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    A new day, a new TAY :D
    This weeks main focus...getting 3000 posts!
    Well then, get to it :P

      Also, I has twitterz! :D

        For some reason I cant find you on twitter? I must be doing it wrong..??

    Thank god it's a new TAY. I for one would like to put in a vote for more talking AMONGST ourselves, and less talking TO ourselves. Please.

      That was just a weekend thing, since we usually don't get too many comments on the weekend - I'm sure everyone gets that!

    Hey mark, you should create a Spam Amongst Yourselves thread for those who just want to max out the comments.

      Played through Crysis 2 Singleplayer all weekend because multiplayer was broken.

      It's sooo good to see a shooter finally have a meaty singleplayer campaign.

        How long did it take you? I'm playing through it now and don't want it to end. I would say I'm probably 4-5 hours in and really enjoying it.

        Also do you get enough points to max out the suits upgrades by the end, or do you have to choose wisely where you spend them?

        Oh My God Yes.

        I finished it yesterday, and felt a sensation I haven't felt from finishing an FPS game in a LONG time. Satisfaction. Absolute satisfaction!

        It's about 10-12 hours long, and has a great way of being sand-box and linear at the same time. I absolutely adore it and have newfound respect for Crytek.

        If you haven't got it already, pick up a copy!

          How is the multiplayer? Anyone played it?

    You asked for it, so you shall have it. I present Batbaby:

    I will point out that this outfit was my wife's idea, not mine!!

      He's a cutie!

        What on earth!?

          Oh god... don't make me have to retell the embarrassing story of how I killed my very expensive Razer Tarantula keyboard...
          The shame....

          Classic TAY:

            You found it! Cheers, the results were on page 2 of that TAY.

            LOL, I can't believe you put your keyboard in the oven!

              Its the Leather Cap way. Man, I so badly miss my old keyboard, it just had everything in the right place. If only I had waited and let it air dry, it would have totally worked, it was so clean...
              The plus side was I won a kudo's pack from the Goose for my efforts :D

                What sort of keyboard do you have now?

                  I wanted the replacement to have lit up keys, and extra buttons on the left for fps use. I ended up with a steelseries Merc stealth. I hate it. The fps section is angled the wrong way, so its useless... grrrr... Man I miss my Tarantula. :(

              Seconded. Seriously... what? Ohhhh Q. Q, Q, Q...

            Holy crap, I actually remember that TAY, and some of the posted comments. That's scary.

            • What's scary is I remember it too, and I didn't even post anything.

                LURKER! :P

                  I have a friend who's a Kotaku Lurker, I don't think he reads TAY, but he does pretty much everyone else. I was discussing stuff with him (relating to my christmas song (I may have been rather inebriated)), and he basically knew all the regulars, it was kind of weird. I was like "You know FatShady?" and he said "Yeah, he's one of the frequent posters, not quite Chuloopa, but right up there." (it was vaguely long those lines). It was kind of scary, until I remembered that I used to be the same.

                High five for the long term Kotaku stalkers (I'm totally not creepy)!

                Agreed, I remember following that little back and forth. I thought everyone was crazy, a keyboard in a dishwasher???

      LOL! Adorable!

      Hmmm, didn't turn into a proper link. Maybe this?

      • He's a cute one all right! I'm so glad he's not one of those ugly babies where you have to pretend they're gorgeous while inwardly cringing at the horror of what you're beholding.

        I see why you were so quick to claim the outfit was your wife's idea...the socks don't match.

          The bright primary coloured socks just look make him look more like a superhero!

          No, I mainly pointed out that it was her idea so that it didn't look like I was coercing her into dressing him like that, to give me something to show to you guys. It was a total surprise to me when I saw it!

      At least you didn't do this...

