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  • No Buttercup this week. I need to take a bit of a break.

    Also, what’s with this horrible drizzling weather here in Brisbane. This is Brisbane dammit, not Melbourne!

      • Alas, due to my hasty exit from my domicile this morning in a failed attempt to catch the train, I did not have the time to obtain a hooded garment for my use today.

        Also, I just had a helluva near slip outside work when I went to get a coffee. Chucks are awesome shoes for most purposes, but they make wet surfaces feel like ice.

          • I’m wearing a fairly new pair of slim leather Chucks. The odds of these things having decent grip in the wet any time soon is negligible.

            On a sidenote, I’m not a hipster. Honest.

          • I know I met you. THIS IS CONFRIMATION EVERYONE, Trjn is not a hipster. He’s a nerd, like the rest of us(is official, you spend us much time talking, playing and dreaming about games as we do . No matter how much hip-hop/metal you listen too).

            How much did they set you back?

            Don’t know why I’m asking, doc says if I don’t want ingrown toenails I need a shoe with more padding…BOO! I hate padding.

          • $70 at the Airport DFO. They were clearing them out.

            At first I was a little skeptical about the slim Cons, but the thinner soles are a lot more comfortable. Then again, I used to have a pair of shoes that started off with a thin sole and after a couple of years the sole was so thin that you could actually see through it.

            I miss those shoes, thin soles are awesome.

  • First of all, thank you James Mac for that Map of Metal at the end of last TAY, that is pretty cool.

    Secondly, I came up with an idea for a minecraft MMO yesterday, would anybody read it if I posted it? It is quite long and detailed.

    Thirdly, sorry Tech Knight for not getting back to you about the DS. Thanks for the offer but I shall probably look into a DSI for the increased specs.

    Fourthly, Plainview I swear you must be some kind of superhero or mad genius undercover agent guy cause you never fail to trip my balls.

    • That’s fine, I need marketing practice anyway in the event that I try to sell my gear again lol. I could play some more Kingdom Hearts on it anyway, got harder difficulties to conquer.

      Minecraft MMO? Sounds really awesome, is this some kind of mod you’re working on? I’d be interested to read it regardless

      • If I had any kind of modding skill I would try but it is just an idea that seriously came to me in a dream.
        It has factions, tribes, gods that bestow special materials, a creation rating system for fame and influence, PvP and independent contractors.
        Perhaps I will work on it a bit more and post it on one of those free sites or something.

        • I love this idea, a LOT. Which reminds me I need a more beautiful texture pack than the stock one. What’s the best way to install one for Minecraft?

          • It varies, I was using mixcraft I think and there was instructions that came with it I believe.

    • Agreed. I mean this in all seriousness – Plainview NEEDS to write a book. I would buy it in an instant. Or at least have an ongoing website.

  • Non-game related, finally sat down through whole viewing of The Room, after seeing bits and pieces, and I gotta say if you haven’t seen it, do so NOW.

  • Finally got to play some kinect yesterday! Have to say it’s rather fun! Watching my wife trying to plug leacks in Kinect Adventures using her head and all her limbs was just hilarious! I honestly can’t recall the last time i laughed so hard! Definitely no regrets in buying it at all!

  • The Kotaku Sydney Meetup was absolutely out of this world AWESOME. Thank you so much to everybody who came (I mean, physically arrived) and made it really fun. I was worried the night before that we’d end up with just 5 people or something and it’d be really boring but as soon as I got there my fears were alleviated.

    I wouldn’t have wanted to spend my rainy Saturday in any other way.

    Special thanks to Fatshady for organising the venue and giving us some place to hang at!!!!

    And extra big thanks to Mark for coming along, and the Kotaku/Allure Media staff in general because without Kotaku, there would be no community!

  • Unfortunately I missed out on the sydney meet up. is there any chance of pics of the event or a reader review from those who were there?


    I’m excited. Sorry if I brokesded your browser.

    • Hello again.
      I’ve been waiting a long time for this.
      I know it’s arriving later than expected, but I have a message for you.
      You have successfully managed to break my browser.
      No other test subjects have ever managed this feat before.
      I suppose you feel quite accomplished now, don’t you?
      Don’t let this go to your head.
      You might just miss out on cake.
      But then again, your not interested in cake, are you?

  • So my ultra awesome plan to get a cheap DS lite hasn’t really panned out. I was waiting for Nintendo to announce a price drop when the 3DS was launched. So now I’m stuck with a phat DS that won’t charge at all. Lovely. I’ve got games to play FFS.

    • You know there will be approximately 1.74 million new 3DS owners selling their DS lites on Ebay/gumtree, right?

    • Fish Pond have XLs for likr 170ish! Thats hella cheap! Free shipping too!

      I’d get one but I’m gonna wait for 3DS games to come out…like good ones.

    • You know what I love about Australia.. We can’t have Christian influence in preschool, you know the recent changes where we can’t have Easter Parades or Christmasy things.. But as soon as they want to tell Adults what to do EVERYONE listens.. WHY!

    • Another article that just regurgitates the fear mongering.

      Great job contributing to the discourse there Herald Sun, really doing this nation’s journalists proud.

      • oh the actual article in the paper is even better, it has a list of video games that would be classified R18+ including Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Hot Coffee Mod

    • The picture in the newspaper was actually a PS2 game… they HAD to look THAT far back to get a big enough list of all the “nasty” games. I mean come on ACL, the R18+ rating system IS THINKING OF THE CHILDREN! THAT’S WHAT AN R18+ SYSTEM IS!! Denying them access to such violent and sexual games! …sorry it’s just so frustrating.

      Seriously, it’s because of our broken system that we got 15 year olds killing hookers in GTA where I’m sure the R18+ would far suit us all better. I lost all hope for you humans and your so-called governments many years ago. Unfortunately I was activated in the wrong era and have to live with this screwed up country’s current state.

      Apologies if this seems insulting to some, but I had to let it out

  • Mentioned this to Serrels at Saturday’s Meet-Up and thought I’d share it.

    TL;DR Version:
    “In order to speak a language like Guugu Yimithirr, you need to know where the cardinal directions are at each and every moment of your waking life. You need to have a compass in your mind that operates all the time, day and night, without lunch breaks or weekends off, since otherwise you would not be able to impart the most basic information or understand what people around you are saying. Indeed, speakers of geographic languages seem to have an almost-superhuman sense of orientation. Regardless of visibility conditions, regardless of whether they are in thick forest or on an open plain, whether outside or indoors or even in caves, whether stationary or moving, they have a spot-on sense of direction. They don’t look at the sun and pause for a moment of calculation before they say, “There’s an ant just north of your foot.” They simply feel where north, south, west and east are, just as people with perfect pitch feel what each note is without having to calculate intervals.”

    • I heard about that language, probably through QI.

      I think that just goes to show that there are a fascinating amount of skills that people are capable of mastering provided there is the right reinforcement.

      If you’ve learned that language since birth, then you will develop this sense of direction simply by being able to observe the countless cues available to determine which way you’re facing. Without knowing how to interpret those cues, or without a reason to know how to interpret those cues, you will never really develop the skill.

      The short version? Humans can trick themselves into doing all sorts of awesomeness.

  • Hope Sydney meetup all went well, sounds like it from what I heard!

    Thanks to Sughly as well for two things, firstly, the tablet arrived 2 minutes ago!!!! So about to have a play!! Thanks heaps mate, but hurry-up and give me some details to pay you the postage already!!!!!

    Also, thanks Sughly for re-tweeting this, it was very cool and became a hit at our house!

