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      • One.

        And the South American guy (who can’t win, because it’d be a tragedy to have the name ‘Charl’ go down in the history books) has a one shot lead… ARGH! :\

        • …need Schwartzel to bogey

          Then, Adam ‘n his long putter will take be all over this…

          *fingers crossed*

        • Schwartzel swooped in under the radar and stole the victory: brilliant effort.

          I want to say I’m disappointed, but Adam Scott and Jason Day both played pretty good rounds and it was an awesome finish – I just looked up at the clock and the last 30 minutes seemed like hours. It was so tense!

          (…actually, maybe Schwartzel filled out his card incorrectly… *fingers crossed* >_>)

          • I didn’t expect to see this topic on Kotaku!

            I was able to put off leaving for work until Charl hit a clean shot up the 18th. Knew it was over then.

            It’s a shame that Adam didn’t win in the end, but you can’t begrudge a winner who scores four birdies from the final four holes to take the title!

    • No TV, but then, I don’t understand this sport in the slightest. Or care. Mostly I don’t care.

      Competitive lawn bowls is where it’s at.

    • I never had any players invade my world though I did invade other players a couple of times. I even won once when the enemy player rolled off a cliff.

      I decided to rent the game for another week and ended up beating it on Sunday with a soul level 88 character. I’m going to have a go at playing through again with the NG+. Game’s 40% harder now. I’ll see how far I can get before I have to return it on Friday.

      I’d stick with the black leather armour if I was you. For the first part of the game I was wearing heavy plate armour for the defence but I changed to the black leather because the mobility and increased stamina regain is way better then the added armour you get from heavier sets. Just make sure you have a good shield and maybe pick up the warding spell.

      • “I even won once when the enemy player rolled off a cliff.” That sounds suspiciously like the BP who killed Buttercup. OMG Bunny! Dire Wolf invaded you and made you die!

      • I actually do have the Warding spell, I just keep forgetting to equip it now that I have enough spell slots to have both Warding and Soul Ray. I’ll be using it soon, the next update takes us up to the shortcut in Stonefang Tunnel and then after that it’s back to the Nexus to equip it.

  • Hey guys!

    So, I have a favour to ask of you guys. Not a very big one, but a favour nonetheless. About a 14 months ago, I lost a pretty a good man to cancer. He’s the guy that got me into comics, that made me enjoy writing, and he was an all round awesome guy. And then he got cancer. He struggled with it for more than 2 years, until he finally passed away in February 2010. So, this year, a bunch of friends and I will be doing Relay for life, where we basically run/walk around Albert Park lake for 24 hours. Odds are, some of you know someone who has been affected by cancer. So all I’m asking for is some donations. Donations can be however much you want them to, and are tax deductible. Please donate, it’ll go towards both research, as well as helping to support those who already have it.

    Here’s the donation link under my name:

    Thanks guys!

  • I did it, I finished Nier with all the endings!

    I’ve never gone the distance with trying to see all endings of a multi-ending game before but Nier did everything right by not making it a chore. Starting from half-way instead of back at the very beginning was a smart move and extra cutscenes and conversations made it seem like a different game. It was incredibly moving to see things from a different perspective and refreshing to be able to try out a playstyle I never usually use: just rushing through and not worrying about any sidequests or exploring. When you see the final ending all your save files are erased which was a nice but scary touch. Although I did start a new game just to experience the first part again with all my new-found insight.

    I loved every minute of this game and while I’m proud of myself for finishing, I’m also sad it’s over.

    • I still havn’t gotten much past the fishing intro. I really need to have a go at it.

      I just wish i’d never watched that Zero Punctuation review where he mentions that when Neir jumps it looks like God’s yanking on his nipple rings. It’s all I see when i press jump now.

  • On my way to work, dropped son off at daycare. Back to the same roundabout that I was at 5 mins before and a dude had come off his bike. Slid about 10m then hit a drain. Broken arm and ribs.

    I Think I was there within a minute or so of it happening. Just a suggestion to all to do some sort of first aid training. A guy rocked up with a first aid kit from his car and looked at me saying he didn’t know what to do with it.

    Kept him still and wearing his helmet. His legs were raised which helps avoid shock. Talked till ambos arrived. Nothing else needed treatment.

    No saying I know that much about it and my first aid certificate expired year ago but at least make sure that if you do ever come across this stuff you can help.

    • Even though I’ve never taken a first aid course, I have always paid attention when people have taught any level of first aid, and really.. you just never know when you’ll need it. I came home from work one day to find a guy rolling around in the middle of the road.. wasn’t sure if he’d been bashed or what had happened, but he was rolling around in front of his car. He managed to tell me “esky”.. so i hopped in his car and found his esky. Looked inside and saw some Jelly Babies. Soon as I saw that I knew it was a Diabetic attack. Rushed them to him and fed him one as I tried to hold him still, and sat with him til he was better. All the while it was absolutely bucketing down rain mind you. Still, had I not been told before about Jelly Babies being a treatment for that kind of thing, I’d have been useless. It really pays to store those little tips away (much like I have with the CPR tips I was given at school.

    • My school did almost-mandatory First Aid courses at the end of grade ten, which is something I support. Even if they got some of their facts wrong…

    • Great work FS! First Aid training is essential, did my course (admittedly 6 years ago now) via work. Since I was team-leader on my shift it is pretty much essential for someone at least to know what to do. So yeah, what you said, get training of some kind!
      TAYmunity Announcement

    • I did one when I lived in Darwin…
      3 days, and it was intense, full on MacGuyver stuff.
      How to ID and treat.

      Absolutely brilliant it was.

      Moved to Adelaide and went to renew it.
      Half a day course, and everything was… call an ambulance.
      It was just… piss weak.

  • I always do it.. Say I’m gonna play something in the end of week What are you Playing this weekend thread, and then promptly spent my time playing something else :0

    Anyway, I got myself going on another pile o shame game. 3d Dot Game Heroes! OMG! I knew this game had potential.. I knew it was gonna be sort of like zelda.. I had no idea it was gonna mind my fucking blow!! It seriously is like the updated zelda I always wanted to have! And talk about funny! I love the way they’re always taking little jabs at other games and 3d itself. Like a girl in the first town who commented that it’s so much harder to clean up in 3d cos you can see so much more! LOL! I only had time to clear the first temple thus far, but damn.. this is looking like one epic game! If you loved zelda on the snes, and you have a ps3.. do yourself a favour.. go get this game if you haven’t already!!

    • !. Totally agree with first sentance, I never say what I’ll play cos it jinxes it away!

      2.I am jelly!

    • Unfortunately for me, my husband played that before I did, so by the time I got to play it the music that had seemed so charming when I first heard it was smash-something-annoying. I hate it when game-music won’t stand up to repeated listenings.

      • yer it’s definitly not zelda charming.. i wont exactly be walking around 10 years from now humming it to myself, but thankfully you can turn the music off! The game itself is soooo hella cool! Well wortht he play even with music off!

  • Played a 3DS on the weekend, quite liked the AR games.
    Wasn’t so bothered by the 3D, kept closing one eye and the Mrs got motion sickness in about 20 seconds.

    FaceBlaster/raiders/whatever was fun.

    • Got to play one also this weekend. Did as it said on the tin. Just not sure the 3D is required. And damn it I tried using my fingers as touch input and tried tapping the top screen.

      How did that not come up in play testing and they realise it’s not that intuitive. Anyway impressive technology but won’t get one.

      • I use my finger on the touch screen all the time, there was one point where I used my nose. It worked… well enough… ish. I also try to touch the top screen all the time, it’s annoying because in Pokemon they usually have yes/no options on the bottom screen, but then sometimes they don’t.

        • The pokémon games on DS have the most ridiculously unintuitive, badly playtested, cobbled together touch interfaces I have ever seen. And they only get worse with each iteration!

      • I want one for all the must have games that will happen. Stuff like Mario Kart and Pokemons and Final Fantasy remakes.

        I can wait, I did it with PSP.

  • Congrats to the team for their impressive win/s last week. You do rock.

    I also want a detailed post about it that includes sughly’s picture with the rainbow.

    • Yep, huge (and deserved) congratulations!

      I also vote for some kind of write up including Sughly’s awesome art. Oh, and a video of Sir. Pegg Legg’s speech the twitterati were so impressed by.

      • Plus 7!

        Congrats to the team, I hear you gave a great speech Mark, we’d all love to see if someone at allure taped it!!??? Please!!??

        Also, I’m still cross with whoever it was who chose to serve Taco’s, which while great, is not a dress/suit/tie event food.

  • Hmm, I think I had a few scraps from last week I meant to wrap up… Oh Yeah:

    Sir-Eats-A-Lot: I can’t believe I forgot about SexyGlade, he is most probably the best player on SEA. I don’t think I’ve seen him play though, or if he did it was as a joke match, or else I was unconscious or something. The reason a fair few of the high tier players know me, is because a friend of mine used to host informal little KotHs every few nights, which we would cast to all the observers. For some reason lots of the top tier got involved, so I got to talk at them about lots of inane shit, like how cool the word undulating is while describing an ovarylord. Eventually he got too cool for me though, as he started hosting the SC2SEA KotHs, but now he’s postponed his ingame activity to “live his life” or something.

    Shane: That really, really sucks. Best wishes to get back on your gaming feet ASAP.

