Street Fighter's Cammy Gets An Unofficial Makeover

Cammy, a Lara Croft rival for "Most Beloved British Video Game Character Of All Time", is looking a little old-fashioned in the 2000s. I think it's the boots. Time, then, for a change.

Russian artist Bogdan Gabelko drew this redesign of the iconic character for a recent competition. There's two pictures on show: one a stylised "portrait" image, the other an actual 3D model of the character.

I like it! The boots may be a little unsuitable for combat, but everything else looks nice and practical. Cammy purists may bemoan the fact her arse no longer looks like it's being flossed by her outfit, but Cammy purists should know that makes you a bit of a perv.

[Street Fighter, Cammy]


    I highly recommend people check out the comp. I've been following it and there are some really amazing entries being worked on.

    the knee wrap needs to go, and make her ass bigger damn it!

    Instead of being rivals with Lara Croft, they turned her INTO Lara Croft...

    Could have kept the long braids at least and the blonde hair.

    Face does look a bit close to Lara Croft, but apart from that, this new design is really nice! If only it could become official DLC/be modded into the PC version of the game.

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