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    C'mon Adam Scott! *fingers crossed*

    Does everyone have a TV nearby?!

      ARGHGHG! I've been trying to follow it on twitter...

      How many holes does he have left to play?


        And the South American guy (who can't win, because it'd be a tragedy to have the name 'Charl' go down in the history books) has a one shot lead... ARGH! :\

          ...need Schwartzel to bogey

          Then, Adam 'n his long putter will take be all over this...

          *fingers crossed*

          Schwartzel swooped in under the radar and stole the victory: brilliant effort.

          I want to say I'm disappointed, but Adam Scott and Jason Day both played pretty good rounds and it was an awesome finish - I just looked up at the clock and the last 30 minutes seemed like hours. It was so tense!

          (...actually, maybe Schwartzel filled out his card incorrectly... *fingers crossed* >_>)

            I didn't expect to see this topic on Kotaku!

            I was able to put off leaving for work until Charl hit a clean shot up the 18th. Knew it was over then.

            It's a shame that Adam didn't win in the end, but you can't begrudge a winner who scores four birdies from the final four holes to take the title!

              So true - and his birdy on the first was *amazing*

      No TV, but then, I don't understand this sport in the slightest. Or care. Mostly I don't care.

      Competitive lawn bowls is where it's at.

    Do we refer to you as "Award winning journalist Mark Serrels" now?

    It's my day off and I'm going to go get some delicious coffee this makes me sad.

    On the other hand, here's some Buttercup I prepared earlier.

    I finally encountered a Black Phantom. They're bastards.

      I never had any players invade my world though I did invade other players a couple of times. I even won once when the enemy player rolled off a cliff.

      I decided to rent the game for another week and ended up beating it on Sunday with a soul level 88 character. I'm going to have a go at playing through again with the NG+. Game's 40% harder now. I'll see how far I can get before I have to return it on Friday.

      I'd stick with the black leather armour if I was you. For the first part of the game I was wearing heavy plate armour for the defence but I changed to the black leather because the mobility and increased stamina regain is way better then the added armour you get from heavier sets. Just make sure you have a good shield and maybe pick up the warding spell.

        "I even won once when the enemy player rolled off a cliff." That sounds suspiciously like the BP who killed Buttercup. OMG Bunny! Dire Wolf invaded you and made you die!

          In Buttercup's defence, she didn't roll off the cliff, the knockback from the sword knocked her off the cliff.

        I actually do have the Warding spell, I just keep forgetting to equip it now that I have enough spell slots to have both Warding and Soul Ray. I'll be using it soon, the next update takes us up to the shortcut in Stonefang Tunnel and then after that it's back to the Nexus to equip it.

    Hey guys!

    So, I have a favour to ask of you guys. Not a very big one, but a favour nonetheless. About a 14 months ago, I lost a pretty a good man to cancer. He's the guy that got me into comics, that made me enjoy writing, and he was an all round awesome guy. And then he got cancer. He struggled with it for more than 2 years, until he finally passed away in February 2010. So, this year, a bunch of friends and I will be doing Relay for life, where we basically run/walk around Albert Park lake for 24 hours. Odds are, some of you know someone who has been affected by cancer. So all I'm asking for is some donations. Donations can be however much you want them to, and are tax deductible. Please donate, it'll go towards both research, as well as helping to support those who already have it.

    Here's the donation link under my name:

    Thanks guys!

      Can you put that link in the 'Website' box so we can click your name we have fundage and don't forget?

        I don't quite understand what you're asking...?

          Yeah, sorry. I'm ashamed of that sentence, it really was a mess! I'm not a morning person....
          I meant that if you could make your username here a link to that page then people can click on it when they have moneys they can donate. Especially people like me who forget things easily and don't have any money today.

            I like this idea. Also, Kotaku just swallowed up one of my comments. I am sad now.

              I WILL FIND IT!


                Mark Serrels: With a PhD in kicking your ass, and winner of the 2010 IT journalist award for best gaming journalist.

                He will search the archives for your missing posts, he will respond when questioned to the nature of his pants, and he will have his Nintendog destroyed by Elly.

                He is, a Gamez Jarnalist.

      I donated a little bit of money for you, but there is a condition.

      You must now do the entire event dressed as Waluigi.

      Or not. Really, it's your choice.

        I think he should do it as Weegee.

        That would be great.

      Your top attitude made me completely unable to resist in giving you some funds. Go Hard NotR!!!! :-D Great cause!

    I did it, I finished Nier with all the endings!

