Sony PlayStation Tablets' Touchscreen D-Pad In Real Life

A virtual d-pad has worked better on tablets and phones than many have expected, but mostly for games designed with those limitations in mind. [Impress Watch]

One thing hasn't changed: Sony knows how to many pretty hardware.

The slate-style tablet isn't as thin as you'd think.

Sony's New PlayStation Tablet is a Sexy Beast Today in Tokyo, Sony revealed that its latest PlayStation hardware, the 9.4-inch Sony S1.

It's the first tablet that is (officially) capable of playing PlayStation games, such as PlayStation 1 games or Sony-approved titles for mobile platforms. More »

Sony's S2 PlayStation Tablet Looks Familiar Sony's S1 tablet looks like a beautiful piece of gear. We're really digging the tapered, magazine-like edge to it. The S2, though? With the dual screens and touch interface? More »


    who remembers sonys anti-kinect campaign slamming them saying you need 'buttons' to be a gamer.

      The difference here is that, like the iPad, these aren't designed to be dedicated gaming devices, but merely multimedia devices that happen to incorporate the suite of playstation games and it's control scheme.

      Kinect and Move are both designed for console gaming.

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