    Also, this made me lol.
    Yah, I’m immature, that’s how I roll! 😛

    • Q! I JUST saw an extra cable on my desk and feared it may be for said tablet! Did it come with any cables? If so, then what is this cable before me for? If it is for the tablet though I’ll send it today! I’m really sorry if it is 🙁

      • No need for the stress everything that was needed seemed to be in box, including cable! 😀 Just been giving it a try, your right it does feel odd at first, but I’m getting better at it with each stroke! Works flawlessly! The one thing I’m having trouble adjusting to is when using a mouse, you occasionally pick it up and reposition it to reach, but that doesn’t work with a pen! But apart from that (which I’ll get used to) I’ve pretty much got my head around how they work. Is there any way to reverse scrolling directions?

        • Possibly… did you install the Wacom drivers? I know Windows will just plug and play it, but if you install the Wacom ones (and should probably find new ones on their site too, the CD one would be old by now) then you get a really helpful utility which lets you customise all sorts of things. I prefer for instance having the area of the tablet mapped to the whole screen, rather than just a section of the screen. Then you can also toy with sensitivity settings and such too! All sorts fo fun.

          Still wondering what this spare cable sitting here is for then… :/

  • Also, I watched Paul over the weekend. In typical Nick Frost + Simon Pegg fashion, it was awesome. Everyone should watch it. I was a bit disappointed that Jason Bateman’s (Arrested Development) role was more serious than comedic, but Frost + Pegg + Rogen were awesome.

    • I really love Spaced.
      The movies just don’t seem to be as funny…
      I was very dissapointed by the serious direction Shaun of The Dead took near the end and I couldn’t sit through Hot Fuzz cos I just wasn’t laughing.

      Managed to make it through til the end of Run Fatboy Run but had no feelings for a main character who runs away from his own PREGNANT wife at their wedding, what a TOTAL JERK. There is no way he deserved to get back with his MRS or see his child.

      How to make friends and Irritate people (or whatever it’s called) I did like. Espescially when he loses it at the award ceremony at the end.

      Nick Frost’s space show IS NOT FUNNY. It has it’s moments but overall is FAIL.

      Hoping that Pauly is good.
      Funny guys all of them…

  • Pardon me but does anyone have any experience downloading movies from the Playstation Store? The library is pretty impressive and I just started an unlimited plan.

    My guess is that it probably takes four days to download a single movie but anyone actually done it?

  • First off, have you ever felt that the world needs more Steve Buscemi? How about just his eyes? Then may I present:

    Secondly, it sounds like the Kotaku meet was a great success, is there any chance I can convince you all to do it again relatively soon, just for me? Ehh, whatever the case, I’ll be in Sydney on the 13th to see Alestorm, so that should be good.

  • Distant Worlds Final Fantasy @ The Opera House…what an awesome performance!! They ran out of merchandise which was unfortunate, and no Dancing Mad was a downer, but otherwise it was well worth the 6 month wait. Highlights for me were Liberi Fatali, Don’t Be Afraid, Maria & Draco and One Winged Angel.

    Bought the MP3s from their website right after I got home. I wanted the actual CDs but this will do nicely.

    • Distant Worlds was awesome! Best video game concert I have been to. Loved how they had the intro sequences with the different songs.

      Nobuo Uematsu was so funny and cute. Wish they had priced the meet and greet tickets a lot higher though so that we didn’t have to wait so long.

  • I’m so jealous of Sydney right now. Kodak meet up!?? I know Mr serrals lives there and.all but waaah I want one in Melbourne.

  • Bish!!!

    Remember how I was telling you on the train how I got the name ‘Sir Eats-a-Lot’? I found the blog I was referring to, lawl. ->
    Just scroll down to see where the name ‘Sir Eats-a-Lot’ first originated!

    Basically one of my RL friends/clan mates started up a food blog, and I trolled it with comments. I chose a name that would not be linked to me at all, because I am sort of known for doing stupid stuff like this in our group.

    We’d be on vent at night and he’d be all like “Man, I’m getting some really weird comments on my blog!!” and “Who the hell is Sir Eats-a-Lot?!”

    And I would be laughing evilly (with the mic off, of course). MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Too bad he doesn’t blog anymore.

    • I can’t decide whether your appraisal of his photography skills or encouraging to post a big picture of his face so you can “can identify with the author better” is more irrelevantly hilarious.

  • Playing Limbo for the first time.. so no spoilers please…

    But really liking it. It makes you feel really smart, then super stupid, then rage quits, then super smart where you brag to your wife who does not care… then stupid again!

    Enjoying it.

    • I’m always bragging to my wife about game achievements and she either gives me “that ” look or totally ignores me…

  • Last week’s TAY was #125… now #107.

    Have I uncovered a conspiracy? Are we counting backwards by 18’s to fulfil the final requirements for some satanic ritual? Will it coincide with (or even CONTRIBUTE to) the inevitable demise of mankind upon the expiry of the Mayan calendar? Or maybe random number generators on the internets are conspiring to perform mathematical voodoo on the developers of Max Payne 3.


    • Now, as much as I love the conspiracy theory, and I’m aware that you probably know better, I feel inclined to point out that it’s not the end of the Mayan calendar, but simply the end of a B’ak’tun, a period of time just under 400 years. The famous date, is notable for being the beginning of the fourteenth B’ak’tun, but it’s no more important to them than Tuesday the twenty third of March 20XX (replace numbers so that it’s a correct date).

      I’m aware you were just being silly, and I endorse sillyness, I just feel the need to point this out whenever people mention the Mayan calendar 2012 end of the world shindig.

      Let’s hope it has something to do with Max Payne 3, and hope that the game won’t suck.

      • Imma let you finish, but, Joseph MacArthy had one of the best conspiracy theories of all time!

        All time yo!

  • Alrighty folks, I have here a list of all the Kotaku folk I have have sent Steam friend requests too. It also happens to be a list of Kotaku folk who haven’t replied to said friend requests yet… 😛
    Grandmaster B-Funk

    Just felt I should point this list out, because some of you haven’t been online for 17 days, and other similar long periods of time…

    • YESSS! A friend! Yeah I dont really go on steam a great deal. Q had me in there trying to out-Chime him, that was when I probably spent most of my time there. Grrrr, damn Chime…

      • Just under $160 including shipping for the current Wifi only version. It should arrive on Friday.

        We gave my dad one for his birthday a few months ago and he can’t stop raving about it, then a friend of mine bought one last week. Considering the price, it was a pretty much instant purchase.

        • Nice! I know lots of people getting them too.. I was a bit meh but then my Cousin said you can do book lending, that got me excited!

          Kotaku TAY Kindle E-book Exchange?

    • Correct me if I’m wrong, but I remember reading somewhere that you only licence the ebooks on Kindle etc, which means that Amazon (or whoever runs other ebooks) can pull books from your library at any point without warning…

      • That’s true of basically all digital purchases, including video games that you own on a physical disk. Anyhow, if that happened, I’d just pirate them back on to the Kindle.

    • I enjoy my one. I think it’s stupid that it doesn’t let you customise the screensaver on the new models (at least, not the last time I looked.)

      I still have yet to buy a book on it though. I keep reading through the free out of coppy right ones. My mum was amazed to learn I was reading Pride and Prejudice. (Not really my cup of tea though relatively amusing. It is easy to see how it became famous, very well written)

      I also tried buying the newest EVE novel via amazon store but It wouldn’t let me as it “Isn’t available in my region.” Someone told me this was due to the publishers having deals with distributors as to market share.
      Very frustrating.

  • I know it came out a month ago but is anyone else addicted to Yakuza 4? Only started playing it last week (because I was playing another game on DS that will remain nameless) but am completely obsessed with it.

    Was worried about it being 4 characters instead of just Kaz but have actually enjoyed playing with Akiyama and Tanimura. Hostess clubs are cool too!