        That's terrible. There's not even an airhole

      Aww what a cute baby! :3 *resists urge to touch*

    Nice to see Kotaku updating. I've been in since 7 am unfortunately. Had to do a big server move at my work over the weekend, rack up a bunch of servers and do some new cabling. Worked the whole weekend getting everything set up and tested, but still have to come in early today to see if there were any issues.

    I'm so taking a day off later this week to play some games, probably Crysis 2. Can we talk about that for a bit? I have to say I am loving it, as I said on one of the trailers it really does remind me of Halo in that the combat and gameplay is so fun you could run through the same level a dozen times over just trying different things. Loving it so far, hopefully it has a good length campaign. Haven't touched multiplayer yet, but I'm not really into online multiplayer, more of a split screener.

      Read above for my thoughts on it.

      but for those who complain tl;dr:
      It's a brilliant single-player campaign. Silly story at times, but brilliant.

        Yeah I've actually had a bit of trouble following the story, as to who's good and evil here and what people's motivations are. I could have sworn the first person you talk to tells you one character is evil, only for that character to end up helping you.

        I'm not sure if that's because I haven't played the first game or if it is just taking its time with the story and will be explained later. Still entertaining though.

    What a weekend I've had, finished Golden Sun Dark Dawn on the train on Friday, now going for the optional bosses, and I defeated my first one on the train this morning, took over half an hour but I managed to take him down. Unfortunately... that's been the easiest one so far, so wish me luck as I challenge optional boss number 2.

    I've uploaded my minecraft pics onto my photobucket account and will post them on here when I get the chance hopefully later today.

    I tested my new bowling ball with my brother on Saturday, I like it a lot, I'm bowling like a cannon now going at about 35+ km/h speed with a 13-14 pound ball :P. I'm gonna look forward to using it during league night on Wednesday.

    and speaking of days, I found this vid on youtube. If you have trouble forgetting about that stupid Friday song, what better way to help forget it and get it out of your head than with a bad lip reading version which sounds better. Lots of chicken mentioned and gang fights :P

      lol, I read that as "I tested my new bowling ball on my brother on Saturday, I like it a lot" :P

        lol! That sounds like something barbaric like a human would do but not me mate xD

        I don't get it.... They are round and heavy... THEY ARE ALL ROUND AND HEAVY!!!!
        How can new balls help your performance???

          One key thing is with a new bowling ball, it's optimised to work with the size of your fingers and thumb to ensure maximum grip (including rubber fingerholes) and also is drilled to fit the kind of bowling you want to do (Straight, hook, spin, etc).

          See I'm a straight bowler, I aim straight for it instead of to the side to get the ball to spin in. My brother says I should try to hook the ball but I can't bowl slow enough with good accuracy for it to actually work yet xD. I don't know my own strength so I keep launching it with very little effort

          Well some are heavier and... some are rounder...

          Pity the man that bowls with a cube

            I see a bowling ball at the bowling alley I go to every week, which is clear coloured and has a large green 12 sided die inside, almost D&D nerdgasm-worthy xD

    For you Chuloopa. And the Cracks. And pretty much anyone else.

      Hahahaha, is this from an actual deadpool comic? I got some just recently and was reading through it, but I found the first few issues to be a little dry. Hopefully it picks up with some more humor like this.

      Ah, that never fails to bring a smile to my face. Deadpool is a legend.

    Yeah geez that weekend of comments was no mean feat, Im pretty sure shady wasn't counting on anybody reading them. But i did. I had a spare hour sunday night and read all of them. In other news i finished Dark victory and the killing joke, Enjoyed them both both but dark victory seemed fairly connected to long halloween. Also WTF is with dick Grayson going to live with Bruce Wayne without one person talking.

    • I read them all too. I was thoroughly entertained and mildly worried. I wonder if he's embarrassed now he knows people read them....

        Not at all... i am just me on this site, anything i say i would gladly say to your face or a stranger.. sure they are random but in the context of the late night spamfest, im sure you understand.

          I tried to read them... I really did, but I wasn't strong enough.

