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    So... how was the Kotaku meet?!

      I'm not sure how best to decribe it. Magical maybe? So awesome we broke Pizza Hut.

        lawl, computer was fail. Luckily Subway was there as a backup.

          Possibly the only Subway with its own grand piano. Epic

            Hah, did you notice while Tadmod was playing it that the old couple sitting across from the piano kept looking over and spoke in hushed tones as if you were interrupting their Saturday Subway luncheon?

              Yeah, I saw that. I decided to ignore them because I'm a "reckless youth" who plays "violent video games" and instigates "street fights".

              So yeah, kinda serves them right.

                and i'm the reckless youth who eats kittens

                  I didn't know they did a kitten sub.

        Sneaking this comment in to try and make a skip to page function.


          Trying to get a little trickier this time.
          I really don't know much about HTML but enjoy trying to teach myself

          Kotaku Comments Quick Page guide







          Page 7 is the last page at time of posting, adding more for future use.



            Damn, it appears that didn't work the way i'd hoped.

      I now have a 3D photo of Mark Serrels. That I get to shoot IN THE FACE!!

        Batguy - it is an honor to be blasted in the face by you.

          I'm not sure, but I think there might just be a hint of innuendo in this statement.


          This is what I wake up to on a Monday...?

      There was this one bit where I overheard two Scotsmen talking about Japan, and Serrels said "You should have just stalked her".
      Sage advice.

      Rainy day, many fails & laughs.

        Fails? I know not of what you speak...


          Upi played better than I did. And I was on the easier levels!

            Upi? *You
            I blame Mondays.

      Seriously, I thought it might lead to some small-talk conversations and a lot of awkward silences, but I was completely wrong.

      Everyone at the meet was fun, kind, and not boring. Three qualities that make me believe that Kotaku has the best community. Don't let anyone ever say otherwise!

      By the way, Trials HD shouldn't be legal. At all.

        Needs to come to Adelaide.

        I can think of four people here... but there must be more.

    No Buttercup this week. I need to take a bit of a break.

    Also, what's with this horrible drizzling weather here in Brisbane. This is Brisbane dammit, not Melbourne!

      But you know what it is good for?

      HOODIE ENGAGE! -zips up to under chin-

      ... nice...

        Alas, due to my hasty exit from my domicile this morning in a failed attempt to catch the train, I did not have the time to obtain a hooded garment for my use today.

        Also, I just had a helluva near slip outside work when I went to get a coffee. Chucks are awesome shoes for most purposes, but they make wet surfaces feel like ice.

          YES! CHUCKS! To the depths of hell I banish them! Worst part about wet Cons? Trying to get them off. Eff them so hard.

          I seem to grind the bottom away and mine have AWESOME grip!

            I'm wearing a fairly new pair of slim leather Chucks. The odds of these things having decent grip in the wet any time soon is negligible.

            On a sidenote, I'm not a hipster. Honest.

              I know I met you. THIS IS CONFRIMATION EVERYONE, Trjn is not a hipster. He's a nerd, like the rest of us(is official, you spend us much time talking, playing and dreaming about games as we do . No matter how much hip-hop/metal you listen too).

              How much did they set you back?

              Don't know why I'm asking, doc says if I don't want ingrown toenails I need a shoe with more padding...BOO! I hate padding.

                $70 at the Airport DFO. They were clearing them out.

                At first I was a little skeptical about the slim Cons, but the thinner soles are a lot more comfortable. Then again, I used to have a pair of shoes that started off with a thin sole and after a couple of years the sole was so thin that you could actually see through it.

                I miss those shoes, thin soles are awesome.


    Portal 2 is preloaded, now to wait for it's estimation, either sometime this afternoon, or very early tomorrow morning.
    While I wait, I'll be playing this :D
    How did the Sydney Meet-up go everyone?

      Look up. Something about Batguy blowing Mark in the face.

    Good morning all! Hope your weekends were good. On that note, how did the Sydney meet-up go?

    First of all, thank you James Mac for that Map of Metal at the end of last TAY, that is pretty cool.

    Secondly, I came up with an idea for a minecraft MMO yesterday, would anybody read it if I posted it? It is quite long and detailed.

    Thirdly, sorry Tech Knight for not getting back to you about the DS. Thanks for the offer but I shall probably look into a DSI for the increased specs.

    Fourthly, Plainview I swear you must be some kind of superhero or mad genius undercover agent guy cause you never fail to trip my balls.

      That's fine, I need marketing practice anyway in the event that I try to sell my gear again lol. I could play some more Kingdom Hearts on it anyway, got harder difficulties to conquer.

      Minecraft MMO? Sounds really awesome, is this some kind of mod you're working on? I'd be interested to read it regardless

        If I had any kind of modding skill I would try but it is just an idea that seriously came to me in a dream.
        It has factions, tribes, gods that bestow special materials, a creation rating system for fame and influence, PvP and independent contractors.
        Perhaps I will work on it a bit more and post it on one of those free sites or something.

