Sony’s Hosting Provider Calls Anonymous’ Attack An ‘Annoyance’

Sony’s Hosting Provider Calls Anonymous’ Attack An ‘Annoyance’

Ars Technica reports that sources within Sony’s hosting provider belittled Anonymous’ cyber-attack as “medium strength”, and something that only “annoyed our network engineers”. The hosting service’s plan is to wait out Anonymous until the attackers get bored.

Sony sites have gone up and down through the week, to the point that Anonymous called off an assault on PlayStation Network, considering gamers using the service to be blameless victims. But the network engineer Ars quoted said sites only went down early in the assault, as they maneuvered to block what was a large number of incoming IP addresses carrying out the attack. Sony’s jobs site is reportedly the current target.

Since the blocks went into place, it’s been mostly smooth sailing – though Sony has contracted with the cyber-attack mitigation service Prolexic to keep its domains running. Anonymous evidently has experience attacking both Prolexic and this hosting provider.

Anonymous, offended by Sony’s conduct in litigation against the hacker George Hotz, initiated the attack earlier this week. Sony yesterday conceded that an outside cyber-attack may have been the source of network outages this week, but didn’t blame Anonymous specifically, probably not wishing to give it publicity.

Source: Anonymous attacks on Sony annoying, not much more [Ars Technica]


  • Well I guess medium strength isn’t bad from their point of view. I suppose we should be thankful they decided to leave the PSN alone but I’m surprised they are even trying to look like the good guys in this. If they were they shouldn’t have gone after the PSN in the first place.

  • So their response is to instigate a bigger response on top on spending a couple of million on DDOS protection for the server that Anon weren’t attacking?

    GG Sony!

      • How is spending money on DDOS protection for the WRONG SERVER “ensuring their server is not compromised”?

        Learn to read, mate. Sony didn’t spend money to protect their authentication servers which were the ones being attacked.

        So again, GG Sony, and as for you, Jamie, pay more attention in the future.

  • Sony has one of the most expensive hosts in the world. They’re _designed_ to fight ddos so it’s not really surprising that several botnets and the symbolic hive couldn’t keep it down 100% even though the firepower on this one was somewhat substantial.

    However, theres this thing forming thats possibly capable of taking down google-sized shit, believe it or not.

    See ya on the internet.

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