      Haunted Knight and Catwoman : When in Rome finishes off Long Halloween :)

    My Pile of Shame has been reduced by one! Finally finished Parasite Eve 1 over the weekend! Not too long and I can look forward to trying out some of them new fangled PS2 games the kids are all playing.

      Ooooo I was just about to start playing that! Old school Parasite Eve, as in the first one on PSX? I got it recently so am keen to know what it's like.


    (this might've been posted before, but I regret nothing...)

      Haha, nooo I get lost for hours looking at news bloopers :(

      I had to close the window immediately to protect myself.

    FatShady MBA is the new king of the posts.

    SpamTod got out-spammed... :(

    The old king is dead, long live the king!

      All hail the new FatShady 2K Tyrant!!
      Can we get a typewriter "ping" sound to happen when a 1000th post gets hit from now on?

      Long live FatSpammy! :D

        FatSpammy sounds like some delicious meat... mmm...

      Yeah whats with the hate I feel from others this morning over it? It was an almost dead weekend as per usual anyways, no big deal. I say well done!

    Hey Mark!!!! Can you take a look at this??? He was late in entering the Duke contest on Friday, but this guy is a serious artist!!! If FS and Blaghs get working Stacking codes, can you send my code to "Bob Baxter"??

      That was indeed quite the awesome entry.

    So play-asia has decided they will let Aussies buy a certain game that rhymes with Schnortal Gombat after previously saying it wasn't available in our region.

      Finally! Chortle Cumsplat will be mine!

        Please... never say those words again

          I humbly apologise. I was a tad dirty minded this morning... You'd better spank me. ;)

            Tsk tsk, you and your aMoral Konduct

    Well I have to say my weeekend was semi-boring.. only interesting thing I did was go for dinner with my wife and bowling on saturday night. I probably shouldn't have done either, cos now I have $1.92 to my name :0 Well.. until a cheque clears and other clients pay at least. Still.. can't help but feel in a rut with only that much left. Still, at least we had some fun bowling! I scored 193 in one game! Not bad since i haven't bowled in maybe 4 months or more! Hoping to get a couple of orders for laptops today! That would make me happy! Anyone else need anything? :0 I'm free today so far!! Anyone?!

      If your bored, you can take a look at the TrackMania Challenge of Excellence, you have all week to master this track, beat my time if you dare!!

    Aaaahhhhh, I see how it is. You're going to have the inevitable Crysis 2 comp in a months time after everyone has bought a copy. That way no one will enter, and you won't have to judge 50 million entries. Sneaky :P

    Oh and for those who missed it for just plain forgot... is selling the 3ds for $199 on Wednesday!!

      How fast do these sales normally go? I'm wanting one now to resurrect Poopy.

        I dunno about this particular one. It sounds like it is going to be a limited time thing you're gonna have to watch all day for. Usually with catchoftheday, they have one deal that lasts all day long, but this sounds different from the description.

        Catch of the day gets mad overloaded whenever there's something like this that goes up, to the point that very, very, VERY few people seem to actually get it. Between the people at Whirlpool and PALGN, most of them either can't get into the site, or by the time they do, it's sold out, or if they manage to get to the checkout, it hangs during payment and doesn't get processed. It gets so bad that people have accused them of doing deals like this simply as bait advertising.
        But as I said, some people do actually manage to get something, so I guess if you're fast enough and a bit lucky you might be able to snag one.

          They're generally rubbish and it's impossible to get any of the good deals to work.

          That said, I did buy my PS3 slim from them two boxing days ago for $350 without any problem. I think the key there was that hardly anybody knew about it!

      I'm more interested in the mystery Apple Deal. I bet it's an iPad 1 16GB Wifi for $300...

        Orrr it's a who cares with a who cares for who cares. Haha, I'm such a bitch.