          I love this idea, a LOT. Which reminds me I need a more beautiful texture pack than the stock one. What's the best way to install one for Minecraft?

            It varies, I was using mixcraft I think and there was instructions that came with it I believe.

      Agreed. I mean this in all seriousness - Plainview NEEDS to write a book. I would buy it in an instant. Or at least have an ongoing website.

        Maybe Plainview is a writer and he comes here under an assumed name to let off some steam.

          Blind. Mown.

            That's what you get. If you are visually impaired you shouldn't go wandering around the garden when I cut the grass.

            WHAT ARE YOU, DEAF??

    Turns out my friend has super powers.

    So we made a film about it.

      Dude. That's so awesome.

      I subscribed.

        Thanks! If you didn't watch the others, take a look.

        Just so you're aware even though some are called "Behind The Scenes" They are most definitely not real...

          Cool. If I may also plug my own youtube channel for everyone to check out..

          The link is in my name. Click it!

      Those were really good videos hopefully you are making more. btw did you guys fix the black hole in your trousers? :-)

        Thanks! We are making more, the plan is to have a new "All Your Base" up every 2-3 weeks. I'll plug them here every time there's a new one.

        As for the hole in the pants... -crosses legs-

    Non-game related, finally sat down through whole viewing of The Room, after seeing bits and pieces, and I gotta say if you haven't seen it, do so NOW.

      You are tearing me apart Lisa!

        Oh hai Mark!

    Finally got to play some kinect yesterday! Have to say it's rather fun! Watching my wife trying to plug leacks in Kinect Adventures using her head and all her limbs was just hilarious! I honestly can't recall the last time i laughed so hard! Definitely no regrets in buying it at all!

      kinect adventures requires so much physical effort

    The Kotaku Sydney Meetup was absolutely out of this world AWESOME. Thank you so much to everybody who came (I mean, physically arrived) and made it really fun. I was worried the night before that we'd end up with just 5 people or something and it'd be really boring but as soon as I got there my fears were alleviated.

    I wouldn't have wanted to spend my rainy Saturday in any other way.

    Special thanks to Fatshady for organising the venue and giving us some place to hang at!!!!

    And extra big thanks to Mark for coming along, and the Kotaku/Allure Media staff in general because without Kotaku, there would be no community!

      I second this entirely.

      Everyone was really great. Could have hoped for a better day out!

      I meant to snag some PSN IDs before I left but it completely slipped my mind.

        Mine's the same my XBL tag, same as my handle here, same as my friend code... wait, what?

        Actually, I forgot to trade friend codes. Bugger. Guess I'll worry about it when I have any 3DS games to play.

        I'm cronotriggr. Just so you know when I add you... When I get home from work.

      Also, Dragon Age novels.

        thanks for the link man, I've been intrigued by this ever since you mentioned it to me at the meetup.

        It was you who mentioned it, right?

        I must apologise - I'm terrible with remembering names/handles. Perhaps next time we should have name tags!

          yeah, it was me. lol.

          Name tags would definitely make life easier.

    Unfortunately I missed out on the sydney meet up. is there any chance of pics of the event or a reader review from those who were there?


    I'm excited. Sorry if I brokesded your browser.

      Wow - great minds think alike.

      See this week in games at 10am!

      Hello again.
      I've been waiting a long time for this.
      I know it's arriving later than expected, but I have a message for you.
      You have successfully managed to break my browser.
      No other test subjects have ever managed this feat before.
      I suppose you feel quite accomplished now, don't you?
      Don't let this go to your head.
      You might just miss out on cake.
      But then again, your not interested in cake, are you?

    So my ultra awesome plan to get a cheap DS lite hasn't really panned out. I was waiting for Nintendo to announce a price drop when the 3DS was launched. So now I'm stuck with a phat DS that won't charge at all. Lovely. I've got games to play FFS.

      You know there will be approximately 1.74 million new 3DS owners selling their DS lites on Ebay/gumtree, right?

      Fish Pond have XLs for likr 170ish! Thats hella cheap! Free shipping too!

      I'd get one but I'm gonna wait for 3DS games to come good ones.

        I wish my old aged and dirty looking DS Lite became an XL. XL's look so new, and big, and shiny and I WANT IT!

    I wonder if anyone saw the wonderful (sarcasm) article in the Herald Sun today in regards to the R18+ rating.

      You know what I love about Australia.. We can't have Christian influence in preschool, you know the recent changes where we can't have Easter Parades or Christmasy things.. But as soon as they want to tell Adults what to do EVERYONE listens.. WHY!

      Another article that just regurgitates the fear mongering.