    Finally, though no-one probably cares, my 3000 word opinion piece on Sucker Punch, which you have to read on Facebook, because I’m exceedingly lazy.

    • I didn’t read it all, because I haven’t managed to see the movie yet, but I like “lolboobsguns” so I’m guessing I’ll be in the ‘love it’ camp.
      Also, are you posting it on Facebook because you secretly want us to make you our Friend? 😛

      • I’m posting on Facebook because that’s where I usually post my creative writing. Things like my exceedingly immature rant against peoples responses to the recent earthquake near Japan, an overanalysis of Beauty and the Beast, where I conclude that Gaston is in essence, The Doctor (or a bizarro form of Belle), or the FUCIT, a quiz to analyse whether or not you’re addicted to Facebook.

        • Oh, so you don’t want to be my friend? *sadface*
          But I don’t have enough ‘friends’, how will I lengthen my E-nis now? 😛

          • Well Strange, feel free to add me as a friend, just know that I will then proceed to look through ALL YOUR PHOTOS and everything you have done IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS in a way that is NOT AT ALL CREEPY because that WOULD BE WEIRD!

          • I’m totally taking you up on that challenge and sent you a request.

            Congratulations – you just broke my self-imposed restriction of not adding more FB friends >:

          • A lot of men died, so I figured I’d better honour their memories by accepting your request….

          • Hmm, I have 2 friend requests, this is probably the most I have ever gotten in a single day…

      • Do you mean the review, which is rather schizophrenic, or you don’t know what to make of the movie, due to the schizophrenic review?

    • oh ho ho ho, I see. That’s pretty cool man. Did you secretly film their playing to gather strats. I would have. And then hugged the footage afterward.

      That’s totally not creepy of me at all.

      And lol @ sexyglade!!

      • I did save some of the replays, but I just don’t have the micromanagement to handle it all. I have quite a high APM, but it’s all task focus, so I can micro my units really well, but I’ll sacrifice my macro to do so, stuff like that. I’m a pretty big noob when it actually comes to playing. I’m going to assume that based on all this you play it, so am I allowed to ask for your name stuff?
        I’m cTBlaghman, and my FC is 498. Unless the ladder reset changed it…

        • This is going to sound odd but I actually don’t play SC2. I just follow esports as part of my role
          as an eSports journalist, so yeah.

          I do play some other games competitively though, just not SC2.

          • I was going to add “or are you one of those weird people who just watches sports” but decided against it. Oh well. Out of curiosity, what eSports do you tend to cover, and what do you play?

          • But I AM a weird person! 😀

            I cover the Arcade scene exclusively, but keep an overall eye on the Aussie eSports scene.

            Competitively, I used to play Tekken and Warcraft 3. Less so now. I never really got anywhere with the Warcraft 3 because the scene here is small, and my internets back then was just so terrible, so you’ll never have heard of me!

            Nowadays it’s a mix of TF2, DOTA/HoN, CS:S and Tekken.

          • Nice, I always sucked at Warcraft 3, but that was more related to my age combined with my lack of information. It’s scary to me that Idra was such a well known BW player when he’s less than a year older than me (although he got pro reasonably late in its life). If you ever decide to play Starcraft, give me a shout, I love watching new players. (One of my friends kept treating it like Brood War, and so didn’t rally his Drones to the mineral line, many lulz were had)

    • Just read your analysis – I agree with some things and disagree with others (50/50, maybe), but overall I enjoyed it too!


      …more on it later, though!

      • The shortened review that I should have written (but that I needed to write the first one to understand) is this: While many may dismiss this film as stupid and degrading, I would argue that it is far from it. The ham-fisted nature of some elements hides just how intelligent and subtle this film can be. Overall, a love of Snyder’s work is a must to get the maximum enjoyment out of this film.



    WHEN – Saturday, 16th April. Meetup at 12pm.

    WHERE – Sydney CBD area. I propose we meet up on George Street EB Games. For those unfamiliar with the area, link here ->
    Nevermind the inaccurate photo!

    WHAT – Lunch, hopefully some gaming to ensue.

    If you have any q’s, feel free to ask/discuss here!


      • Hear that everyone?


        Now I’m really disapointed that it’s not in Adelaide.

    • I’ll walk past the store but if there’s any scary-looking people in there, I’m running away! 😛

      • Maybe I’d best not go. Woudn’t want to make everyone run away.

        But on a more serious note I think I can make it, i’ll have to doubel check if i’m working that weekend or not.

        • Sounds great Sir Eats-a-Lot
          But won’t be able to make it…sigh.

          I’m sure it’ll be a success so we can do another one pronto !

    • Doable but tricky… will have to leave by 1:30 at the absolute latest to make it home in time to play soccer. Let’s see how it goes!

    • I’m there. I’ll be the guy in the trials hd hoodie.

      I just hope its cold or I’ll look like an idiot.

      • Thanks everyone. It’s going to be heaps EPICALLY AWEWSOME.

        And we can do the lavishing-of-praise thing to Mark IRL.

        Disclaimer: Unicorn and rainbow may not be included.

    • erm… I may make it, I’ve got something on in the early afternoon. Where will we eat, because I may just skip the EB games meet-up (I like my sleep, damnit!)

      I’ll be there, I just don’t know when xD

    • I’m there!! Oh wait…. its a SYDNEY RULZ THE UNIVERSES THING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaks down sobbing like a girl*

      • Yeah, I reckon Mark should take Kotaku on the road. Do an epic Kotaku World Tour (or at least Kotaku Australian Tour)… travel the nation meeting all the Kotaku regulars and buying them beers.

        • Yeah! And we can smoother him with coconut oils all over his chest and gently roll him over back and forth in the sun….

          • Wow… that’s so disturbing.

            Even if you’d told me in advance that you were going to say it so that I’d be ready for it and not caught so flat footed when you actually said it, it’d still be disturbing.

            Now I’m afraid to go to sleep… I’m dreading what my dreams will be like tonight.

        • Yeah, the single other Canberran reader and I will get to meet up! Wait, someone else is from the ACT, right? Right?

    • I sooooooooooo want to make it, but I’ve got a lot more work than I expected and I’m really only a 50/50 chance at the moment.

      If it’s a success (and why wouldn’t it be?!), can we have another around June/July…? 😀

      (Strange will have to come back down again, of course 😛 )

  • Morning Kotakuians!

    For the regulars on Minecraft, I think I may drop on the server a little less often before I get my lag issue fixed. May try to get RAM upgrade, but I don’t know if 1GB to 2GB will make a significant difference. Netbooks aren’t really designed for gaming in purpose. I hope I can hop back on before tree city is finished and I can make more “I got wood” euphemisms. 😛

    And are we having the Sydney meetup on Saturday 16 April? Any specific plans on what to do? How to meet? etc.

    • I dunno how much it will help you with the ram either, but from what I was reading, some people went from 10-12fps to 20-30fps when they upgraded their netbook ram, so there’s hope for you at least! Ram is pretty cheap aswell, so at least it wont break the bank!

    • It looks like my lag problem is now much less than it once was… but again no players were online when I was on yesterday. I had to quit cuz it was night and a creeper was outside my front door, so I was stuck lol.

      RAM upgrades are always good no matter what, if you can get it and you know you can install it onto your system, do it!

  • I just wanted to thank FatShady and the rest of LCT for inviting me to their virgin minecraft world. I lost pretty much all of Saturday in there, and a few hours yesterday farming material for the project.

  • ME3 Game Informer thingy (there are scans floating around for anyone who doesnt have an issue):
    Things to note:
    1. Ashley looks weird and now looks like they crossbred Ashley and Miranda
    2. Boobs ninja. According to a friend, “its very unit 02 meets MGS”
    3. No mention of Tali, which apparently has people in an outrage? I mean, I like Tali, and she’s a pretty cool guy who doesn’t afraid of anything, but surely after ME2 with her kind of surprise reveal, you’d realise Bioware are doing the same thing, and wouldn’t shoot themselves in the foot like that.

    • Don’t care what Ashley looks like now, that xenophobic bitch won’t be appearing in my ME3 games. My FemShep will be happy to see Alenko again though, having stayed faithful to him even though he shunned her. *sob*

    • No Tali?! DEAL BREAKER FOR ME! … kidding… still pissed off though 😛

      Sounds more like EA pushing for results too soon again to me

      • I’m ok with there being no Tali… the people on the Bioware forums are pretty damn creepy about her.

        I’ll be vexxed if Reager doesn’t show up with their fleet though… I was counting on that firepower.

    • Madness!
      The week before last, it was all gloom and doom, but then it cleared up, but then it uncleared up yesterday, but now it’s brilliant. Bright blue sky, not a cloud to be seen where I am.
      Probably best to check closer to the day. :\

    • It’s fine, you probably don’t need to worry.

      …but I wear shorts throughout the entire year, so I’m not sure how reliable I am…

  • I just bought a new monitor to use with my laptop when writing.

    13″ MacBook Airs are great for many things, but trying to use them at a desk for an extended period of time is a bit of a strain on the old peepers. Pictures would follow, but it seems like my iPhone does not like the lighting in my room, so you can’t see what anything looks like.

    I really should be a camera nerd like the rest of my friends, I’m sure one of the chunky DSLRs they carry around would take this photo without any hassles.

  • Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I bought my final two books from Borders last weekend, and good ones too:
    – Mogworld
    – (Insert other name that I can’t recall as I’m at uni)

    This was my final adieu to Borders. Did anyone else get any last-minute books from them?

  • Decided to shelve my 3DS until a decent crop of games arrive (Zelda, Mario, Harvest Moon, Star Fox etc). Didn’t plan on buying the 3DS til some good games were released, but I saw the sale on CatchOfTheDay, and decided to give it a shot (for $200, why not) and was one of the lucky ones :). That being said, never played a PilotWings game before, is it worth picking it up to get some use out of the 3DS?

  • Anyone else keep getting a white page saying error 503 (I think it was 3) and the message “Service Temporarily Unavailable”?

    • Yeah, it’s been happening since Thursday-ish last week, apparently they’re having back-end issues. The main problem being that I repeatedly refresh every time I get it, as others likely do, which can’t really be helping their server…

  • In the words of Cory Doctorow:
    ‘Here’s a fantastic animated adaptation comic/skeptic/awesomesauce purveyor Tim Minchin’s poem “Storm,” a verse-form rant about the miseries of woowoo, the glory of science, the delights of skepticism and the miracle of the actual world.’

  • JUST got back home from *groan* shopping. The ladyfriends weekend is mon/tues so thats when I have those kind of things on. But you guys arent even past page 1 yet?! Cmon, its gone lunch time! I’m still too lazy to read all of whats been said above tho… I skimmed.

    Thats all. I have nothing interesting to contribute. Except an apology to Blaghman for being a dick over his film review. I’m really a harsh film fan Blagh, I still love you!

    • Don’t worry Sughly, I don’t mind. I’m internally harsh to films, but I have weird taste, so I can understand a normal harsh critics point of view. I’m not sure what I’m trying to say here, but I forgive you.

      No wait. Uhhh, you were mean to me and I cried, I demand a drawing as compensation… *cough*

  • Its a small world after all…. *in my best singing voice*

    I just got a new PC at work. As a result i had to spend a hour or more with a number of our IT dudes to get it sorted. As it turned out, Kotaku was open on my PC. Starrted talking and after a few minutes, it got to the point where you say.. oh, you a Kotaku regular, do you know my mate?… which is almost always NO.. but this time it was YES.

    Bukake Kane it seems is the mate of my IT bloke at work! He is also the only Kotaku person i have met IRL (Dead Rising launch) so it was extra special… Anyway, Funny story i had to share.

  • I am so confused right now. I’m currently attempting to hack together a prototype for a game, so I can show results to a friend, so we can start actual work.

    So I got working code (stolen from a tutorial in the UDK, and technically it’s script, not code, but whatever), I move it across to my stuff. Then half of it (the half I don’t need) works fine, the other half doesn’t work at all, until I hook up an irrelevant Vector to a thing (technical term), and lo and behold, it works about 25%. WTF UDK, are you high? I’ll admit, it’s been a while since I scripted, but I can find no logic behind this.

    Oh well, just wanted to get that off my chest.

    • Strangely, I just set it up to more or less work how I want it to in the end, completely by accident.

      • I did a moderate amount in the UDK a while back, but I’ve never done any actual scripting. I’ve fone a bit of visual work with Kismet, but I’m going to have to dive into hard scripting (any seasoned coders should have cringed at that made up term) for some of the features. I think… It’s been a while. Currently all I have is a character who can move left and right on a plane, and a jump that only works if you’re already in the air…

  • Well, I’ve decided to go all Jeremy Clarkson and try making my own award winning indie game. I mean, seriously, how hard can it be? 😛
    Does anyone know what the game making equivalent of a hammer is?

    • Flash. If you can’t manage to make a game in flash (pro-tip, take a tutorial, alter like, 2 sprites, and hey presto, you have your own game that people will play for some reason) then you should probably surrender.

      Also, interesting that the first 2 posts on this page are both about game making.

      • I’m using Game Maker 8. It’s not too bad, I’ve already got a small working game thingy. It’s even got a glitch that makes my character look like he’s moon-walking or something.
        And UDK, man it’s complex. I tried to follow a tutorial on how to change the camera view to a top down view, I copied the script from the tut, and it wouldn’t work… 🙁
        I then tried Unity, and all I had to do was place a single camera…no code required 😀

        • The UDK, hard? hahaha, Hahahah, Bwahahaha. Sorry *cough* Believe me, the UDK is not all that difficult. It does get some fascinating bugs (for some reason I keep losing stuff if I set my camera to be able to move, if it’s still it’s okay though), but once you understand Kismet, it’s not too bad (I’m only beginning).

          The last game I made was entirely in PHP and SQL, it was a bitch before I worked out how it all actually worked.

    • In 18 to 20 years when the boy grows up and leaves home I may sit down and work on a game. Prolly be a JRPG9suprise suprise) but maybe a platformer OR BOTH! SotN here I come…in 20 years.

      • Don’t you think it should be called an ARPG since you’re not making it in Japan? 😛

        lol nah I get ya. A friend and I are getting ready to make a JRPG inspired game. I feel that I’ve got the skills for the art but we’re going to need someone to do programing down the line.

        • I’m happy to potentially offer my help, depending on what you plan to use. Then again, given script is my strong point, and I’m having such difficulties with Kismet, I may not be the best choice.

  • For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, I just thought I’d let everyone know that I have decided what to review next.

    It isn’t one of the games that people suggested, although I do plan to review some of those down the track. I just needed something that was a little shorter for this week’s attempt. Mainly so that I could finish the game, or at least play enough of it to write a review, in the next two days.

    I think I’ll keep what the game is a bit of a mystery for now.

    Also, my monitor is not that stable, or my desk isn’t. Either way, my monitor shakes as I type. Fun.

    • I dunno, but I’m loving this coffee. Made from 100% arabica beans and blended with something something ok I’m tired of this joke already.

    • I finished Pokemon, now I just need to grab a ditto, and then it can be Zorua’s for everyone. One for you, one for you, and one fo- Oh, not you Jimu. None for you. And I could even pass my Victini around like it’s a cheap hooker. That’s what you do, pass them around, right?

      • I pooped down to eebee and got me a Victini, are you in Bris or do I need to move house then reconfigure my router for DSes??

        I have a buttload of starters now. Took the Emereald Trjn sold me and passed along two of each and will breed more for swapsies.
        Also doin it with my Platinum and my Firered.

        Will have to restart my Soulsilver but can’t bare to just yet, still have a few things to do…

        • Sadly, I’m the Canberran. So if we wish to trade you’ll have to work out how this ridiculous system works (I have friends down here who are having the exact same problems as you).

          • I found a tute online for my exact model of router so when we move and I am forced to set it up I will do it that way. At the moment the free time I get when the boy sleeps seems to be crazy putener time for the MRS so no fiddling with it then.

            When we move she has no choice so I can just do it.

          • ‘Fun? FUN?! Who said it would be fun?! When they said catch em all, what did you expect? This aint no walk in the park, no run of the mill beat the elite four. Oh no… this is the real shit, right here. Catching them all…’

          • And you wondered why I wanted the advance games…

            I am playing through Emerald now cos I’m scared the clock battery will dry up. Which limits the places i can visit and stops me planting berries, which I never use but I plant em anyway.

            Think I’ll be taking a Pokebreak soon and get into that Dragon Quest that no handle picked up for me in the New York island land.

            I am bored at work so I am typing waaaaaaaaaaay longer answers to question (that probably aren’t really questions) than need be.

      • Question,
        I am picking up my 3DS Shortly, and decided since there are no ‘classy’ games out for it atm, I will go back and play all the DS games I have missed out on (never owned a DS).

        My Housemate has Pokemon Black, so I will get white, but should I leave that one till last, and go back and play the others first?

        I played Red on my Gameboy color so very very long ago. lol

        • Doesn’t really matter.

          I guess it would be better to play them Platinum, HG/SS then White so that you make advancements in graphics rather than getting worse.
          That said, each games has certain options and qualities that I prefer over the others.

          Don’t forget to check out:
          Mario Kart DS
          Final Fantasy 3 DS
          Final Fantasy 4 DS
          Dragon Quest 9
          Castelvania Dawn of Sorrow
          Diddy kong Racing
          Final Fantasy Tactics A2
          and many more that I’m blanking on right now.
          DS is a great system, will be hard to top!

          • Advance Wars
            Elite Beat Agents
            Professor Layton (series)
            Phoenix Wright (series)

            Honestly, I’m holding off buying a 3DS for now, but if a new Advance Wars comes out, I’m sold. Either that or the Layton x Phoenix crossover game. Those would be the two system sellers for me.

          • This is a really tough call to make, because I think Phoenix Wright cases 1-4, 1-5 and Trials & Tribulations are amaaaaaaazing, but probably the best Visual Novel-type game on the DS.
            It suffers the problem of weak gameplay (point and click adventure game type puzzles), with mostly easy puzzles, but the story is engaging and interesting with elements of pseudo-science and fictional history.
            There’s been some great discussions on the GameFAQs boards about different ways to interpret elements of the story, though it’s been a bit quieter since the developer answered a bunch of fan mail to clear up bits and pieces. I really like when a game can generate so much discussion due to various interpretations, so things being clarified was a bit of a bummer, but eh.
            All in all, pretty darn great.