    I've never gone the distance with trying to see all endings of a multi-ending game before but Nier did everything right by not making it a chore. Starting from half-way instead of back at the very beginning was a smart move and extra cutscenes and conversations made it seem like a different game. It was incredibly moving to see things from a different perspective and refreshing to be able to try out a playstyle I never usually use: just rushing through and not worrying about any sidequests or exploring. When you see the final ending all your save files are erased which was a nice but scary touch. Although I did start a new game just to experience the first part again with all my new-found insight.

    I loved every minute of this game and while I'm proud of myself for finishing, I'm also sad it's over.

      How sad are the scenes with the robot enemy?

        I know! I can't believe they made me kill all those enemies again after showing me their stories. :-(

          How much easier are some of the bosses when you know the pattern already?

      I still havn't gotten much past the fishing intro. I really need to have a go at it.

      I just wish i'd never watched that Zero Punctuation review where he mentions that when Neir jumps it looks like God's yanking on his nipple rings. It's all I see when i press jump now.

        HEHEH, I never really got over that, but the game is so good I didn't care!

    On my way to work, dropped son off at daycare. Back to the same roundabout that I was at 5 mins before and a dude had come off his bike. Slid about 10m then hit a drain. Broken arm and ribs.

    I Think I was there within a minute or so of it happening. Just a suggestion to all to do some sort of first aid training. A guy rocked up with a first aid kit from his car and looked at me saying he didn't know what to do with it.

    Kept him still and wearing his helmet. His legs were raised which helps avoid shock. Talked till ambos arrived. Nothing else needed treatment.

    No saying I know that much about it and my first aid certificate expired year ago but at least make sure that if you do ever come across this stuff you can help.

      Even though I've never taken a first aid course, I have always paid attention when people have taught any level of first aid, and really.. you just never know when you'll need it. I came home from work one day to find a guy rolling around in the middle of the road.. wasn't sure if he'd been bashed or what had happened, but he was rolling around in front of his car. He managed to tell me "esky".. so i hopped in his car and found his esky. Looked inside and saw some Jelly Babies. Soon as I saw that I knew it was a Diabetic attack. Rushed them to him and fed him one as I tried to hold him still, and sat with him til he was better. All the while it was absolutely bucketing down rain mind you. Still, had I not been told before about Jelly Babies being a treatment for that kind of thing, I'd have been useless. It really pays to store those little tips away (much like I have with the CPR tips I was given at school.

      My school did almost-mandatory First Aid courses at the end of grade ten, which is something I support. Even if they got some of their facts wrong...

      Great work FS! First Aid training is essential, did my course (admittedly 6 years ago now) via work. Since I was team-leader on my shift it is pretty much essential for someone at least to know what to do. So yeah, what you said, get training of some kind!
      TAYmunity Announcement

      I did one when I lived in Darwin...
      3 days, and it was intense, full on MacGuyver stuff.
      How to ID and treat.

      Absolutely brilliant it was.

      Moved to Adelaide and went to renew it.
      Half a day course, and everything was... call an ambulance.
      It was just... piss weak.

    I always do it.. Say I'm gonna play something in the end of week What are you Playing this weekend thread, and then promptly spent my time playing something else :0

    Anyway, I got myself going on another pile o shame game. 3d Dot Game Heroes! OMG! I knew this game had potential.. I knew it was gonna be sort of like zelda.. I had no idea it was gonna mind my fucking blow!! It seriously is like the updated zelda I always wanted to have! And talk about funny! I love the way they're always taking little jabs at other games and 3d itself. Like a girl in the first town who commented that it's so much harder to clean up in 3d cos you can see so much more! LOL! I only had time to clear the first temple thus far, but damn.. this is looking like one epic game! If you loved zelda on the snes, and you have a ps3.. do yourself a favour.. go get this game if you haven't already!!

      !. Totally agree with first sentance, I never say what I'll play cos it jinxes it away!

      2.I am jelly!

      Unfortunately for me, my husband played that before I did, so by the time I got to play it the music that had seemed so charming when I first heard it was smash-something-annoying. I hate it when game-music won't stand up to repeated listenings.

        yer it's definitly not zelda charming.. i wont exactly be walking around 10 years from now humming it to myself, but thankfully you can turn the music off! The game itself is soooo hella cool! Well wortht he play even with music off!

    Played a 3DS on the weekend, quite liked the AR games.
    Wasn't so bothered by the 3D, kept closing one eye and the Mrs got motion sickness in about 20 seconds.