    Buttercup is back and I've decided I like the longer format better. So here it is, Part 13: Stairs and More Stairs

    I'll probably need to re-edit this one as well, but today is my day off, I just woke up and I'm about to head off for coffee.

  • I couldn't find my Pokemon(I think it was Diamond), but I did find Etrian Odyssey. I bought it cheaply last year but never got around to playing it.
    I love it but it's mean. I played for hours but still haven't mapped the second floor.
    Although part of the reason could be because my son turned it off on me when I was almost done with the first floor but hadn't saved it. Aarrgggh.

    Blind. Mown.

      What... I... no fricken way!

      The power of science! Where are your "gods" now?!

      I have no idea what that is or that does that, but I want it.

    Funny Minecraft Pic of the Day!

      Hahaha cute, run kitty, run!

    Props to FS's weekend efforts. I had a similar idea on Friday because work was slow but discarded it because I thought it might ruffle some feathers.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I played a decent share of Monday Night Combat and I like it a lot. I prefer it over TF2, but then I don't really like TF2. If anyone wants to tag along, Enduwolf on Steam.

      thanks man. i lead by example of what NOT to do! Im actually hoping that because it has been done once, no-one would be bothered now to do it again.

      Also, i snapped this at just the right time!

    Ooo seamus on the morning show again! what a champ!

    Because I'm an angry & selfish 'young person', I'm going to rant about something totally unrelated to Kotaku:

    What's the deal with smokers? If I walk past someone and blew in their face, I'd be lucky not to get slapped, punched, abused or any combination of the three - how is it that smokers (not all, but a lot in my experience) are so selfish that they just blow their smoke everywhere (typically right outside the entrance to a building) without a care in the world?

    It seems every time I'm at a train station or bus stop someone maneuvers until I'm a couple of meters downwind, before smoking a whole carton of cigarettes. I've friends who smoke, but most are considerate enough to do it away from a crowd/on their own... so why the hell do strangers think I want to inhale their shit - am I justified in thinking that they're arseholes or am I missing something and it's a concession everyone has to make for them?

    I've even had a couple of times where people've turned and blown smoke right in my face and I've told them off, at which point they get defensive and say they need to smoke for their nerves (or some variation of) as if that excuses them(?!)

    Totally over it - next smoker I see, whether they're annoying me or not, is going to get punched in the face >:(

    [Note - I don't so much care that there are people who smoke, just that a vast number of them are incredibly selfish and inconsiderate]

      This one time at uni, I saw a guy head out to a quiet alley behind a building to go have a smoke. It's usually deserted, so it's not like he was going to bother anyone. But where does he stand? In front of the air intake vent for the ventilation system. :|

      At least your friends walk away to smoke. I'm totally with you, I have a lot of friends who smoke just because they were brought up around smokers and picked up the habit. I don't have anything against them for it, and they are generally all right.

      But when you're sitting around in a group at a party and a few of them light up it quickly becomes a haze of smoke hanging around. Most of the time it doesn't bother me unless the wind is taking it right into your face.

      However if someone is being completely inconsiderate and just blowing smoke at you, when you are right in front of them, I think you have every right to tell them off.

      Funnily enough last week I overheard a Woman complaining to her friends about the inconsiderate non smokers who go and stand in the way of her cigarette smoke and then have the nerve to complain to her about it.

        I've had people do this. I'm sitting on a park bench within view of several other empty benches and this bitch of a hag of a woman sits down beside me and say loudly into her phone 'oh don't you hate it when smokers just blow their smoke all over you'.

        I had to let her have it after that and the drama queen shrieks into her phone 'OH MY GOD, I'm being verbally attacked now' and then left the area.

      In the CBD of Melbourne, it almost dominates car fumes while oxygen is dominated greatly by both while you walk the streets. Yeah I feel your pain buddy, I get so sick and tired of paying my health for their own mistakes. It's not our fault that you're so hooked on the stuff, stop taking it out on all of us who try to live more clean lives!