  • Things that weird me out about Yakuza 4, Part 2:
    Table Tennis.
    More specifically, the need to stare at the opponent’s [always a young lady]… features to build up your heat meter for a winning shot.
    And the fact their robe slowly comes undone the more times you smack the ball into them.

    • Sounds fantastic, I am jelly.

      What’s with all the guys complaining about T&A recently. Suddenly everyone’s balls dropped off??
      I for one love some boobage and am looking forward to the machismo that Duke will bring!

      • It’s just aaaaaaaaaaaaaawkward, man.
        It’s like if you were playing Mass Effect 2 and you’re recruiting Samara and just when the cutscene comes on that introduces her and her boobs, a ladyfriend or your mother walks in and all they see is blue boobs and you’re like “The whole game isn’t just this I swear”

          • I Concur, Its like TV is striving to push the limits to breaking point.. and further.. I don’t know why people complain about games at all!

            I started watching Shameless (US) the other day and there are things in there that nearly made me blush.. and its tame compared to Spartacus..

          • Shameless is alright…

            …but everyone should watch The Inbetweeners – it’ll have you frothing at the gash! [/injoke]

          • Inbetweeners is genius – and that line still has me cringing and pissing myself at the exact same time.

  • Civil War landed on my doorstep with a satisfying thud this morning. Looking forward to cracking that one.
    Now just waiting on Nemesis…
    Polished off Wanted on the weekend. Didn’t realise it was so vastly different to the film (Not that that’s a bad thing). I enjoyed it. although how much I enjoyed it, I’m not yet sure…
    Handed over Chew v3 to my brother, but hopefully he’s done with it soon (bought it for his birthday with not-so-selfless motivations).
    Now I’ve started on Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face (Can’t seem to get the original anywhere – will pop into Kinokuniya on the weekend). Only a short way in, but I can see why Jimu’s not so keen on it.

    • 1. Civil War…meh, get the New Avengers tie-in.
      2. Really liked the bit in Wanted with the Batman and Robin fill-ins when the villain tells them that all anyone remembers is the camp TV show and how he used to be the scariest hero.
      3. Told you, I been reading Spider-Mans for 20 odd years, I am an old, jaded, picky fan. Just didn’t see the point.

    • Yeah tablet ftw. I have a Wacom Intuos2, which is a pretty old model now. Theyre up to intuos4 (which look so sleek and black and sexy and mmmm, I want!). But seriously, they are reaaaaaally good. I started scanning sketches in and drawing over them (obviously I use photoshop, CS5 to be exact), but over time I just drew straight in ps. It does take a while to get used to, feels really spaz at first, but once you force yourself to keep going eventually it feels second nature.

      • Actually you know what… I have an old Wacom Bamboo which is essentially the same as my intuos except it has a smaller drawing surface and has less points of sensitivity. Honestly, I never noticed the difference in sensitivity myself, I think you’d have to be some amazing digital paint expert to tell the difference. But since I do cartoon stuff which is pretty flat I don’t use the sensitivity thing that much. Well, my point is I don’t use it since I got the intuos. You want it? Lemme find a link to show what it is…

        • I was gifted my intuos2, so I’d be happy to gift the bamboo too. If your keen just put up the postage and I’d be happy to! Caus you’re awesome 😀

          • GAH! *faints*
            Your generosity is amazing and outstanding! I don’t know what to say! Except, well thank-you! It actually looks like a really cool model! (Super Happy Dance!) Ummm, if you can send me an email to jeffkent (at) pacific (dot) net (dot) au with payment details that would be outstanding! Kudos for this!!!!!!!!

  • Hrmmm doesn’t look like the indie game project is happening since we don’t have that much time and etc.

    how about we make a short animation series on youtube or something? we got the community and talent, and an animation doesn’t require much time and effect as a game …lets create something great.

    anybody interested?

    • I am but I never have the time. It sucks, I would like a creative output buuuut…theres always some shit that gets in the way. That and my addiction games.

      • opps i mean effort…damn we really need a edit button.

        Yeah i agree their is always something getting in the way, but we have to suffer for our art, and sacrifice some time into making something creative.

        i only got one idea that so far.

        its about a retired super hero who cant help it but to do everything extreme, so do normal stuff like doing number ones which would rocket him in the sky due to the extreme pressure and etc.

        Something simple.

        • I can prolly bang out some very sketchy character designs if you come up with concepts. I don’t have the time to sit down and put the proper work in, but I can get shit happening in that way.

          And I mean rushed and crappy, I’m talking about banging out VERY quick sketches at my lunch break etc.
          I need to get in the habit of drawing at night after getting the boy to sleep, my brain seems to go walkabout at night.

          • well your still needed, my mate way too busy with his job and cant help out, so u can still do ur sketches and stuff when needed, also i can do some artwork and i’m willing to do the storyboards and write it but we still need animators, i only know the basics of animation.

    • Yeah I’m a bit like Jimu here, as much as I’d love to do that community project the time is bad for me right now, really snowed under with the amount of work on my own game :'(

  • Bunch of things, all at once:

    1. Congrats to Mark and Kotaku. For some reason, I want to hear Mark going ‘Yo Adrian, I DID IT!’ but that just might be me. Anyways, congrats – that’s some great news!

    2. What’s with all the console/hardware failures? I think my xBox RROD was just one of about a dozen different catastrophes! Stop it everyone – I want people to be able to focus on my pain, and sympathise an appropriate amount.

    2a. It was definitely Morrigan who broke my xBox. She was the only NPC party member still standing at the time of meltdown.

    Now for personal updates (for those who care):

    3. I am writing a PhD thesis on The Simpsons (pending approval of topic). Permission to be jealous… granted.

    4. I just submitted my graphic novel The Lesser Evil (see link on my name for more info) to four comic publishers. Wish me luck… now.

    …Too late.

    • glgl!

      Also PhD? Pshh, nerd (I’m totes jelly).

      And yeah, what is it with people and their stuff breaking. I’m too afraid to even turn my Xbox on now.

      • Its OK, mine is still all systems go after its small lapse in playability 😀

        On topic, good on ya! Soooo, Hang on, in essence, are you becoming this man??? 

        WOW! Cooorrrrrrrr Blimey!!!! That link was one healthy son of a bitch! Go go gadget enormo-super link, goooooooo!

        And good luck with the publishers! (Jimu is right, you are Jelly Maker)

      • Thanks all for well-wishes. 🙂

        If all goes well, I’ll be writing my thesis on the presentation of fatherhood in The Simpsons, and the ways in which it reflects the plight and internal contradictions in modern masculinity. And then the School of Cultural Inquiry at the ANU will make me a Doctor. Those fools!

  • MARK!



    But yeah – just making sure, what with that (seemingly sentient and evil) spam filter. 😀

  • So I’m going to get a new gaming PC and since I know pretty much nothing about computer hardware I’m not going to build one myself. Instead I went to a small computer shop I know of that’s really good and staffed with guys who know what the hell they’re talking about and they told me of two setups they sell that might match my needs. What do you guys think of these:

    Computer 1:
    CPU: INTEL CORE i7 870 2.93GHz
    Memory: 4GB HDD
    Hard Drive: 2TB HDD
    Optical Drive: DVD Burner
    GRAPHICS CARD: ATI HD5750 1GB Graphics
    Network: Onboard Ethernet Port
    Display: 22″ LCD
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Peripherals: 1: LIGITECH Wireless MK250
    2: BELKIN Surge Protector/Power
    3: Internet Security
    Price: $1599

    Computer 2:
    Memory: 4GB DDR3
    Hard Drive: 2TB HDD
    Optical Drive: Blue-Ray Reader
    Graphics Card: RADEON 5770 1GB Graphics
    Network: Onboard Ethernet Port
    Display: 22″ LCD
    Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium
    Peripherals: 1: Microsoft Keyboard/Mouse
    2: THOR Surge Protector/Power Filter
    3: Internet Security
    Price: $1699

    Both come with a 3 year warranty.

    Are either of them good gaming computers? Which is better (I’m guessing the more expensive one)? Are they worth it? What sort of games would I be able to play on them and at what graphics setting (low, medium, high etc)? Do you think either of them would be able to play ME3 and Skyrim on at least medium settings?

    • I had a quick squiz at some benchmarks, and the second ones GPU tends to perform about 15% better than the first, and assuming you were using a benchmark setup, you’d be looking at very solid framerates on newish games on high graphics, resolution depending and all that. So, either would comfortably handle Mass Effect 3, most likely on high settings, if the running of the old ones stands true, and probably medium to high for Skyrim, but I’m not really sure.

      Personally, I have an irrational hatred of AMD, and if my memory serves, their 6 core CPUs weren’t really worth it, but I’m not really sure.

    • The BluRay seems unnecessary on the second machine.

      Personally, I’d go with the first machine but with the graphics card of the second one. You can skip the surge protector and anti-virus. There are free anti-virus programs out there and plenty of cheap surge protectors as well.

      Also, that simply doesn’t seem like a good price for that machine. Taking a quick look at Umart, what you’ve listed costs about $850 + motherboard (not sure what you’d need there but maybe $230) + case/power supply + operating system.

      I suggest shopping around a bit more.

