sony is still looking into whether credit card or other personal information were taken during the "external intrusion".

Both declined to provide more information about the intrusion that led the company to take the global Playstation Network down last week. The network remains down as of Monday morning.

Seybold said over the weekend that officials were working around the clock to rebuild the network.

Sony Yet to Determine Scope of PlayStation Network Attack [PC World]


    Thats it. As much as I love Sony, theres no way I'm keeping my credit card details on their servers; they're just too unreliable. They owe us answers... NOW. I understand ANYTHING is hackable, given time, but to not have counter-measures in place for cyber terrorism is rediculous.

    Dude resize your image. It is like 3888 x 2592px.

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