    • Yesssssssssssssss
      I’ve started on the ‘Make your hostess #1’ game thingy which is kind of creepy yet also engrossing.

  • I feel like I’m stalking because I haven’t had anything to say.

    So, without further ado, a comment.

    It’s heartening to see all the new names popping up in here this week. Go Kommunity!

  • Has anyone got a copy of SSX Tricky for the gamecube they don’t want? Will pay! Can’t find one anywhere 🙁

  • Just called the JB Hifi near my work, asked if they were releasing Portal 2 early because of the promotion. They told me that they will be selling it on Wednesday (instead of the scheduled release of Thursday) as soon as they have copies. If they receive the game on Tuesday, they will wait until Wednesday to put it on shelf.

    I highly recommend people buying the console version to give the retailer they are buying it from a call to see when they will have it on shelf.

    • I tweeted this fact and ended it by asking if I should get the PS3 or 360 version. Mark retweeted it and now everyone is telling me to buy the PS3 version.

      My 360 gets no love these days. No love at all.

      • It will probably look better on 360, given the PC is presumably the lead platform it’s far easier to convert to 360 than PS3. I may be wrong though.

        Although, you know, graphics aren’t anything (I still prefer the 360 controller).

      • Why PS3? Aren’t multi platform generally better on 360? It has been that way with all games I’ve looked into before…

        I’ll be PC anyhoo, cant figure out the dual sticks on me trolla 🙁

        • I prefer the 360, mainly for the controller. The difference is that the PS3 will be cross-compatible with the PC version (which means you can co-op with people on the PC) and it also comes CD key so that you can download it on Steam.

          Which means that the 360 is the red headed stepchild in this case.

          Odds are, I’ll get the PS3 version.

        • The PS3 comes with the steam stuff, which is good (I’m too lazy to have read up on how it all works), and it also has the attached PC download for it. I don’t have the dl quota to allow me to get games from the net, so I’ll be getting a PC retail version.

          • Luckily for me, I know quite a few people who will be buying the game through Steam. So getting a downloaded copy is reasonably simple, they just need to transfer the relevant files to my external HDD.

            Really, the only reason to purchase any version other than the PS3 version is because you don’t have a PS3. As a 360 fanboy, this is somewhat painful to admit.

          • Shh, don’t worry *puts an arm around you, in a not creepy way* we can console ourselves with all the great exclusives the 360 is getting this year.

            Like, ummm…


            Gears 3, I guess?

            Ooooh, oooh, there’s – no wait, that’s not right, nevermind.

            Our only consolation will have to be the 360! (yeah, jokes along that line have been made before. In TAY. On comments I posted…)

      • lol… bah, how can anyone deny new Radiohead? It’s their for the taking! TAKE IT, IT’S YOURS! But srsly, these tracks really should have made King of Limbs. They belong there!

        • I can’t take what I am unaware of. By behind I mean I don’t even know. Went to look up the Roots album I missed toay and turns out I missed two! That’s how behind I am.
          Well on top of my comics and games though.
          Got so used to living with muso that I don’t have any sites that I check on for new music. They used to just bring it in the door on CD for free, do a review and pawn it. I heard everything! Sometimes before you! And you …maybe not you….definetly you!

          You get the idea…

  • Finished all the comics I bought from the Depository.
    Sadness engulfs me.
    Keen to place another order, although I’m determined to work through the pile of wordy books I have stacked up before going on another binge.

        • So slow I got bored and commented on random threads on the first page. I’m quickly becoming that eccentric friend that is tolerated but ignored(Until I have chocolate and then you all come running back, “WE want chcolate, JIMU! Share the chocolate with us” and I’ll be all like”noooo, HMWA HA HAH, It’s mine and you can’t have any”).

    • When you want more tell us the ones you enjoyed most and I’ll try and steer you in the direction of further likes.

      Also, BENDIS! and Alan Moore!!!

      • Moore is definitely on the list. Was thinking LOEG. Either that or V for Vendetta.
        I have Watchmen and The Killing Joke.
        Enjoyed Millar’s Civil War, but it was a bit of an anti climax at the end.
        As for Bendis, I’ll grab House of M.

        Was browsing through Book Depository adding stuff to my wish list and it spiralled way out of control…

  • Blergh, so it seems Kot-au is auto-connecting my Facebook as a commenter account, not that it’s really bothering me.

    Anyway, did any Sydney-siders go to the Pokemon Tournament yesterday. If so, I’d like to know how you went, and maybe some details of the teams people used there.

  • god damn it! LittleJJ just turned on her netbook and the screen is cracked and bleeding 🙁 Just what I need 😐 More things to buy :*(
    Seriously hope my old boss comes through and pays me what he owes soon :\

    • Is that the money you were waiting on before Christmas? (I remember someone said something about lack of money before Christmas due to boss not paying. If I happen to be making stuff up, summarily dismiss this comment).

      • yes that was me, and yes it’s the same money i was waiting on. 🙁 Apparently he’s recently sold his house though, so I’m hoping I might see something soon!

        • You need to check your cupboards for any unopened cans of Whoop-Ass, then grab a can opener and go find your boss.

    • mm i would imagine it’ll work since i have a modded cube.. might look in to it 🙂 Was hoping for something alittle more local, but I might have no choice but to look OS

      • You could mod cubes? I bought a disc called freeloader so I could import games and only ever imported 1!
        Had intentions of getting Baten Kaitos Orgins…never happened.

  • Just had a game idea that mixes both gameplay style of minecraft and super meat boy.

    Basically it is a 2d action/platformer where the character is an engineer and the enemies are robots, and by defeating the robots, you can pick up the scrapes they leave behind and create and design your own equipment and weapons. Different type of scrapes will add different type of properties for example if you add magnets to your equipment then you’ll be able to automatic attract the scrapes and ETC. The goal of the game is to reach the top of the tower where there is unique materials that can be used to upgrade your stuff, and of cause there will be different towers with different bosses and themes.

    so yeah that all i got so far, what do you guys think? should i develop it more, or stuff it?

    • I like the sound of it but fail to see the connection with minecraft.

      Unless you could/were sometimes forced to use some scraps to build stairs/springboards/tunnels etc., then there’d be a real construction element

      • the part where you go around collecting material/scape and using it to make your own equipment, isn’t that like sort of minecraft? or am i thinking of a different game?

  • XBL Gold 48 hour code:


    I got it in a UK game but assume it works here. I couldn’t give it away at the Sydney meet up so hopefully someone on here could use it.


  • So a few weeks ago I bought a computer off of a friend. I haven’t actually used it yet. When he dropped it off, we wiped one of the HDDs and installed Windows 7 on it, but the hard drive with OS X on it was password protected and he couldn’t remember the password.

    So we decided to just do a clean install of OS X (yes, it’s a hackintosh) and that meant waiting for us to get the necessary discs, which neither of us had. So it was put aside while we waited to sort that out.

    On the weekend, we finally got the discs and I tried to boot the machine up. It didn’t work. Now I am sadface.

  • LOL I was just watching Sunrise, and there’s a bunch of people standing outside behind Kochie.. one of whom is dressed as Commander Shepard!! ROFL

  • So last night I posted up that mystery review I was talking about. I put links up on Twitter and whatnot, and then forgot to put a link up here.

    So without any further ado, I present my review of …

    Mirror’s Edge

    The fact that it is a game that makes great use of first person perspective and was mentioned in the comments of Adam Ruch’s very nice bit about perspective is purely coincidental.

    • Nice review dood! Definitly sums up my feelings about the game too, though I played it on PC, so the controls were a bit easier on me 😉

      One thing though.. you have a mistake in this sentence…

      Then when the action picks up, so does the music, transforming for a calm, relaxing beat to a energetic sound that really pushes you to pick up the pace.