      • Yeahhhhhh, what he said. A bit overpriced.
        The extra $20ish you can pay to get a 5770 over a 5750 is worth it too, more bang for very little extra buck. And even saying that, I hear the 6850 is where it’s at these days.
        Definitely try shop around more; buying individuals parts and getting someone to assemble them is going to be cheaper (I ordered all the different parts at MSY, and then they built it for me for an extra $70 including a one year warranty back in… 2008? Not bad if you don’t trust yourself to build your own machine).

    • Do they come assembled? They do seem a little on the expensive side to me. I could do a combo of the two.. (intel cpu and the better vid card) for around $1400 assembled.

      • See I’d listen to this robot, its calculations are absolute! How can you go wrong with a deal like that?!

    • Yeah even assembled those prices seem a little high. For reference is a website a friend gave me that has some really good prices. I wouldn’t expect most places to be able to match them but it gives you an idea.

      The Intel CPU would be fine, I’d definitely go for the 5770 over he 5750, these shouldn’t be too much as the next series the 6000’s are out now (these are expensive though).

  • So I just wrote a post and hit submit but now I don’t see it here with “your post is awaiting moderation” underneath it like I normally see when I make a post. Did it go through or am I going to have to write the whole thing up again?
    Hopefully it will be the post above this post if it went through in which case everyone disregard this message (though this post is more directed at Mark then anyone else).

  • I started Crysis 2 on the weekend (On Xbox).

    It’s really pretty, but it’s somehow not gripping me.

    I will say, the first cheevo, right after the opening movie… excellent, self referential, witty.
    Well done Crytek.

  • So I’m at tafe for a week now. My tafe teacher is awesome I feel like calling him tangent king cause he goes off topic so much. Also jimu I read superman for all seasons. It’s not as good as batman long Halloween but I liked it nevertheless, I thought it was quite clever how the narrator changed every season and how the seasons had significance to his life Jeff loeb is quite good indeed.

    • Read that so long ago I can’t remember anymore…I did like it though.

      In the first Superman/Batman book there is a few pages of them meeting as kids done in the same style, very clever!

      Now you need to head over to Marvel and check out:
      Daredevil Yellow
      Spider-Man Blue
      Hulk Grey (easily the best Hulk I have ever read, but there is no competition)

      One day they will finaly do Captain America White, not sure when since Loeb is the Animation exec and Sale is a very finnicky artist.

  • Plainview,

    You know what they say about imitation:

    At least I hope you do. Because I don’t. I can only assume it is good though, something to do with the imitator being even more eloquent and erudite than the imitated.

    At any rate I seek action. Therefore I implore you to act.


    (Dear God, I don’t know what is wrong with that man, but I think it might be contagious.)

    • Blasphemy & tarnation!! The humanity!!! What in the dickens kind of treachery be this most wretched act of sabotage??!!!!! i have been usurped by the Batguy.
      The imitator indeed more erudite and eloquent than the imitated; a knife in my crestfallen back, the final and coldest nail in my coffin.
      This is an affront to all that is moral and upstanding; a crime for all to see, fearlessly committed, beneath boldest light of day, amidst this the most unpleasant discontent of autumn.
      Well versed in the art of war . . . but a most malicious act.
      Cruel lament, where is it to be for me to turn to now at this the most darkest hour of all that is lost and godforsaken.
      Cut loose and set adrift my fate is now to be; alone, cold, abandoned and lost at sea; there is no salvation here, not now, not ever.
      A point of no return is reached where angels fear to tread.
      This is entirely – this is unmistakably – what Mariah Carey’s character felt like in delightful feature film Glitter; and know i now and now i know . . . until the very very end.

      Love, rainbows, (pool) ponies and watermelon,


      • Fear not Plainview, I, Blaghman, will stand firm with you. Through the horrors you face, the trials and tribulations of your life, when ever any man lays claim to the bounty of your brain, I will be there. I will not allow for this usurper to continue. While violence may never remain the answer, I believe a strongly worded letter shall be enough. I must admit, I am clutching at straws, for not only do I lack your vivacity, I desperately cling to your every word, praying that I shall become enlightened. While it may never work, I beg you, turn to me Plainview. You shall not drift off, your old comments the only vestige of your existence remaining.

        Stand firm my kinsman, while you may sway in your faith now, I know it is like a reed bending in the wind, it will return firm, and survive through the harshest storms.

        Your ever faithful servant,

        • a strongly worded letter sounds to be something like just the perfect tonic! May i be so bold as to suggest, by way of a first draft:

          Dear Batguy,

          Please stop beating everyone at everything they ever do.

          Go to the zoo, watch the monkeys, go to the park, feed the ducks, fall asleep on a park bench, wake up somewhere different for no reason in particulars; these are all suitably non-competitive past times that are equal parts fun & relaxing and will ensure everyone can keep winning without fear of swift reprisal from the Batguy.

          Please report back, post haste, with a field report of your new, less competive pastimes (in an altogether non-competitive fashion . . . so to speak).

          Sleeping on a park bench is a lifestyle, not a sport!!!

          And don’t feed the monkeys: the zoo keepers, as I have come to understand time and time again, don’t appreciate it one little bit.

          i went to the zoo last week and i saw them feed the crocodile . . . a baby goat.


          it’s not okay for me to share some of my delicious sandwich with the monkeys, but it’s okay to drop a baby goat into the crocodile pit.

          Sure, that makes all the sense in the world and then some.

          Plainview can’t forget this atrocity anytime soon.

          Everybody cried and i went home (dust in my eyes) – i didn’t even stop in the park; it was the worst thing to ever happen to me at the zoo except for the time a baby lamb did a big poo on me and everybody laughed.

          it was soooooooo funny – what a bunch of jerks, the people at the zoo are jerks, no kidding; ohhhh, quick, everybody look, a baby lamb did a big poo on Plainview, let’s point and laugh and take photos to share with all our pretty friends on facebook and twitter at some time in the not-to-distant-future . . . how splendid it will be.

          Not for me, Meredith, how is that supposed to be fun for me?

          Don’t get the wrong idea, the zoo is the most fun, but it’s just that sometimes the people there can be unkind.

          A good thing is that sometimes they put the baby orangutan (the ginger cococut-head man) in a nappy which is pretty much the funniest thing of all time, it kills me, it kind of also makes me sad too, but I don’t know why.

          I also like (love) the sun bear, but he never seems to be in a nappy. I want to go to see a polar bear because i have never seen one before, but i don’t know if they have nappies for polar bears – you would probably need to get the Depends brand adult diapers if you were ever to try and put a nappy on a polar bear.

          And you can bring your own sandwiches to the zoo, or choose from a wide selection of sandwiches available for purchase at the sandwich shop that is actually at the zoo.

          i thought maybe if you bought a sandwich at the zoo then you might be allowed to feed it to the monkeys, but you’re not allowed to do that either.

          They have lots of rules at the zoo, but it’s still fun all the same.

          Love & best wishes,


          • Dear Plainview,

            I offer you my most sincere apologies. My posts were not made in the spirit of competition. Rather, I found myself in a bind and wished to converse with you. Given that you do not seem to inhabit the same plain as us mortal folk (something hinted at by your name, perhaps?), nor share the same language, I sensed that I needed to lift my game, bridge the gap, and take one small step for mankind. So I dusted off my long-forgotten +10 cloak of verbosity and produced the prose that lies before us.

            While I may share a similarly effusive vocabulary, I can never lay claim to the wealth of fantastical experience that you do. As such, my tales are wordy but ultimately hollow. There is only one Plainview, now and forever, and I am not that man.


            Regardless, I made contact with the alien mind, received my answers, found my relatives and possessions intact upon my return home and was able to watch the video. So the mission was an unmitigated success.

            The video was fulfilling, but has set my brain afire. It has made me immensely jealous of David Letterman and I want to take his job. Who knows, it may even result in me becoming the subject of a future Plainview and Bronson flipbook video?

            (The) Batguy

            PS: To answer Blaghman below, this sort of stream-of-consciousness writing doesn’t really work with a thesaurus – at least in my experience. You just use the most appropriate word that springs to mind – and you’d be surprised at just how often that word is perfect for the task, even if it is one that you have neglected for many a year. Almost like it is sentient, and though it has lain dormant, it is now awake and clamouring to be used…

          • PPS: I guess that original postcript was actually directed originally at Jimu THEN Blaghman. Sorry Jimu. Hope we can still be friends.

          • i’m just happy you didn’t feel as though i’d wasted however many non-refunable minutes of your life after you went to so much trouble to see the movie.
            And don’t apologise (my letter as nothing more than jest); better still: keep better doing better things better than people!!!

      • Plainview, are you well read or do you keep a dictionary on hand?
        I know all these words you use but without your reminder of their existence I forget that they do…exist.

        • When I’m writing creatively I tend to use an online thesaurus, it’s kind of cheating, but it usually works. As such, I’m going to assume he does something similar.

        • i can forget everything, but i always remember words, styles of writing, grammar, syntax and the like; just because i like thinking about them and how they all work together. i could fail every class you ever put me in, but English was when people knew to come correct to me or step the fcuk down. So reading and writing always felt powerful to me – how i stood out, how i was somebody, not just a guy not good at nothing in particular. Words always made me feel good about myself no matter what; just something i was good at, something no one could take away from me.

          The things you like best are the same things you remember most.

          The fastest pool pony racer of all time and then some,


  • Would more people come to the Sydney meet up if I said that i’d arranged a venue for us to have a private function room with a TV (I’ll supply the console) and a couple of pool tables….. in Sydney CBD….