      Great job contributing to the discourse there Herald Sun, really doing this nation's journalists proud.

        oh the actual article in the paper is even better, it has a list of video games that would be classified R18+ including Grand Theft Auto San Andreas: Hot Coffee Mod

      The picture in the newspaper was actually a PS2 game... they HAD to look THAT far back to get a big enough list of all the "nasty" games. I mean come on ACL, the R18+ rating system IS THINKING OF THE CHILDREN! THAT'S WHAT AN R18+ SYSTEM IS!! Denying them access to such violent and sexual games! ...sorry it's just so frustrating.

      Seriously, it's because of our broken system that we got 15 year olds killing hookers in GTA where I'm sure the R18+ would far suit us all better. I lost all hope for you humans and your so-called governments many years ago. Unfortunately I was activated in the wrong era and have to live with this screwed up country's current state.

      Apologies if this seems insulting to some, but I had to let it out


      Tabloid news fail.

    Mentioned this to Serrels at Saturday's Meet-Up and thought I'd share it.

    TL;DR Version:
    "In order to speak a language like Guugu Yimithirr, you need to know where the cardinal directions are at each and every moment of your waking life. You need to have a compass in your mind that operates all the time, day and night, without lunch breaks or weekends off, since otherwise you would not be able to impart the most basic information or understand what people around you are saying. Indeed, speakers of geographic languages seem to have an almost-superhuman sense of orientation. Regardless of visibility conditions, regardless of whether they are in thick forest or on an open plain, whether outside or indoors or even in caves, whether stationary or moving, they have a spot-on sense of direction. They don’t look at the sun and pause for a moment of calculation before they say, “There’s an ant just north of your foot.” They simply feel where north, south, west and east are, just as people with perfect pitch feel what each note is without having to calculate intervals."

      Waiting for the day when I can use this fact in a super awesome introduction.

      I heard about that language, probably through QI.

      I think that just goes to show that there are a fascinating amount of skills that people are capable of mastering provided there is the right reinforcement.

      If you've learned that language since birth, then you will develop this sense of direction simply by being able to observe the countless cues available to determine which way you're facing. Without knowing how to interpret those cues, or without a reason to know how to interpret those cues, you will never really develop the skill.

      The short version? Humans can trick themselves into doing all sorts of awesomeness.

    Hope Sydney meetup all went well, sounds like it from what I heard!

    Thanks to Sughly as well for two things, firstly, the tablet arrived 2 minutes ago!!!! So about to have a play!! Thanks heaps mate, but hurry-up and give me some details to pay you the postage already!!!!!

    Also, thanks Sughly for re-tweeting this, it was very cool and became a hit at our house!

    Also, this made me lol.
    Yah, I'm immature, that's how I roll! :-P

      It was at 1am struggling on my assignmen when I stumbled upon this:

      I'm addicted to it.

        WTH!!?? Lol, I think, ummmm, errrr well! Hello Kitty!

      Q! I JUST saw an extra cable on my desk and feared it may be for said tablet! Did it come with any cables? If so, then what is this cable before me for? If it is for the tablet though I'll send it today! I'm really sorry if it is :(

        No need for the stress everything that was needed seemed to be in box, including cable! :-D Just been giving it a try, your right it does feel odd at first, but I'm getting better at it with each stroke! Works flawlessly! The one thing I'm having trouble adjusting to is when using a mouse, you occasionally pick it up and reposition it to reach, but that doesn't work with a pen! But apart from that (which I'll get used to) I've pretty much got my head around how they work. Is there any way to reverse scrolling directions?

          Possibly... did you install the Wacom drivers? I know Windows will just plug and play it, but if you install the Wacom ones (and should probably find new ones on their site too, the CD one would be old by now) then you get a really helpful utility which lets you customise all sorts of things. I prefer for instance having the area of the tablet mapped to the whole screen, rather than just a section of the screen. Then you can also toy with sensitivity settings and such too! All sorts fo fun.

          Still wondering what this spare cable sitting here is for then... :/

      Check this one out:

        Yeah, thats one of my favourite ones! There's also the classic wkuk cod one which I'm sure everyone on here has seen, but I'll link it in case some haven't seen it.

    Also, I watched Paul over the weekend. In typical Nick Frost + Simon Pegg fashion, it was awesome. Everyone should watch it. I was a bit disappointed that Jason Bateman's (Arrested Development) role was more serious than comedic, but Frost + Pegg + Rogen were awesome.

      I really love Spaced.
      The movies just don't seem to be as funny...
      I was very dissapointed by the serious direction Shaun of The Dead took near the end and I couldn't sit through Hot Fuzz cos I just wasn't laughing.

      Managed to make it through til the end of Run Fatboy Run but had no feelings for a main character who runs away from his own PREGNANT wife at their wedding, what a TOTAL JERK. There is no way he deserved to get back with his MRS or see his child.