      Should be ‘transforming FROM a calm’.

      • Edited >.>

        Thanks for that.

        I’m kind of curious how it plays on PC, the difference in first person controls with the keyboard and mouse could make it a very different game.

    • Nice review. Having only just finished it for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I agree with most of your points with your review.

      Except, the 2D cutscenes. I really liked those. Haters can hate, but I think it helped keep with the somewhat minimalist color tone that ME had.

      Also, I found I had two main issues with the game. First, guns. I liked how you could run past them when they’re shooting at you, but I hated the bits where you had to run past them, then climb up while they’re all shooting at you, because they’ll kill you when climbing. I hate how they put that time pressure on you to get it done really really fast. Because then it just devolved into an annoying game of trial and error.

      I was also mad at the end level, where basically, you *had* to use guns. Here you had the great game, and then in the final half hour or so, you forget everything about the free running and you basically have to shoot everything up. That annoyed me, a lot.

      I also found some of the level design somewhat annoying. You could use the hint, which showed where your final destination is, but too often I’d get stuck, look for help but it’d show the destination, and not anywhere else. It got maddening.

      But overall, it was a rough, but still pretty fun game. Sequel definitely has the space to refine the concept and the execution.

      • They had some cutscenes done using the game engine (the scene where you meet with Kate in Pope’s office is one) and they were just much better. They didn’t take you out of the experience and they didn’t look cheap.

        Admittedly, I hate Flash animations, so that had a bit of an impact.

        I really didn’t like the parts where you were forced into combat either. They just felt completely out of place and not in line with the rest of the game. I probably should have focused a little more on how much they sucked, because I was on the verge of rage-quitting many times when I first played it.

      • Thanks.

        Assassin’s Creed Syndrome is actually why I chose to review Mirror’s Edge. You see when I do a review, I want to throw in a little extra opinion. So with Trauma Center I wanted to talk about how difficult games are satisfying and with Mirror’s Edge I wanted to mention Assassin’s Creed Syndrome.

        Glad you liked it.

  • Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds was amazing! When the singers kicked in on the intro song I got chills, and then when they played their first song from FFVIII I was unexpectedly all choked up and emotional. Was almost upset when they teased us with Dancing Mad but I’d already seen it with ‘Play! A Videogame Symphony’, and then they made up for it with One Winged Angel. Was pretty awesome seeing Nobuo Uematsu get up and sing with Cantillation. He’s so cute, I want a plush Uematsu toy. No, of course that’s not at all creepy. 😛 If he’d been singing next to me I would have been too nervous to sing. Seriously, I actually performed at the Opera House with my high school’s choir but basically mouthed the words because I was overcome with nerves due to having an enormous crush on the hot guy next to me. If it had been Nobuo Uematsu I’d probably have fainted!

    Oh yeah, there was some Kotaku Sydney meet-up or somesuch too. I was waaay out of my comfort zone in a room full of strangers but I managed to talk to almost everyone anyway. Sir Eats-a-Lot was surprising, Dawdle is smoking hot, TadMod(who I didn’t get to speak to) is exactly how I imagined him: all exuberantly hyperactive, Jamie (Watt, I think?) is a gentleman, Effluvium Boy is thankfully not at all like his name, FatShady is a legend with a very very cute kid, Batguy is like a superhero’s secret identity should be, ummm, I’m forgetting people, I know. Oh, Bish! I didn’t mean to forget you, I really do love you. 😛 I had to leave early, even after getting there late, but socialising is exhausting and I needed a nap before the concert. No really, I went to my hotel and had a nap instead of staying with the awesome Kotaku people. What the hell is wrong with me! Luckily I ran into a slightly dishevelled Sir Serrels at the Opera House desperately fishing for Street Pass hits….

    And on Sunday I was able to see my best friend for the first time since my wedding and he gave me a Kinect! He had a ‘spare’. He buys these electronic toys, takes them apart, uses them in weird and wonderful ways and then gets bored. I usually get the the leftovers. 😛

    So yes, apart from running around Sydney in the rain with my luggage chasing my money from the bank my weekend was pretty much perfect. Oh and I watched Game of Thrones last night and was blown away. Or should that be mown away? Whatever, it was brilliant and I can’t wait for the next episode.

    Oh, and Bunny, sorry for pestering you about Buttercup. I hope everything is okay with you.

    • No need to apologise, the only thing wrong is that I’m jealous of how awesome a weekend you had.

      I really did just want to take a brief break.

      • I actually want to thank you and everyone else I spoke to for making it easy for me.
        And also to apologise because I have a really awful habit of forgetting to ask questions while conversing which can make it difficult for the person I’m talking to. It doesn’t actually mean I’m not interesting in knowing about anything, it’s just that without the time to think about what I’m saying I become a bit empty-headed. 😛

    • Of course you didn’t forget me, you just saved the best to last!
      …Which I guess was actually Serrels as the last person you mentioned from Saturday.

    • I’d been meaning to ask about Distant Worlds. Really wish I’d heard about it early enough to organise myself to go.

      I remember seeing on the website something about a concert DVD. Think it’d be worth buying?

    • I picked up SMB the night before, and I’m using an Xbox 360 controller. 😀
      Man that game is hard!
      Want to send me a Steam friend invite? My username is lamboman007

      • Crazy hard! I thought I was playing so well and then Serrels posted two videos of people being truely awesome and I felt somewhat inadequite.

        I shall difinitely add you when I get off of work. I’m cronotriggr (Same handle everywhere but here)

        • I’m stuck somewhere on World 2. :\
          I die a little each time I watch someone pull something smooth and flawless off.
          My thumbs just aren’t what they used to be!

          • So far I’ve only been playing the first world. I’ve aced pretty much every level and almost finished all the Dark World levels. Have 5 bandaids left to find as well.

          • I’m up to chapter 4: Hell, but I’ve yet to do Dark World on any of the previous levels. I’ve aced chapter 1 light world levels 😀
            It’s one of the most fun games I’ve ever played. The replays are hilarious


    Saturday May 7th – Sunday May 8th

    20% OFF TOYS & STATUES!!
    ALL MANGA $10!!

    Free comic book day soon, even if you aren’yt in Brisbane!

  • I got a comment on my review of Mirror’s Edge that tore into all the mistakes I made. There might be something wrong with me, but I really enjoyed the criticism.

    So I’ve made some edits to the review based on what they said and will go back tonight to really clean the whole thing up.

    I sent an email to the address they left when they posted a comment, but I want to make sure that Adam sees that I really do appreciate what he did.

    • My guess would be the guy who wrote that thought-provoking piece on perspective posted here yesterday.
      Wait, isn’t your name Adam? Maybe you’re constructively criticising yourself….

      • That’s my guess as well.

        And yes, my name does happen to also be Adam. Although I don’t make a habit of having conversations with myself in the comments section of my website :p

        Seriously, I love criticism. I want to get better at writing and this sort of thing helps a lot.

          • Effluvium Boy – Boy – Fred – Charles – Billy – Jeans -Francis – Denmark – Christian – Anglican – Henry – Harold – Holt – Hammerzeit – Beer – Gaming – Kotaku – Effluvium Boy.

            It would probably be easier if I knew your actual name…

          • Ron? Close enough.

            Trjn – Trojan – Condom – Birth Control – Religion – Bible – Genesis – Adam & Eve – Adam

            … Or Phil Collins?

          • Well that’s a whole load easier than what I did… I still prefer my logic though.

          • Considering that my name is not actually Ron, your logic still holds strong Blaghman.

          • EXCELLENT!

            I worry though, that some people may actually understand the horrible jokes that made up the logic of that progression.

            I’m also trying to work out how to associate my name from my handle. Wait, I know.