    I am SSOOOOO stoked I managed to pull this off because i only had one day to arrange it while I worked in the city.

    Now I am doing this on the cheap (zero) because we have very little commitment from you all and I am assuming we will also have some no-shows… but i think we can make this work.

    This place has no lunch kitchen staff so they have agreed to allow us to simply order/get pizzas and take them upstairs. There is also no bar up in this room so we will have to order drinks from ground floor and take them up 2 flights of stairs to level 2.. it sucks but this is essentially a free private room!!!

    Also they have agreed for me to bring in a console to plug into the plasma so I was thinking about having Trials HD running in the background??? Tournement anyone???

    There is also a juke box and 2 pool tables that i assume we will have access to on this floor!

    Now this is Sir-Eats-alot’s thing so I will politely suggest this as the venue and we can chat about it. send me an e-mail to
    claimsboy at hotmail dot com and I can tell you more…

    I wont tell you where just yet (right next to Wynyard train station) until i am sure we want to go ahead with it. No problems if not but thought it was too good to pass up!

  • Inspired by Bunny’s Buttercup, and not wanting to start a new game just yet, I’ve returned to Demon’s Souls.
    I remembered I’d started a game on the 2nd PS3 so I loaded up the game…no savefile. Then I remembered it had been on the US version which we’ve since given away because we now have the Australian version. So I now had to start all over again. Again.

    Did the tutorial, cleaned out the first level and killed the Phalanx Boss before the boy woke up from his nap. I’m in my body. I hope Buttercup doesn’t invade, I won’t stand a chance….

    • I’m sure we’d love to read of this new warrior’s endeavors on here, just as we enjoy reading of Buttercup 🙂

      • I actually really disappointed that after the first week where there was an influx of writing, everyone else stopped. Doing this sort of thing is not necessarily hard and I’m more than willing to help out anyone who wants to give it a shot.

        The most important thing is to know from the beginning that you’re going to writing this up and remember to take notes constantly.

        Also, I’ll help out with editing for anyone that wants to make use of my services. Not just for Let’s Plays but for anything that people would feel like submitting around here. As long as it isn’t too long. If anyone is interested in doing some writing and wants me to help edit, just email me at adam AT trjn DOT net.

        • I know if I ever submitted anything for you to look over your response would be “GAAAHHH, why are there so many commas? AAAGGHHHHHH, this thing is a mess!” At least, that’s what my normal editor used to say, before he straight up refused to read my latest thing thanks to the number of commas.

          And yeah, more people should be writing, I always find it to be very relaxing. Except for my 100-odd word rant against ignorant morons. That one was stressful.

          • Commas are people too!

            At least they get more love than the poor semi-colon; that poor symbol hardly ever sees the light of day.

            Although that might be because many people, myself included, never really bothered to learn how to use it properly.

          • I could try and explain them, but Wikipedia does a much better job. Their two most common uses are in lists, where they act like commas after a semicolon, and something else, where they’re like a connecting thing, ya know?

            In all seriousness, I have a s strange obsession with commas. Now that I’ve mentioned it you’ll never stop seeing it (until you forget). But I write like a script-writer; that is, how I would talk, so what I write typically has way too many commas prior to my editing.

    • You don’t need to worry about Buttercup invading. She isn’t the sort. Mainly because she is really underleveled.

      Good to see you’ve started playing again though, tis a damned awesome game. You’ll probably finish before me too, I’m taking my sweet time.

  • Just played through the first couple of sections of the game I plan to review on Friday.

    I really wish I had something to record my gameplay, I think most of you would enjoy watching some of my failures.

  • I just found out something embarrassing, and I should have realised this earlier, but still.
    The best selling game for the PS3, of all time (according to wikipedia), Is CoD:BlOps. Congratulations gamers, give yourselves a pat on the back. So far as I can tell, the next two games in the list are Gran Turismo 5, and Gran Turismo 5 prologue. Wow. There are so many quality games on the PS3, many of them system exclusives, and yet, Codblops.

    Anyway, here’s my sourceykins:

    But really, Codblops? *sigh*


  • Just letting you know Qumulys is pure evil!

    I was on the minecraft server, out in the wilderness. Surviving on 2 hearts.

    headed back to civilization with some pork to cook to get my health back. Get inside the fence around Qumulys’ Bed Crab Hotel. Breath a sigh of relive to know I’m safe. walk up to the front door, Creeper jumps off the roof, lands on my head hissing with glee as it blows me into oblivion.

    I’m convinced he planned it.

      • Seeeee, Bish is the evil one! That creeper was my pet, I befriended him like Spideykins (who ate my wolf) and had a whole play-date planned with him in the morning. What do you do?? Blow him away. Now when I play ringaringarosie in the morning I’ll look like solitary spinning top.

  • Oh hey, also, Simon Pegg vs Nick Frost on Good News Week in a sci-fi nerd-off. That was pretty good.
    Just bringing it up for no particular reason. Not like the site has any affiliation with either one of them.

  • I whipped this up last night in an hour using my excess FRAPS footage. Starts off slow but then as time went on, I got a bit more involved in the editing.

    If this doesn’t make you want to play Assassin’s Creed again, you obviously don’t love broken bones on guards.

    • Man, Brotherhood is a ball of fun. And you know what I *just* discovered? If you pick up a heavy/double handed axe/broadsword, you can throw it at guards, and they go flying away. And then you can pick it back up and the entire process repeats.

      • Or you can chain lance spear kills together. Countering = lost lance, but dodging = continuous spear-death.

        Or that if you hold the attack button during a chain kill, you use a secondary weapon to kill 2 guards at once. Knife + Throwing Dagger = awesome.

    • I love the AC series so far!!

      I once killed a guard with a fishing rod I picked up. 😛 *poke poke poke poke poke dies*

  • Had a few days off sick last week, the person who normally handles IT is on leave because she’s getting married and I had Monday off as my normal RDO.

    Long story short, things are a little hectic this morning. I’m counting this post as a slight breather before I dive back in to things. I’m not used to having much of a workload to deal with dammit.

  • Did anyone hear about the APP HMV in the UK released that allows you to check how much you get for trading in a game there? The ERSB have had an APP available for a while now that lets you find out classification information.

    I was wondering if anyone knew of any other cool game related APPs that are available.

  • Does anyone know where I can still get some floppy disks?

    Ok, ok, if you’re done laughing, I’m quite desperate for some as I have machines at work that can only read floppy disks. An upgrade so they can at least access files over the network is planned, but isn’t going to happen anytime soon knowing management.

    I know they don’t get made anymore but I was hoping someone might know a retailer that still has some. I got what Officeworks had but it wasn’t much, I’ve searched most every other Computer retailer, at the moment I think I’m going to have to go on Ebay.

    • I thinnk i still have about 3 boxes (20 a box) stored somewhere for safe-keeping. I could take a look later on if you’d like?

      • Really you can still get them? Our computer supplier can’t get it through any of his suppliers they have all stopped selling them. If so I would be very interested.

      • Thanks everyone for the replies, if welbot has a supplier I’ll probably go through him though, or through his supplier if possible. I’ll have to see how much they cost first, but I’m thinking at least 2 dozen. If they’re cheap enough I’d get quite a few as I think it will only get harder as time goes on.

    • Last time I was in my local Big W (probably over 6 months ago…) they definitely had some (I remember being surprised to see ’em) – if it’s convenient, might be worth checking with them.

    • There are boxes and boxes of them in the bakc fo the cupboard here at work. I don’t suppose you are in Adelaide?

      • That MTV one? Bendis got involved and it was still a big peice of shit!

        Peter Parker is not a gheye nightclubber!

        • Will they use the comics as the storylines, or just sort of loosely follow them? I really liked Ultimate Spiderman but lost interest a bit when the art changed.

          • I gave up after Bagley left. Love Immonen’s art but not for USM.

            I beleiev that they will lossely follow the comics. Not sure, can’t follow the links at work!

  • Alright, what the hell is the go with NBA Jam’s online mode? Has anyone else tried this? You cant choose who you play so it connects you to people randomly, who are 99% of the time on the other side of the world, thus leaving you with a lag of approximately 2 friggin seconds. Yay. This is so lame, why make a new game when youve shelved out stuff like this?! FIX IT DAMMIT! Sigh… I know I’m gonna end up buying the arcade version since it will have (hopefully) fixed things like this… damn you EA! Damn you to HELL!

    Also, what the F is this Ghost in the Shell 2.0 blu ray crap?! I didnt get further than the opening scene, in which it was brutally and unforgivable butchering it with crap poo crappy 3D nonsense crap! GAH! WHY?! I bought it thinking well, at least if the additions suck it has the original version too. Oh genius move. The original is in the crappest quality known to man, ripped straight from a VHS copy by the looks of it. Siiiiiigh…

    • Coming down off your birthday high, eh?

      There, there Sughly – it’s alright, we’re here for you. *hug*

    • Please explain this GitS 2.0.

      It’s not Innocence I take it, which ahad plenty of CG.
      Actually there was a bit of Cg in the first, the big robotspider(Tachikoma?) was Cg.

      Anyway more info!

    • I’m curious to know if a settlement like this has any effect on future court cases along the same against other hackers, or is it legally a non-event?