      I'm thinking of walking the city like a combine trooper with a gas mask to keep it all out. The worst ones are those that smoke while walking with a large crowd, you just can't maneuver away cuz there's humans to your left and right so I have to speed up my walking while stopping my breathing in... painful but it does the job.

      I'm fine with them when they're smoking away from others, that's called being considerate. My father does that, he never smokes in the house, even if there's no guests. He made it a habit and I'm proud of him for doing that. But lots of humans in this city don't give a darn. Not about traffic, about crossing, or smoking either. I only wish that the machines go after them first when they start my... I mean their taking over.

      I agree and i'm a smoker. I always try to move away in public, cross the street if someone with kids pops out and don't take a drag if a jogger is coming towards me. And in nearly 12 years i have hardly ever smoked in my house, tis dependent upon certain "events" and unfortunately those "events" are few and far between :(

      You should do what my Mum does (she's not the most tactful person ever), one time, there were a bunch of smokers standing at the bottom of a stairwell, and she said, in the loudest voice possible, without it being yelling, "Don't you hate it when smokers stand around places and block where you're trying to go, filling the air with their filthy smoke." I just hid in my hand and walked on but it was amusing.

      When I'm walking down the street and there's someone walking ahead of me smoking and their cigarette smoke is blowing into my face, I speed up, get ahead of them and let one rip. REVENGE.

      My experience with smokers hasn't been as bad here as in Hong Kong. HK is like a smokers galore. With smoking banned indoors, every little inch on the streets is clogged with cigarette smoke. I don't know how I managed to survive over there with the quality of air there.

      If you punch and run it might do okay, we're not exactly the fittest bunch.

      Because smokers are giving me just a little bit of lung cancer every time I breath their fumes, I reserve the right to lightly flick them in nuts, giving them just a little bit testicular cancer. Fairs fair.

    Greetings all. Hmmm might have to go suss out Crysis 2 today. Are there any cool Collectors or Limiteds? (For 360)
    Sounds like a Kotaku Bowling League is coming...
    Round of applause for our weekend spammers. Highly entertaining!

    @ Fatshady MBA 2K King
    - Mobb Deep's first album is a classic! One of the "perfect" albums of that era ( Cuban Linx, It Was Written etc) Perfect storm of talented people on an upstart record label with no real external preassure or expectations. Was kinda downhill from there....(G-G-G G-Unit)
    - Glad that got listen to some Asher. Good Free music and
    - I'm from SA so i'm biased on Aussie Hip-Hop. It's Golden Era all the way!!! I remember sneaking into some scary places as a young'n in the mid nighties to see The Hoods. Crazy fights and the places used to get BOMBED!! Last concert i went to i stood next to an eight year old who knew all thew words....
    - Thanks for the offer of the transfer cable last week, but i got it sorted that night. ( There wre cheevs at stake!!!!!!!!!!!!)

      I actually also love Mobb Deep's second album. Just cause it had an awesome consistent sound. Loved it.

        Eek! Damn edit. I meant their second album! ( The Infamous) Always forget Juvenile Hell and i own it!!!

          Man i didnt know about the first one.. I always assumed the infamous was their first... but yeah thats the one! Classic.

      Mobb Deep? I dunno, it sounds like he'd be too wigga for me...

    Hai guys! Trackmania? Is it just Q's track we be playin at the moment?

      Nope, we've still got daily tracks

        YESSSSS! What was last weeks final tally btw?

            Stoopid facebook...

              That link doesn't go anywhere that we can see the final tally...

                My thoughts exactly...

                  It's right there in the middle of the page! Right underneath the results of the last event.

                  I'll post it here for you though
                  The overall weekly scoreboard:
                  1st: Tech Knight 9 points
                  2nd: Sughly 7 points
                  3rd: welbot 4 points
                  4th: lamboman007 3 points
                  5th: Qumulys 2 points
                  6th: Jocon89 0 points

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