            Blaghman – Man – Sean Connery – Sean

            Except that’s far too simple…

          • Blaghman – Man – Guy – Guy Ritchie – Madonna – Don.


            Blaghman – blagh blagh blagh – who cares? – Who Dares Wins – Mike Whitney – Mike.

          • Mike? OH NO BRU!

            I already know like, thirty Mike’s (closer to ten, but it’s by far the most common name in people I know).

  • Oh wow, I just got back home and TAY has filled up quickly! I’ve got a lot of reading to do!

    One thing I did want to ask; Does anyone else have the influenza right now? Because I seem to be the only one out of the people I know, and I seriously don’t know who I caught it from. I need someone to BLAME, DAMNIT!

    Also: Portal 2 – 3 hrs, 30 mins 😀

  • Oh yes, after I fix up my review of Mirror’s Edge, I will be starting work on another review. It’s a game everyone and their dog will be playing and possibly reviewing, so there’s no point hiding it, I’ll be reviewing Portal 2 next.

    I’ll be playing the single player over the next few nights and am going to try and get the co-op completed with a friend over the weekend.

    This means Buttercup will be on hold for a little longer. I just want to get some different material out there, mix things up a little.

    I’ve also purchased a capture card and when that arrives I will be recording gameplay which may turn into video reviews. Or it may just be something I use to make taking notes during Buttercup much simpler. Seriously, trying to take notes in a game that you cannot pause during a boss fight when you really need to pay attention simply does not work.

    • I hope you know, I’ll probably leave a three thousand word response, with excessive use of commas on your Portal 2 review.

      And if you need someone else to play co-op with, I have absolutely nothing better to do. That goes to everyone on the site. I will stop playing single player, just so I can troll you in co-op.

      Steam name is Blaghman.

      I am a huge troll. HUGE.

      • Just so you know, I can edit comments that appear on my website, so if you do that I will replace every comma with an interrobang.

        It seems like an appropriate response :p

        I have a co-op partner lined up, I’ll be using the PS3 version and he’ll be playing on Steam. Still, if anyone cares, my username on Steam, PSN and XBL is TrjnRabbit. Feel free to add me, although I don’t use Steam very often at all.

        • Surely you should only replace the superfluous commas! It seems a bit harsh to kill all the innocent ones just because of their rowdy, frequently appearing friends. I guess I have to learn though… Or, alternately, I could just spam commas everywhere, as I always have.

          • All commas are superfluous. At most they are a crutch for untalented writers to rely on. The interrobang is the true writer’s punctuation mark!

          • Of course, silly me.

            How could I make a mistake like that.

            Boy do I look foolish now.

        • I dig that. Interrobangs are so often overlooked.

          Why doesn’t my keyboard have and interrobang!?

      • Also, read your ME review, and I agree with a lot, but I’ll back up any recommendations to play it on pc. I had a few moments where the controls weren’t exactly what I wanted, but they were few and far between. It got to the point where I could play the game using my laptops touch pad thing, but then, I can be a bit of a freak at times. Visually, that game is radiosity porn, and I love it.

        In terms of length, I found it to be within the right length bell-curve. It would have benefited from more things introduced, and that could have padded it to make it a more reasonable price point, but whatever. Good review.

        • I’ve played the game to completion once and almost to completion again recently. I just don’t want to go through the campaign again any time soon. If I do get the urge later on, I will try it out on PC to see if the use of keyboard and mouse make an improvement. I think my issues with the controls were more that I could not get the knack of the momentum aspect which really does have a major impact on how effective the controls can be.

          The length was just about right. There definitely weren’t any parts that I would cut out (although there are some parts I wish were different) and everything that needed to be added in terms of plot could be done with exposition, cutscenes and in game dialogue.

          Really, if anyone is after a longer experience in ME, the best way to get it is Time Trial mode. Especially if you get that ridiculously pretty looking DLC.

          I’m glad you liked the review, but I’m actually not that happy with the writing at the moment. I’ll be editing the hell out of it tonight so that it’s up to scratch.

          • I can’t be bothered trying to correct people’s writing anymore, if I find it too hard to read, I just won’t read it, but that’s not to say that I find your writing bad or anything, just that I’m too lazy to correct errors, or compliment the writing itself. I also don’t really expect you to play through it on PC, just so you get the controls, and for all I know I may just be surprisingly good at Mirror’s Edge or something.

            I did play Time Trial a bit, and I was decent at it, but the PC version had so many hackers I couldn’t bother being competitive.

  • Read this on the mothership Kotaku site just before:!5793031/video-game-ratings-board-lets-computers-do-the-rating

    Basically the ESRB are using a very detailed questionaire about a game’s content and using a computer algorithm to assign an accurate classification based off that. So not only do they have an industry-run system, it’s classifications are well-defined, repeatable and consistent.

    Why can’t we have something like that in Australia? 🙁

  • So, I was chilling around last night, and I find a messagae on my Facebook wall, from an old school friend of mine, it says:
    “…I saw your comment. Serrels want’s you to apply for it Sean.

    Do it.”

    Funnily enough, I was rather curious as to which particular article he was referring to, and it turns out he was talking about the one for Beauty and the Geek.

    We then proceeded to discuss problems with getting me on the show, culminating in him offering to get me a Ph.D in Halo, and then saying he’d kidnap me to get me on the show.

    I have come to a conclusion.

    My friends are weird.

    • You say your friends are weird, and do so on TAY. A place where if it were a room and someone were to open a door, we’d all be sept off out feet as the weirdness flooded into the next room.

      mmm, swimming in a giant pool of weird.

  • being the 336TH!! comment on this thing, I don’t expect anyone to read this… but here it goes.

    A couple weeks back I posed a question about more games using dystopian, near-future, cyber-punk-esque worlds for the player to explore.

    I said it was pretty cool and questioned if this may be the genre to overtake the big-budget AAA arcadey military shooter genre.




    Not sayin’ I’m right, but I reckon I might be onto something =P

    • Everything is proceeding as you have foreseen!
      Tell us more oh mighty oracle, what further insights can you deliver to us, you’re most fervent of disciples… Lotto numbers maybe?

      • Hot Dogs… with the cheese and onions ALREADY INSIDDDDEE!!*

        *doubleDizzGloboCon LTD takes no responsibility for the validity, or subsequent loss or gain of cabbage in aforementioned statement. “INSIDDDDEE” and “!!” are registered trademarks.

        • So shall it come to pass, the earth will tremble, the seas will boil and out of the darkness shall arise…
          Hot Dogs… with the cheese and onions already inside!

          From the prophet doubleDizz
          as spoken to the Kotaku masses

  • Chuloopa

    I keep forgetting. I went to your site two nights back to order a Kotaku shirt and it kept crashing over and over.

    I would go and do something else and come back and it just couldn’t load.

    Any troubles recently? I will try again tonight.

  • Glados@Home is now showing a steadily increasing number of “active test subjects”.

    I think that Valve is unlocking the game for some people and we’re going to see the full PC release in a very short space of time. It’s at most 30 minutes away but if they complete Defense Grid we might see it even sooner.

  • I just remembered I got a copy of Yakuza 3 free with Yakuza 4. Having already bought Yakuza 3 I’m at a loss with what to do with it. Trade in probably won’t get me much. Anyone interested?

  • Anyone else notice that Qumulys is somewhat absent?
    Qumulys, are you still here with us?
    No wait, maybe your on a holiday…how can you be on a holiday when Portal 2 is coming out! PORTAL…2! Seriously!

      • Tis true. His girls are on hols.. but it is strange. He’s been offline since yesterday morning. Usually he’s on steam all the time, even if away. Been wondering what’s up all day. Hope he’s ok!