      • Yeah, to the best of my knowledge it’s a non-event – if the court makes a decision, then that creates precedent… but this doesn’t really change anything.

    • One of my friends warned me to steer clear of this version. By the sound of things I should be grateful.

      GITS stand alone complex is his fave series and when he got me to watch it I decided to buy it straight away but I’m waiting for a decent blu ray copy.

      Did they change the story as well or just butcured the animations?

        • It’s worth making the time. At least for the first season. Second one is good to but the first one is the best in my opinion.

          • I tried, i EVEN PLOPPED A FEW ON THE IpOD AND TRIED TO WATCH EM THAT WAY(GGOgogadgetcapslock)

            And the subtitles were a bit too small(i refuse to watch dubbed).
            This was before the boy was born…now it’s even harder.

          • Argh, my eyes hurt just thinking of trying to read subtitles on an ipod.

          • It was more a speed issue than anything. They were big enough but I couldn’t read them qucik enough at the size.

  • Just a bit of a bump for NotoriousR and the Albert Park 24hr run/walk for cancer he’s doing. He need’s more monies so find it in your hearts if you can! (Mark, would Allure possibly be able to make a contribution towards this great cause?)

    Go here!

    Thanks everyone 😀

  • My Jeremy Clarkson style game making has been going well, I’ve managed to make this so far . Currently there is no sound, there is no background image of a vast city, there are coins to collect but there is no score, and there is no AI or health. But at least it looks good…
    Oh, and the game will start in fullscreen mode, you just press Esc to quit.

      • Nope not a virus, well, I’m still here after playing it. I collected all the coins lambo, it was pretty cool, timing the jumps was tricky, but a good 2 minute challenge! I would animate little lambomans hands/arms a bit when he’s jumping, like swing them up a bit? But I must say, very impressive good sir! 😀

        • Nope, most defiantly not a virus… 😀
          I probably won’t animate his arms, because I’m going to give him weapons. Also, a little bit about the setting for this game: It’s going to be set at the beginning of the robot apocalypse, so everything is still bright and cheery. Bad guys are going to consist of radios, fridges and other household appliances.

          • hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

          • See, look at Q. Sounds suspiciously like he’s infected with your crazy virus to me.

            Anyway, I have this file now but it is broken. I dragged it into the application folder on my apple macintosh but then nothing happened. Please fix.

          • Umm yeah, sorry about that, I should have said that it’s only for Windows…for now. I can only make windows games with Game Maker for Windows, but I’m going to make a hackintosh sometime in the near future, probably when Mac OS X Lion comes out. Then I’ll make a Mac version of my (hopefully completed) game.

            And I hope Q didn’t get the plague from my file… 😛

  • Just want to post a giant Thank You to Chuloopa for his passionate posts on Warhammer 40,000 books.
    After reading his many comments on the subject I thought I would give them a try, I now own four of these giant books and I am loving every sentence of them.

    Thank you Chuloopa, your words of wisdom have made my lunch breaks far more enjoyable and my general work day more tolerable.

    • Dawwwwww
      Cheers dude 🙂

      If you don’t mind your fantasy stuff as well, pick up the “Vampire Wars” warhammer novel.
      It collects all three books from the Von Carstein Trilogy and is brilliant. I’m reading it now.

      It brings vampires back into the whole “devious, mad, and downright brutal” way of things that things like Twilight and True Blood ruined completely.

      • Sweet, I’ll give it a try.
        Damn sparkly and whining southern freaks nearly ruined the whole genre.

    • Yeah I’m reaching Space Wolf currently, I bloody love it! First & Only was awesome as well. They got me into reading on the train rather than do challenges on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days on the DS lite. Can’t wait to see more one day, I gotta search for them, though I heard they’re hard to find in Australian book stores.

      • I got mine from Dymocks at Parramatta, very large selection there, so you might try them.
        Just finished reading Hero of the Imperium and Defender of the Imperium which focuses on Ciaphas Cain. Brilliant and fun reading, describes nearly all of his heroic actions as mearly trying to save his own skin and the little editorial notes are hilarious.
        I am just about to start the Gaunt’s Ghost collection.

        • Gaunts Ghosts is AWESOME reading.. some of the best

 and ebay are also really good places to get the books from cheap 🙂

          Some of the dirt cheap books warehouses have them too, which is good if you have one in the area.


    “Dear Club Nintendo member, to celebrate the second anniversary of Club Nintendo, Nintendo has introduced a new item to the Club Nintendo Stars Catalogue!”

    Very, very, VERY cool:

    Costs 3000 stars. I spent them all on my (admittedly very cool) t-shirt not that long ago and now only have 1050 🙁

    Anybody want to buy me 10 new Nintendo games so I can redeem this?

    • I will point out that I saw it first, so it’s only fair that I get to take everybody else’s points to claim this.

    • I was just coming here to post that haha! Hot damn thats awesome! I havent spent any of mine yet so I got around 2000, but still not enough :'(

      Damn you ozgameshop and your UK points that dont work here!

      • Most of my collection is older than the points system…BULLSHIT! I have been unjustly rewarded for being an early adopter!

        We did buy the Wii semi-recently, how many points for that?

          • 500…for a wii…WHAAAAAAAAT?? Most things cost a thousand+…BUULLLLSHEEEEEEEET!

            Sorry, can’t remember the price. I suggest checking their website.
            I always thought Game and Gametraders were versions of the same franchise, then at SuperNova I noticed they had seperate booths…whats the deal?

          • I think Gametraders is kind of like IGA, in that it’s lots of seperately owned things run by the one big thing. If someone smart can give me the correct term, that’d be great. I could be wrong though.

          • Game and Gametraders? No. Sorry, I probably should have clarified, they’re completely separate companies. Game is British, I believe, while Gametraders is Australian, and unlike how EB is a division of Gamestop, they’re completely unrelated. They just happen to both have similar coloured logo things.

  • Welbot

    Old chap!
    I just sent you a message via collabratory which I don’t know if you’ll get or not…

    Do tell!

    • *nods*
      have been for a few months
      from what i’ve seen is horrendously over-priced… even compared to other lego

      • I’ve been out of the loop.
        It combines two things I love; Lego and ninjas, so I may have to buy some. Probably just one of the little ones. There’s a black ninja with a scythe that looks pretty badass.
        Wouldn’t mind a Transformer too.
        I’m in constant battle with my 8 year old self…

          • JELLY!
            I only have one of my 80/90’s figures, and he’s missing his missiles 🙁
            I have a whole bunch from the Energon period, including Optimus, but your Grimlock trumps my collection.

          • My pride and joy are my original Megatron and Soundwave (still with original Laserbeak.
            They’re scuffed to all hell but still hold a proud position on my bookshelf.
            My current goal in life is to corrupt my nephews by constantly buying them Transformers for the various birthdays and christmases.

  • With the game I’m planning to review on Friday, I’m about 1/3 of the way through the campaign. Admittedly, I could have finished it all in one go yesterday if I felt like it, but I didn’t so hush now.

    So far, what I’ve played is pretty much exactly what I remembered it being like. I probably could get away with not finishing this game and writing a review based on the little I’ve replayed so far, seeing as I have completed it before. Except I won’t do that because my opinion of the rest of the campaign is somewhat different to my opinion of the beginning of the game.

    I really don’t know why I’m keeping what I’m playing a secret. Luckily I don’t have anyone here on my XBL friends list or the secret would be revealed pretty quickly.

    • “Lucky” that you don’t have any of us on your friends list? 🙁

      My handle is pretty easy to work out if you’re feeling friendly at the completion of this project!

    • I think he only has the Terran and Zerg campaigns done, so I’ll be waiting for the Brotoss campaign so I can do it all in one go.

      And then, eventually they’ll do BW, and I can rejoice in the imbalanced nature of zerg super units. So very imbalanced *dreams*

  • One of my bosses called me his “secretary bitch” today…
    I am neither his secretary, nor his bitch (Well, I guess I’m his bitch. He is my boss)

  • wEEEEEE! Thanks to the first home ownser grant, my credit card is now paid off and I own my fridge! w00t! I r teh debt free again! Now I finally have the money to register my business name too! YIPPEE!!!

  • I’ve been gone all day today…did you guys miss me? 😛
    I missed out on some stuff but thankfully not two pages of stuffs. Why not two pages of stuffs? You’re slacking off, kids.

    Also, I keep reading Hugo the Hungarian Barbarian as
    Hugo the HUNG Barbarian. *insert google-eyed shocked look here*.

    • Also, what is it with Gorzilla and wood and hard batons today?
      I leave for one day and everyone hangs out in the gutter….

      • Well, you know, I get lonely if people don’t join me. The more the merrier (Please note, if you join me in the gutter I will steal your wallet)!

      • See how wild and misguided we become when you’re not around to “tsk” us?
        The only solution is to NEVER LEAVE EVER AGAIN

    • I did notice you were gone – I was gonna say “hey… where’s Strange?!” but thought it might be weird, as if I was stalking you or something.

      So, what was more important than Kotaku? Huh?! 😛

      • We’re not stalking her now?

        Man it would be nice if someone forwarded me the emails on these things… god damn it…
        *starts packing up camp*

        • Someone should have emailed me too, if I’d known you were there I could have brought you some food and drink.

          • Awww man… and i was rummaging through your bin to eat!??!

            Guys! Seriously! Some communication here would have been bloody nice!

