Spoil Your Portal 2 Experience Here!

Haven't finished Portal 2 yet? Go on and listen to the game's ending tune. Do it.

And those who've already breezed through the game, have another listen.

The song is by Jonathan Coulton and dubbed "Want You Gone". Coulton also wrote "Still Alive", the ending tune for the first Portal.

If you're not familiar with Coulton's work, check out "Code Monkey" and "re: Your Brains".

[Thanks Jimmy!]


    I have finished it but meh. The tempo is a little more jarring than Still Alive.

    Now, get me the full version of the turret opera and we're talking.


    I loved it just as much or maybe even more than Still Alive, maybe because I've heard Still Alive too many times but also because "Want You Gone" tied into the story much more than Still Alive.

    Huge grin across my face when I heard it for the first time.

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