Surprise, "Minecraft" Is A Big Hit On The Xbox 360

FortressCraft, a new game on the Xbox 360 which is, to put it kindly, borrowing gameplay elements from indie smash Minecraft, has proven about as popular as you'd expect, given you can't actually get Minecraft on the Xbox 360.

According to FortressCraft's developers, Projector Games, the game's trial was downloaded 84,006, with 58,572 then committing to buy it, both unheralded numbers for the Xbox Live Indie Games Channel.

While there are complaints FortressCraft is lacking in polish, Projector say it'll continue updating the game through Xbox Live, and will also be selling "episodes" as downloadable content.

While it's awesome seeing an indie game put up the kind of sales numbers you'd expect from an Xbox Live Arcade game, it's a bit of a shame it took a shameless knock-off - and not an original title, as the service was established for - to do it.

FortressCraft Sells 58,000 copies in 6 Days [GamerBytes]


    It also sux how us Auzzies miss out on the idie games altogether!

      Thats also the most idiotic gamer I have ever been irritated by, aaaaaaa

    I would love to play Minecraft, but my laptop won't run it smoothly so I can see the appeal of a clone if you've got nothing else. I'd still rather play the real thing, and will eventually get a new computer so will buy Minecraft then. Could possibly download this in the meantime - if it's good.

      I'd like to watch a movie, but my computer cant run blu-rays very smoothly so I can see the appeal of downloading a bootleg .mkv.

      Supporting people like this is actually worse than piracy IMO. In piracy, the initial developer looses some potential revenue, but no-one really profits from it. With bootlegs, the initial developer looses revenue and some lazy developer profits from it.

        People have been over this before, Minecraft isn't exactly the first of its kind.

          I won't rehash it but while I agree that Minecraft isn't the first of it's time, there's a big difference between taking an idea that's been done and turning it into a popular game, and downright copying a game that is currently popular. If anyone is interested my post is on the article linked in the text.

          It is a fair point though that Mojang currently has no plan to release on the console and apparently does not mind the clone.

        Pretty sure that if Mojang had a problem with these guys they'd have done something about it by now. It's not the most creative thing to do, but if it's sticking to XBLA and Minecraft isn't going there then I guess it's not so bad.

        And Happycow, if your computer doesn't run it smoothly try turning down the draw distance and giving it a little time to load the surrounding area at the start. When I started playing I used the max draw distance and it made my game a bit sluggish but even turning it down by one step made everything smooth.

          Notch has openly said that he doesn't give a shit... and good luck to the developers.

        Huh? Steven...? I already have Minecraft (paid for it even before it was cool *hipster face* ) but the idea of something similar on XBLA sounds amazing. I would definitely try this out if I could... is there a way to on an Australian 360?

          You can create a US Xbox Live Silver account and use points on that account to purchase Indie titles. I believe you can even then play them on your Australian account.

          Google will be your friend here. I've never done it myself, but I have read up on it, and it is possible (and nobody has been banned for it as far as I know).

            Yep, done it. Super easy and AFAIK not illegal.

            The games are unrated, not RC - it can't be against the law to possess something that the government hasn't rated because that would be totally insane.

            Just go to, make a US account (proxy not required), buy some points and click 'buy game'.

            I've also downloaded stuff on my US account and logged back in to my AU account, and everything is still available. The only restricted part is the purchasing and downloading.

    The least they could do is think of their own original name.

      Yeah, like Warcraft or somethi...

    Well considering MineCraft is in principle taken from infiniminer, although it's a different game, FortressCraft has sort of done the same thing.

    Comparing fortresscraft to minecraft is like comparings GTA 1 to RDR.

    yeah sorry but building with blocks isn't exactly a brilliant original thought.

    I watched the whole 2.2min of that video, waiting for something interesting to happen, and then I got to the end and realised sadly that I will never get those few minutes of my life back again.

    Well that looked like a really shitty game to me.

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