        • I am here! Sorry peeps I am here, just had medical issues is all. I am looking forward to Portal 2 though, but just can’t budget it as yet. So I’ll wait until it goes on sale in half a years time. I’m sure ppl wont spoil it by then… :-/

  • In the effort of reaching my daily post quota prior to playing Portal 2, has everyone seen all the other stuff related to the ARG? As in, all the stuff that indicates Half Life 3 (it’s not an episode any more) information. I’m hoping for an E3 announcement, assuming Valve is one of the companies that goes to E3… ( I always get confused, given how it died a while back, then was reborn, or something)

      • It’s only a prediction from me, but given the amount of time it’s taken, and comments in the Episode 2 developers commentary, I’m going to say that there will be no Half-Life 2 Episode 3, and they’ll just go straight to number 3.

    • When I first started installing it, it said it would take two and a half hours, so I was like “FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.” Luckily it should only take 40 odd minutes, which I’m willing to wait… NO I’M NOT, GOGOGOGOGOGOGO COMPUTER GO!

      • I’m still waiting for JB to let me know that my copy is in store. Either way, I won’t get to play until I get home at around 5:30pm.

        Still, this was a triumph.

  • My resolve is weakening. I’ve always been powerless around cake.

    What sort of prices are people getting Portal 2 for? Is the Steam version worth picking up as opposed to a cheap one from ozgameshop or Dungeon Crawl? (for Melbourne people)

    • With the strong dollar, you can nab it from Steam for under $42 if you’re lucky.
      Last I checked, OzGameshop had it for $45AUD anyway.
      Shame I won’t get a retail box to put on the shelf, but I guess since I’ve been playing it for nearly an hour and a half now, I am okay with that.

  • Just read Adam Ruch’s article on immersion through perspective. Don’t know how I missed it, good article.

  • So i’m thinking of starting a new Mass Effect 1 playthrough. Want to try some different things and see how they play into ME2. Will then have options as to what i will take into ME3. Anyway, I’ve played through 1 and 2 once with my Paragon Soldier Shep. Will be going with a renegade playthrough this time but was curious as to what class/ weapon combos everyone else would recommend?

    • I’ve only played ME2 so can’t say for ME1 but i really enjoyed the vanguard, especially if you get the claymore shotty for him/her. Something super satisfying about teleporting from across the room to deliver a shotgun blast to the face.

    • HA! Digging his a cappella stuff.
      Also, he has a shirt with a piñata and the caption “I’d Hit That” 😛 Sub’d.

    • I clicked on that link thinking it would be mildly funny. I think I just coughed up a lung from laughing too hard.

      You need to put a warning on that: “Not safe for people suffering from the flu” 🙁

  • Forgot I had parked around the corner from work, and experienced a moment of pants-soiling terror when I walked into the carpark.

  • Welp guys, it’s done.
    I’ve finished Portal 2 (obviously only single player). I feel satisfied, a little sad, and a little smug. The smugness because I pretty much guessed the entirety of the game’s plot. Still, I wouldn’t call it better than Portal, but I wouldn’t call it worse.

    I also expected more references to Half Life, but I probably just powered through it too quickly to find them.

    • Also, steam decided to keep attempting to download it, despite me not wanting it to, and so used up 2gb of my pathetic 20gb limit… FUUUUUUUUUU…

      • I think the one thing I expected Portal 2 to do brilliantly (well, there was more than one, but this one in particular) was the dialogue.

        And boy do they deliver. Witty lines, great delivery. I was actually taking my time at some points to make sure I heard all the dialogue.

    • I got through a few tests in chapter 8 before calling it a night.

      Sometimes I get stuck because I miss the obvious solution. A lot of the momentum heavy portal manoeuvres don’t seem to be necessary so far. I would try the complicated way before finding out there was a really simple option.

      They fixed the old Spider-Chell stuff as well. Before you could go into one portal in the wall, pop out to shoot another portal in another wall and keep going with that as long as there was somewhere you could put a portal up. I liked Spider-Chell.

    • A mate and I went straight into co-op (Which I think is far batter than SP IMHO), and after about 3 hours of powering through, we hit a dead-end.

      World 4, level 2/9. We just couldn’t solve it. 🙁

      We decided to take a break and go again when we’ve forgotten about how insanely difficult it is! xD

      • I haven’t got stuck into the co-op yet, decided I would clear single player before even bothering.

        So far there hasn’t been anywhere that I got truly stuck. Some sections I took longer than I should have but I don’t think that was because of genuine difficulty, more stupidity on my end.

        Actually, there was one bit that I almost got stuck at. Shortly after you earn the White Out achievement/trophy there is a tunnel you must climb up and at the end is a grate. I got to the grate and couldn’t work out where to go next, simply because I could not find a new section to place a portal and move on.

    • I got some awesome (read: not awesome) motion sickness and headaches from playing Portal 2 before retiring for the night. I feel like I’m close to the end, so that’s a bit of a shame.

  • In case you missed it Strage, I left a comment on your weekend update post. I feel like I missed out on so much on the weekend.

    • You did miss out. 🙁
      They showed footage of all the games on the screen while they were playing which definitely added to the experience so buy the DVD if you can.
      If I hadn’t wasted so much money on public transport and an umbrella on Saturday morning I would have braved the scarily squishy queues at the merch-stand and bought the CDs, DVD and a shirt.

  • Time to rant about how terrible SCEE is again. Probably no secret that I really love Naughty Dog, and Uncharted 3/Portal 2 are my equally most anticipated games of 2011. So when they announced the new multiplayer info, as well as announcing a beta, I was excited. When I heard that you can get in a week earlier if you’re a PS+ member OR if you buy a copy of inFamous 2, I was happy, seeing as I loved the original inFamous and inFamous 2 is more or less a day one buy from me.

    And then, as usual, SCEE decides to shaft us. Again.

    Go to the bottom of the post and it says

    ” When can you get a crack at Uncharted 3 multiplayer? In just a couple of months – the Multiplayer Beta for Uncharted 3 begins WORLDWIDE on June 28, 2011, with early access for PlayStation Plus members or by purchasing copies of Infamous 2 (excluding Australia).”

    WHY US? Seriously, just WTF. Why of all the countries, is it that we specifically get screwed over? Especially since the cost for the infamous 2 hero edition is $180. Yes, I know, I can wait a week and play it anyway, but I just do not comprehend why they felt the need to screw us over.

    Goddam I hate SCEE. I’m just waiting to screwed over by them when the Uncharted 3 editions are announced.

    • Wow. Shafted hardstyle!

      If it were a few countries (like NZ, Aus, China, whatever, etc…) then it would be fine, but for whatever reason, they decided to exclusively reject just the one country….

      • Yeah, it makes me mad. Not even Australia New Zealand region, it’s just a giant middle finger to Australia, and Australia only.

    • Okay seriously that’s just brutal… just us miss out? What the hell did we do to you guys to warrant this?!

      • Now, since I love wild speculation, I’m going to guess it’s our ratings system, and say that it’s broken.

        If it is a complete lack of beta access to aussie people, then it probably is the ratings system, as they don’t want to have to pay the stupid amount just to give us beta access (maybe), if it’s just for aussies who bought infamous, then uhhhh, I guess SCEE wants to give us a massive throbber.

  • Last night, I was going to edit the hell out of my Mirror’s Edge review.

    Then I decided that I could play a little Portal 2 before doing that. So I played until dinner and figured I’d fix things up after dinner.

    Then after my belly was full of delicious foods, I decided I could play until 10pm. After that, I could do the editing.

    At midnight, I put my controller down and went to bed.

  • Hey Strange, I think you might’ve missed it on the last page in the wake of your massive post, but how/where did you watch Game of Thrones?