      How to make friends and Irritate people (or whatever it's called) I did like. Espescially when he loses it at the award ceremony at the end.

      Nick Frost's space show IS NOT FUNNY. It has it's moments but overall is FAIL.

      Hoping that Pauly is good.
      Funny guys all of them...

    I finally unlocked The Kid in Super Meat Boy last night.

      *bows down in awe*

      How long/how many tries did that take?

        Took me ~40 mins yesterday afternoon.
        And about 4 hours on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

      Awesome work! That takes serious dedication. You'll be a golden god in no time. How is the overall completion going?

        Still working through the lightworld in the Rapture, and I've done about two thirds of the darkworld up to that point.

      Also, slightly relevant:

      Good work. That bit was what made me give up on that game.

    Pardon me but does anyone have any experience downloading movies from the Playstation Store? The library is pretty impressive and I just started an unlimited plan.

    My guess is that it probably takes four days to download a single movie but anyone actually done it?

      Sorry, no answer.
      Just another question.
      Is PSN that slow? My LIVE demos seem to come through slower and slower every time, I have ADSL2+ and I am wired not wireless.

        I was exaggerating to make a point but it always seems slower to download stuff than on Xbox Live. That said, I downloaded a bunch of stuff on PSN last night and it was pretty quick.

        So it's a bit of a crap shoot.

        Hence my movie-related question. I didn't really care for the PSN movie service but DUDE THEY GOT TREMORS IN HD ON THE PSN STORE.

          I like you better on Twitter - where everything's in caps.


          Aren't the PSN movie's only in Stereo?

          Besides you can get Tremors on Blu-Ray at for $13.99 at JB.

          Link for your online shopping pleasure

          (BTW totally worth the Blu-Ray, you ain't seen a man's car disappear down a wormhole until you've seen it in glorious 1080p.)

            Thanks for the link. Tempting, but I'm looking to get all disc-less with my movies so I can take my clunky DVDs out in the street and curb stomp them American History X-style.

              "Put your mouth on the curb, Big Train Series 2!" etc.

                It's Teeth to the curb, much more horrifying...or am I mistaken?

                You'll get yours in the prison showers!

    First off, have you ever felt that the world needs more Steve Buscemi? How about just his eyes? Then may I present:

    Secondly, it sounds like the Kotaku meet was a great success, is there any chance I can convince you all to do it again relatively soon, just for me? Ehh, whatever the case, I'll be in Sydney on the 13th to see Alestorm, so that should be good.

      Well... that just took care of my crushes on half the women in Hollywood!

        My favourites are the ones where it's an improvement.

      She'll tease you
      She'll unease you
      Just to please you
      She's got Steve Buscemi's eyes

        I snorted up my drink through my nose whilst reading this.

        Congratulations buddy, that was an epic post!

    Signed up to Twitter just to read about Mark failing to reach his Streetpass goal. It was mildly entertaining.

      Someone should have followed Mark that whole day.
      Staying just inside the street pass arc... so he would have one constant hit all day.

        I would've paid someone do that. And record Mark raging ^_^

          to do*

    Distant Worlds Final Fantasy @ The Opera House...what an awesome performance!! They ran out of merchandise which was unfortunate, and no Dancing Mad was a downer, but otherwise it was well worth the 6 month wait. Highlights for me were Liberi Fatali, Don't Be Afraid, Maria & Draco and One Winged Angel.

    Bought the MP3s from their website right after I got home. I wanted the actual CDs but this will do nicely.

      Distant Worlds was awesome! Best video game concert I have been to. Loved how they had the intro sequences with the different songs.

      Nobuo Uematsu was so funny and cute. Wish they had priced the meet and greet tickets a lot higher though so that we didn't have to wait so long.

    I'm so jealous of Sydney right now. Kodak meet up!?? I know Mr serrals lives there and.all but waaah I want one in Melbourne.

      Lawl auto correct on Android is so good. Kotaku goes to Kodak

        Yeah, but it isn't as bad as the IOS one:

          seen that before... but one of my all time fav sites.. THIS is why god invented the internet!


    Remember how I was telling you on the train how I got the name 'Sir Eats-a-Lot'? I found the blog I was referring to, lawl. ->
    Just scroll down to see where the name 'Sir Eats-a-Lot' first originated!

    Basically one of my RL friends/clan mates started up a food blog, and I trolled it with comments. I chose a name that would not be linked to me at all, because I am sort of known for doing stupid stuff like this in our group.

    We'd be on vent at night and he'd be all like "Man, I'm getting some really weird comments on my blog!!" and "Who the hell is Sir Eats-a-Lot?!"

    And I would be laughing evilly (with the mic off, of course). MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Too bad he doesn't blog anymore.

      I can't decide whether your appraisal of his photography skills or encouraging to post a big picture of his face so you can "can identify with the author better" is more irrelevantly hilarious.

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