    FaceBlaster/raiders/whatever was fun.

      Got to play one also this weekend. Did as it said on the tin. Just not sure the 3D is required. And damn it I tried using my fingers as touch input and tried tapping the top screen.

      How did that not come up in play testing and they realise it's not that intuitive. Anyway impressive technology but won't get one.

        I use my finger on the touch screen all the time, there was one point where I used my nose. It worked... well enough... ish. I also try to touch the top screen all the time, it's annoying because in Pokemon they usually have yes/no options on the bottom screen, but then sometimes they don't.

          The pokémon games on DS have the most ridiculously unintuitive, badly playtested, cobbled together touch interfaces I have ever seen. And they only get worse with each iteration!

        I want one for all the must have games that will happen. Stuff like Mario Kart and Pokemons and Final Fantasy remakes.

        I can wait, I did it with PSP.

    Congrats to the team for their impressive win/s last week. You do rock.

    I also want a detailed post about it that includes sughly's picture with the rainbow.

      Yep, huge (and deserved) congratulations!

      I also vote for some kind of write up including Sughly's awesome art. Oh, and a video of Sir. Pegg Legg's speech the twitterati were so impressed by.

        Plus 7!

        Congrats to the team, I hear you gave a great speech Mark, we'd all love to see if someone at allure taped it!!??? Please!!??

        Also, I'm still cross with whoever it was who chose to serve Taco's, which while great, is not a dress/suit/tie event food.

      Sughly should start drawing for weekly TAY comics, I really like his art style!

      Mark won? Congratulations! :D
      I was away from my PC this weekend, so I'm sorry for not congratulating you sooner

      Congratulations to all Allure Media winners!

      Give us a recording of Mark's speech!

    Hmm, I think I had a few scraps from last week I meant to wrap up... Oh Yeah:

    Sir-Eats-A-Lot: I can't believe I forgot about SexyGlade, he is most probably the best player on SEA. I don't think I've seen him play though, or if he did it was as a joke match, or else I was unconscious or something. The reason a fair few of the high tier players know me, is because a friend of mine used to host informal little KotHs every few nights, which we would cast to all the observers. For some reason lots of the top tier got involved, so I got to talk at them about lots of inane shit, like how cool the word undulating is while describing an ovarylord. Eventually he got too cool for me though, as he started hosting the SC2SEA KotHs, but now he's postponed his ingame activity to "live his life" or something.

    Shane: That really, really sucks. Best wishes to get back on your gaming feet ASAP.

    Finally, though no-one probably cares, my 3000 word opinion piece on Sucker Punch, which you have to read on Facebook, because I'm exceedingly lazy.

      I didn't read it all, because I haven't managed to see the movie yet, but I like "lolboobsguns" so I'm guessing I'll be in the 'love it' camp.
      Also, are you posting it on Facebook because you secretly want us to make you our Friend? :P

        I'm posting on Facebook because that's where I usually post my creative writing. Things like my exceedingly immature rant against peoples responses to the recent earthquake near Japan, an overanalysis of Beauty and the Beast, where I conclude that Gaston is in essence, The Doctor (or a bizarro form of Belle), or the FUCIT, a quiz to analyse whether or not you're addicted to Facebook.

          Oh, so you don't want to be my friend? *sadface*
          But I don't have enough 'friends', how will I lengthen my E-nis now? :P

            Well Strange, feel free to add me as a friend, just know that I will then proceed to look through ALL YOUR PHOTOS and everything you have done IN THE LAST THREE MONTHS in a way that is NOT AT ALL CREEPY because that WOULD BE WEIRD!

              I'm totally taking you up on that challenge and sent you a request.

              Congratulations - you just broke my self-imposed restriction of not adding more FB friends >:

                I sent a request too. I'm gonna give him a pop-quiz later.

                  My mouse slipped and I accidentally added you :|

                Hmm, I have 2 friend requests, this is probably the most I have ever gotten in a single day...

      I read your review, but I don't know what to think of it.

        Do you mean the review, which is rather schizophrenic, or you don't know what to make of the movie, due to the schizophrenic review?

      oh ho ho ho, I see. That's pretty cool man. Did you secretly film their playing to gather strats. I would have. And then hugged the footage afterward.

      That's totally not creepy of me at all.

      And lol @ sexyglade!!