  • As some of you may remember I’m in the process of getting a new gaming computer. Taking the advice I got last week about the the computer I was looking at being over priced I’ve looked around and found a company that claim to be able to build a similar machine at a cheaper price. Now I don’t expect any of you to remember the specs I posted last week to compare with these new ones but if you could just tell me what you think of these new builds by themselves that would be great.

    Computer 1:

    Coolermaster Centurion 5 II No PSU
    Coolermaster 550Watt Extreme Power Supply
    Intel BLKDH55HC Motherboard
    Intel I7-870 2.93GHz LGA1156 CPU
    2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz (for I7 systems)
    Seagate 1TB 7200rpm SATA III HDD
    LG BH10LS30 Blue-ray DVD Burner
    ATI Radeon HD5770 1Gb PCIe Graphics
    Logitech Black Blk/Mouse Internet 350 USB
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit OEM

    Price: $1,303.40

    Computer 2:

    Coolermaster Centurion 5 II No PSU
    Coolermaster 550Watt Extreme Power Supply
    Gigabyte GA-H67MA-UD2HB3 LGA1155 M/Brd
    Intel I7 2600 3.40GHz Quad Core CPU
    2GB DDR3 1333 Mhz (for I7 systems)
    Seagate 1TB 7200rpm SATA III HDD
    LG BH10LS30 Blue-ray DVD Burner
    ATI Radeon HD5770 1Gb PCIe Graphics
    Logitech Black Blk/Mouse Internet 350 USB
    MS Windows 7 Home Premium 32Bit OEM

    Price: $1,355.40

    Neither seem to come with a monitor or at least one wasn’t listed in the quote. The store does sell 21.5 inch monitors for about $150 though so I can pick up one of those.

    Again like last week I have to ask what level of games I’d be able to handle. I know there requirments haven’t been released yet but judging from screen shots would I be able to play Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim on at least medium settings with a decent frame rate?

    • I’m not really familiar with the capabilities of the ATI 5770 off the top of my head, but the specs of either of those machines will certainly keep you out of trouble for some time. Certainly the latter with the new gen of i7 seems to be a decent option for only $50odd more. I have an i7 and gtx285, and nothing I throw at my pc has struggled. I would like to be able to use dx11 to test that out too, but apart from that, I’ve had 0 issues and games run blazingly fast, so I would imagine you would be in for the same.

      • just noticed that both of those only have 2gb of ram. Personally I wouldn’t go for less than 4 if you can afford it. And change the OS to 64bit. It shouldn’t cost any extra for that, and it’ll enable you to add more ram at a later stage if you want. If you have 32bit, you’re stuck with 4gb max, and even then, you’ll only be able to access about 3.25gb of that.

    • I like the second computer better than the ones you mentioned last time.

      Although like I said before, if you don’t need BluRay (and you probably don’t), don’t pay extra for it. Both of the listed computers have a BR drive and I just don’t see the need.

      If I was buying that computer, I would swap the BR drive for a standard DVD burner and then use the extra cash to buy additional RAM. 2GB seems like a rather small amount, I’d much rather bump that up to 8GB.

    • Should be fine. For reference, I have a weaker system that yours (do have a 5770, but only a 2.67GHz dual core, older mobo, 800MHz RAM) and off the top of my head, games that run fine on 1920×1080 resolution on at least medium settings:
      Fallout New Vegas, Dragon Age 2 with Hi-Res textures and DX11 (was a bit stuttery, but I asked my friend and he had it too, so I think it’s a game thing, maybe they fixed it in the last patch), Mass Effect 2, Just Cause 2 (Medium/high settings, DX11, benchmarked at 40fps I think), Portal 2, Mafia 2 (a lot of sequels in here huh).
      Complete speculation on my part, but ME3 should run fine. I don’t know know if it’s a sign of Bioware’s, uh, attention to consoles, but their system requirements aren’t usually too intensive. Heck, ME 2 even ran on my 8600GT smooth (albeit at a lower resolution).

    • I think the more important question is, why only 2gb memory? Personally, I think an i7 might be a bit much, but that’s just me. But if you do choose the i7, go for the i7-2600. May as well go all out. Don’t really know much about ATI cards. But, also, why not get 64 bit Windows?

    • Either build will be enough for quite some time. I’m still running a 775 Dual core E8400 w/ GTX 460OC and 4GB 667 RAM, and everything runs true and smooth. Except for COD:Blops but that’s cuz it’s poorly PC optimised, you have to have a quad core or you might as well never bother installing the game at all, too bad it doesn’t tell you that on the box 😛

      I’m personally against ATi due to personal experience of my last card, so I wouldn’t know the card’s capabilities very well, but you should be fine with it anyway

      • Additional… 2GB = Sooooo not enough, at least 4GB but then you’d have to upgrade to 64bit windows as well, which would put cost up even higher, but the choice is yours

        • It should not cost anymore to upgrade to 64bit unless the retailer is a scumbag. 64bit windows costs the same as 32bit, and only asshole retailers charge an extra $10 for it. There are plenty around who charge the same for 32bit and 64bit though.

    • Screw the computer, buy a monkey.

      (If your gonna upgrade down the track, I’d maybe suggest a slightly more powerful power supply, but I’d still go with a monkey)

  • NO MORE PORTAL TALK! K thanks bai. *shares in Q’s adjusting of said troll hat*

    I’m honestly sick of hearing people talking about it like it’s a race (not necessarily y’all, more or less facebook peeps). Chill, relax, enjoy… game isn’t going anywhere.

    • You’re stuck waiting for it to arrive from England like me, huh?

      On behalf of those waiting or simply taking their time, I agree. TAY is a bit of a minefield at the moment if you want to avoid Portal 2 spoilers. I already saw a few phrases that I wish I hadn’t when skimming down the page.

      Maybe you guys could pick one of the abundant Portal 2 stories and use that as your spoilerific race thread?

      • Apologies if I posted any spoilers, I was trying to be vague in my comments…

        Nevertheless, it is duly noted, and I shall shut up now! *Military salute*

        Soo, what other games are people gaming lately… Games.

        • Magic the Gathering: Duel of the Planeswalkers! I can tell you about my epic win last night, where he had 28 health, I was down to 1 and due to lose on my next turn, but turned it all around with a couple of perfectly timed cards. Or the next game where I had one defender against an army with enough power to kill me in one turn, yet ended up winning with 66 health to -12.

          Portal schmortal, I say!

      • yeah, I have been avoiding TAY to the best of my abilities while I wait for my copy in the mail. Although, I do have my free Steam copy all ready to go, I just don’t like playing with a keyboard.

    • Talk more Portal you say? Sure.

      I’ve tried to phrase my comments so that they don’t spoil but a thread for Portal spoilers would probably be a good idea. Maybe we should ask Mark to put one up.

    • Trying to see who can finish Portal 2 first is like trying to see who can finish eating their cake first…all their excuses for doing it are lies…
      I am enjoying Portal 2, and I want to make it last for as long as possible.

      I also think that Portal 2 will last longer than 5-6 times the original, especially if people start making a lot of good custom coop maps

      • I’m racing to finish Portal 2 so that I can avoid spoilers. I’m near the end and am 90% certain of how things are going to finish up, but the only way I can be sure to discover things for myself is to do them myself before someone gets a chance to spoil it.

  • Thanks Mark.

    My fiance now believes I have a man-crush on you because I couldn’t stop laughing at your appearence on good game last night.

    I tried to show her how you kissed your trophies and she just shook her head and muttered “Someone has a man-crush”.


  • It’s 11 am and I’ve not recieved a call. 🙁

    Oh well. Off to do more job-hunting!

    By the way: Mark, thanks again for the email yesterday. Much appreciated and I’ll definitely take a look at it!