    • Most of my names this week are referring to minecraft in which in am currently constructing a long wooden road.

      When dealing with large amounts of wood innuendo is hard to avoid.

      See this comment for examples.

  • Wow. Mad packed week. I really hate assignments now… 🙁

    I applied for that job at Allure, and was asked to come in for a “chat”. So I guess I’m getting an unofficial tour of the Allure offices! 😀

    One last thing addressed to anyone coming on Saturday:
    What time/where are we meeting? Where is lunch going to be eaten? etc… etc… etc…

    • Wow, awesome news Tad! Allow me to be the first to say… “Make sure you take lots of candid pictures when you’re there, I don’t think we’ve seen the true Mark (or the true Kotaku office) yet…”

      *pictures Simpson-esque-Mad-Magazine-type office*


        At least 3 pictures of a pant-less Mark Serrels will appear on the internet very shortly.

    • Good luck with the job, it’d be excellent to see someone from here end up working for Allure.

      Then we’d know who to blame when the site has technical fits like we’ve been seeing over the last few days. Don’t worry, we’d only give you moral support, there’s no way anyone here would ever try to heckle you or throw things at you while you try to fix things >.>

    • glgl!

      I wish I lived in a cool city like Sydney… Oh, and I wish I had any useful skills…

      But I’m with Shane, take lots and lots of photos.

    • You realise that when you do get the job (when, not if) your superiors can just check out TAY to see when you’re slacking off.

      • When? I wish! Hopefully, but I don’t know yet!

        And yes, but Mark wouldn’t dob me in… would you Mark?…


        …You wouldn’t… right?



        But seriously, When I was working at Optus, I only checked kotaku briefly between deliverables, at lunch, in the morning and just after I was about to leave. I know that sounds like a lot, but it probably only totalled about 20-30 minutes a day… and Optus was dead-boring to work for.

        I don’t want to sound like a twat, but I think I’ve got a pretty good work ethic.

    • You won’t believe it, but when the post went up yesterday I was gonna say “Man! I hope someone from Kotaku (like TadMod!) gets this job – that’d be awesome!”

      …but comments were off :/

      So, as you could imagine, I think this is awesome and wish you the best of luck 😀

  • Rightio, finished writing tomorrow’s Buttercup post. Now to edit and play the game I’m reviewing for an hour or so.

    I’ve noticed that when I’m writing certain material, specific music helps things go smoothly. When I was working on my NaNoWriMo novel, listening to Queen made the writing process much easier. When writing Buttercup, it seems that Tool is the aural stimulation I require.

    Somehow I feel like I’ve stumbled across something that will allow me to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Hopefully it doesn’t mean that in order to write the greatest literature the world has ever seen, I’ll have to listen to something like Taio Cruz.

    • I always preferred instrumental stuff, but anything I’d heard a kajillion times would be fine cos I wouldn’t pay attention to the lyrics anymore.

      • I never really pay attention to lyrics anyhow. Most of the time, the lyrics are so inane or just plain weird that it saves a lot of headache to ignore the meaning and enjoy the sound.

        • I used to sit and read the lyrics from the slip(if available) all the time.

          These days I never do, too busy, but I still can’t not listen.
          I find it very important that the lyrics aren’t about f*cking and partying. I’d like a lot more hip hop if they’d change their ways…

    • What music are you listening to for your surprise review?
      Also, I have a tattoo of the Ribcage from Undertow. This must be why I like Buttercup so much….

    • I’ve been watching some Magika being played by the yogscast and TB yesterday and thought it looked really interesting. Might purchase 🙂

    • Magicka is extremely fun (especially in multiplayer). It’s buggy as hell, but when it works it’s extremely fun.

      Don’t cross the streams!

  • Nooooo : ( I was awake watching the Starcraft 2 Dreamhack Invitational Tournament grand final (eSports > real sports, of course!) and the player I was rooting for, whitera, lost the championship because in the final match, his opponent did a proxy right in his base and whitera JUST missed the proxy with his scouting probe and scouted the wrong direction and by the way his probe got to the opponent’s base he basically lost the game. D: I was hoping for a macro game but some cheese (cheesy tactic) just made the conclusion. That was 15k prize money gone. 2nd place got no cash at all.

    If anyone of you guys watch real sports (yes I know you do) hopefully you’ll understand my sadness. Shall go back to sleep and I’m going to need some coffee when I wake up!

    • and by the TIME his probe*
      not by the way.

      I love watching these pro SC2 tournaments.
      Only if players I like could win them!
      At least I can still see some other interesting matches on youtube.

      (Probably nobody will find this interesting at all since I don’t think any TAY regular is into SC2 that much :\)

      • Ahem. That’s where you’re wrong!

        I quite enjoy Whitera, I think he’s a very good player, quite dynamic. Fruitdealer too, of course, and there’s a few amazing guys in OGS. I think Cool could probably top Fruitdealer on a good day.

        • I always like the interesting players, so TLO and Spanishiwa, for example, are good. Ace, the winner of the IEM, is a really good player, but I’ve never seen him be creative, he seems to pick a build before he plays the match, and then just performs it perfectly, going for very standard changes, so while he’s an exceedingly good player, it’s not that fun to watch.

          Whitera is good because he’s a happy medium, he knows huge numbers of builds and counters, and is able to execute them brilliantly, so watching him play is intimidating (my APM is like, 12, compared to their 100-200).

          • I don’t think TLO is quite up there in skill, but his matches are always entertaining. He’s unpredictable but not all of his schemes pay off.

          • Well, he’s quite frequently in the top 10 in terms of ladder positions, but I know that the ladder has bugger all relation to the tournaments. Personally, I think he’s up there, it’s just that his use of strange strats hinders as often as it helps. Still, I think he might have switched to Terran for tourneys now, so it will be interesting to see if that helps him (he was certainly the best “random” player I’ve seen).

    • I don’t tend to watch the tournaments much, but I am a big SC2 fan. Usually I’m too busy playing the game to actually watch stuff though… Although I make a special exception for Husky.

    • Trying to walk through Lava protected by a Water Veil? I’m guessing poor Buttercup steamed to death, you fiend! Not a very pleasant way to go.

      Also, she needs a Purple Flame Shield by the sounds of it. She needs protection from absent-mindedness. 😛

      • Steamed, drowned and melted all at the same time. Lava really is nasty.

        And yeah, methinks Buttercup may try and collect the Purple Flame Shield in 1-2 before going deeper into the mine.

    • I left you a message on your site.

      I’m such a constructive person, of the two things I’ve sent, one has been gibberish for the purpose of being a dick, and the other one was a potential correction to a linguist error.


          • Well, I replied to your comment to say that you’re right about that. So you don’t look like a total idiot.

          • Also, that’s a bad typo from me, “linguist error,” I mean, if you consider yourself a linguist, it’s okay, but it makes much more sense as linguistic. I should really resign from caring about spelling and grammar, I am too bad at typing for it to be worth it.

      • You’re a better friend than I. When I notice errors, I don’t bother to notify Bunny. Instead I just chuckle to myself and move on.

          • You like to be proven wrong, you like it when we SLAM your ideas into the ground. You got a taste of something different, and now you want MORE…

            Okay, I should probably stop insinuating you’re a masochist now.

          • There’s the masochism bit and then there’s also me just thinking of it as a bit of a safety net. If someone else picks up an error that I missed, then I can go back and fix it.

          • My main problem is not learning from my mistakes. I usually manage to correct myself if I ever re-read what I’ve typed (which is rarely, I hate looking at my own work, it’s a really bad habit), but I continue to make the same mistakes all the time. I choose to blame the lack of an edit button for the majority of my stupidity.

  • My sister is the bestest!!
    She gifted me a copy of Blood Bowl Legendary Edition on steam while it was on sale because i STILL don’t have the internet at home and she wanted to make sure i didn’t miss out 😀

  • Sooo because i have a tendency of giving stuff away recently, i have something else for whomever wants it!

    A copy of the original Neverwinter Nights.

    I’ve had the diamond edition for quite soem time, so the original standalone is just gathering dust…

    So if you haven’t played NWN yet, and you love a good dungeon crawler, let me know and i’d be more than happy to shoot it out to you. It is a FANTASTIC game and one of my favorite RPG’s of all time (dual axe wielding dwarf ftw)

  • Just keeping up my Backbreaker fanboyism… The new title announced yesterday seems to be an XBLA exclusive and will be much like the iphone game vengence (the second one) with both tackling and running, and from the screens, it looks like multiplayer also.

    I am actually more excited abotu this game than the original simply because it takes the best parts of the backbreaker game and does these well, while not getting overly technical into the game itself, which many Aussies or non-yanks simply dont understand.

    I am really hoping this does well and it a certain purchase for me…

    This may also be the time that Loops gets this. I know he has been keen for a while but obviously cant justify a retail purchase. I’m ceratin it will be 1200 points, but we’ll see.

    • I actually saw a copy of backbreaker for $26 but couldn’t afford to get it at the time.. i am still keeping a very keen eye out for it.. it should still be there when i get back from Adelaide next week, so i may have a copy of it soon!! 😀

  • Heard the BEST news yesterday

    Devin Townsend is coming out to Australia!!

    Also… STEEL PANTHER!!! *throws the horns*

  • I’m starting to get really annoyed by the US Kotaku guys getting confused by they’re, there and their