    One last question of all of you:
    Anyone know any good techo/trance/dance bands in the vein of daft punk? I’ve got all of Daft Punk’s stuff (legitimately, too!), but it isn’t enough! Any more would be appreciated! 😀

  • Oh no! A new page, now the last comment from the previous page will be doomed to obscurity. And it was one of my comments! Honoes! Panic and chaos, the sky is falling!

    Whatever shall I do to draw attention to this dilemma?

    I know, I’ll post a panicky comment so that people get curious. That’ll work. What a cunning plan.

  • I finally finished Crysis 1 last night. Man that last level was so buggy. I could play the whole game on medium graphics+DX10 on my laptop but on that level I had to go low+DX9 to finish it. Also the ending was pretty generic.

    The game overall was enjoyable, now I’m off to finish my backlog.

    • Yeah, I thought the game definitely reached its apex during the alien mothership mission (the one where you go all floaty). It should have ended shortly after that.

      On the other hand, I did enjoy the entire game, so I’m not complaining!

    • Yeah!
      Everything worked fine until the last level where I had to redo the whole thing (including all the boring go see this guy then this guy then this other guy) 3 times.
      First time I was literally falling through the boat, like I had no clipping mode on once I walked over a magical area.
      Second and third time the scripting just didn’t work. Someone would tell me to do something and the elevator or hatch to go down below into the ship wouldn’t activate, so I just wandered around the deck wondering if I just didn’t know where to go.
      Man, that game. Apart from the mad graphics hype it had going at the time, I found it pretty forgettable.

      • It’s lunchtime. Either food is more important than TAY or people don’t like talking with their mouths full.

      • RAH! I was still posting on the old page. I have habit of doing that. I pretty much do it until people stop talking to me :'(

        Although if its Jimu I’m talking to he usually gets the last say. He ALWAYS gets the last say. Bloody Jimu, thinks he’s so good… *mutter mutter mumble mumble*

        • I went back and gave you the heads up, so if you’re still over there you’ll know there’s a new page.

        • The only reason I gets the last say is cos Im the boredest. I work in a job that has me in an office all day with very little to do. I got a promotion in this job cos I am so good at doing 3 tasks a day! Serious.

          If other people wanted the last say all they have to do is keep chatting with me. I guess Im just not that interesting.

          Sometimes I have to hold back from commenting again, I know there is nothing left to chat about, the topic is all dried up. BUT I WANT IT TO CONTINUE SOOOOO MUCH!!!

  • I get a half day tomorrow, before having Friday, the weekend, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off. Then after my two days off there’s another three day weekend.

    I’m trying to see if my friend, that lives near my work, is willing to do some Portal 2 co-op Thursday afternoon. I’ll bring my PS3 into work so I can go straight to his place if I have to.

    • it only has three unique sides, so it’s a little bitch. I can’t even solve a normal cube, yet I’m attempting this…

        • To clarify, as my comment was vague, it still has six sides, but two of them say valve, two of them are the logo on black, and two are the logo on white. I hope that was clear, but I wasn’t sure, so I figured I’d clarify.

          • 2 possible responses, it could just be a pretend cube, since you can only really view three sides at once, it might have cheated and not have had three to cut costs.

            Other answer, I’ve managed to construct a triangle whose angles total 270 degrees, with only a little (quite a lot) of cheating, so anything’s possible.

  • Just FYI. Minecraft Multiplayer server has been updated to version 1.5 (New Minecraft release last night).

    As always I am unable to test while at work so if there are any issues please advise.

    Also if anyone else is interested in joining in on the Private Minecraft server, let me know.

  • Every job board/site I’ve visited has got the most utterly boring roles advertised…

    Why can’t interesting jobs come along more often?

    bah… time to go off hunting…

    *puts on sun-glasses*

    …job hunting.

      • I’ve been trying to find any sort of employment whatsoever since my last job ended, it sucks, because despite my best efforts I’ve managed nothing.

    • Job hunting is what the cool kids do!

      And by that I mean I am a cool kid because I am also job hunting, if nobody picked up on that.

      Also, that is supposed to be a face with shades on to represent coolness, not some strangely proportioned eye man.

      Okay maybe I should just stop typing.

  • OHHHHHHHHHH GOD! I’m listening to 30+ hours of archived audio cassettes about the history of rural QLD towns.

    It. Is. Torture.

    I will say this though. Old Australia/Australians was/were craaaaaaazy racist.

    • “Old”

      I hate to interject, but that’s not completely accurate.

      As recently as the 2005 have we seen pretty harsh racial clashes (Cronulla Riots).

      Still, it pales to the stories I’ve heard about South Africa (From South Africans, mind you).

      • True. But something about the people on these tapes doesn’t conjure the image of drunk-bogans waving flags and curb stomping… Maybe racist was the wrong choice of words. I’ll rephrase.

        Old Australia was craaaaaazy politically incorrect.

        • It might not even have been self-conscious racism; “politically correct” implies that it’s socially ‘the right thing’, or a norm, to be tolerant.

          In many of these places at these times, differing views just didn’t exist.

          Perspective is important, from our view it definitely looks bad – and it is bad.

        • Reminds me of a story about a sports ground in a major rural town. One of the stands, or possibly the whole ground, was named after someone who’s nickname was an anagram on ginger + Jim (the actual word will trip my work’s webfilter).

          There was a bit of a kerfuffle over whether or not to rename the ground, because a few people weren’t too happy about the sign proudly stating “Ginger Jim”.

        • I will say this in defence of the people on the tapes. The use of the ‘racist’ terms doesn’t appear to have any hate behind it. They’re used more as an endearing nickname. NOTE – I AM NOT CONDONING THE USE OF RACIST TERMS AS NICKNAMES.

          And Effluvium Boy, do you think it’s more exposed/accepted here because this is where you live and therefore you have nothing to compare it against?

      • I agree with Lofty McTallperson.
        Australia is rife with racism. (I suppose you could say that about most nations, but it just seems to be a lot more exposed and accepted here)

        • I would say that on the whole, Australia’s a bit racist and xenophobic, but still conform to the regular social norms to it.
          I make racist jokes (well, in an amusing and not outright insulting manner, I would hope), but I hang with a non-politically correct group of people, and it’s hilarious, even if we’re horrible people or whatever.
          But the really open stuff still makes us uncomfortable. Like Scott Morrison (allegedly) suggesting that the Coalition capitalise on the fear people have against Muslims? You can’t say that stuff out loud, man. You keep it hush-hush behind peoples backs.

          Although, both QLD and NSW rejected Pauline Hanson, so, wooooooooooo!

          • Hmmm. True dat.

            I was on the recieving end of a racially driven attack not so long ago. I was trying to defend a Taiwanese mate from a bunch of racist d-bags and ended up in the emergency ward as a result.
            I suppose getting severely beaten by a bunch of one’s own countrymen, on account of being friends with a ‘foreigner’, helps cultivate a hefty level of bias.

      • The Cronulla Race Riot was actually a couple of isolated incidents that the media blew WAAAY out of proportion. I was in the area at the time and there was no momentum after the first attack and retaliation.

        There were however, bands of journo’s and cameramen roaming the streets for a fortnight afterward, ready to capture anything remotely related.

      • It is believed that the apartheid regime in South Africa was based upon the treatment of Indigenous Australians in Western Australia.

    • Back when we lived in Brisbane, my mum had some patients who were proud of the fact that their ancestors had licenses to kill Aboriginal Australians…

        • Queensland and Tasmania have the worst historic relations with the Aboriginal Australians. Tasmania particularly.

          In regards to Racism in Australia today, I find it typically comes in two forms, racist jokes, which generally aren’t meant to be taken seriously, and are very stereotypical, and Xenophobia. We’re this little enormous island nation, and we fear everyone from not here (sic), including other “Caucasians.”