        I did save some of the replays, but I just don't have the micromanagement to handle it all. I have quite a high APM, but it's all task focus, so I can micro my units really well, but I'll sacrifice my macro to do so, stuff like that. I'm a pretty big noob when it actually comes to playing. I'm going to assume that based on all this you play it, so am I allowed to ask for your name stuff?
        I'm cTBlaghman, and my FC is 498. Unless the ladder reset changed it...

          This is going to sound odd but I actually don't play SC2. I just follow esports as part of my role
          as an eSports journalist, so yeah.

          I do play some other games competitively though, just not SC2.

            I was going to add "or are you one of those weird people who just watches sports" but decided against it. Oh well. Out of curiosity, what eSports do you tend to cover, and what do you play?

              But I AM a weird person! :D

              I cover the Arcade scene exclusively, but keep an overall eye on the Aussie eSports scene.

              Competitively, I used to play Tekken and Warcraft 3. Less so now. I never really got anywhere with the Warcraft 3 because the scene here is small, and my internets back then was just so terrible, so you'll never have heard of me!

              Nowadays it's a mix of TF2, DOTA/HoN, CS:S and Tekken.

                Nice, I always sucked at Warcraft 3, but that was more related to my age combined with my lack of information. It's scary to me that Idra was such a well known BW player when he's less than a year older than me (although he got pro reasonably late in its life). If you ever decide to play Starcraft, give me a shout, I love watching new players. (One of my friends kept treating it like Brood War, and so didn't rally his Drones to the mineral line, many lulz were had)

      Just read your analysis - I agree with some things and disagree with others (50/50, maybe), but overall I enjoyed it too!


      ...more on it later, though!

        The shortened review that I should have written (but that I needed to write the first one to understand) is this: While many may dismiss this film as stupid and degrading, I would argue that it is far from it. The ham-fisted nature of some elements hides just how intelligent and subtle this film can be. Overall, a love of Snyder's work is a must to get the maximum enjoyment out of this film.



    WHEN - Saturday, 16th April. Meetup at 12pm.

    WHERE - Sydney CBD area. I propose we meet up on George Street EB Games. For those unfamiliar with the area, link here ->
    Nevermind the inaccurate photo!

    WHAT - Lunch, hopefully some gaming to ensue.

    If you have any q's, feel free to ask/discuss here!


      I'm totally there.

        Hear that everyone?


        Now I'm really disapointed that it's not in Adelaide.

      I'll walk past the store but if there's any scary-looking people in there, I'm running away! :P

        Maybe I'd best not go. Woudn't want to make everyone run away.

        But on a more serious note I think I can make it, i'll have to doubel check if i'm working that weekend or not.

          Sounds great Sir Eats-a-Lot
          But won't be able to make it...sigh.

          I'm sure it'll be a success so we can do another one pronto !

      Doable but tricky... will have to leave by 1:30 at the absolute latest to make it home in time to play soccer. Let's see how it goes!

      I would love to meet up with kotaku folk but my commitments to footy means no love from me.

      I'm there. I'll be the guy in the trials hd hoodie.

      I just hope its cold or I'll look like an idiot.

        Thanks everyone. It's going to be heaps EPICALLY AWEWSOME.

        And we can do the lavishing-of-praise thing to Mark IRL.

        Disclaimer: Unicorn and rainbow may not be included.

      erm... I may make it, I've got something on in the early afternoon. Where will we eat, because I may just skip the EB games meet-up (I like my sleep, damnit!)

      I'll be there, I just don't know when xD

      I'm there!! Oh wait.... its a SYDNEY RULZ THE UNIVERSES THING AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *breaks down sobbing like a girl*

        Yeah, I reckon Mark should take Kotaku on the road. Do an epic Kotaku World Tour (or at least Kotaku Australian Tour)... travel the nation meeting all the Kotaku regulars and buying them beers.

          Yeah! And we can smoother him with coconut oils all over his chest and gently roll him over back and forth in the sun....

            Wow... that's so disturbing.

            Even if you'd told me in advance that you were going to say it so that I'd be ready for it and not caught so flat footed when you actually said it, it'd still be disturbing.

            Now I'm afraid to go to sleep... I'm dreading what my dreams will be like tonight.

          Yeah, the single other Canberran reader and I will get to meet up! Wait, someone else is from the ACT, right? Right?

      I sooooooooooo want to make it, but I've got a lot more work than I expected and I'm really only a 50/50 chance at the moment.

      If it's a success (and why wouldn't it be?!), can we have another around June/July...? :D

      (Strange will have to come back down again, of course :P )

      Mark should hold up a Kotaku sign like a tour guide :D

    Morning Kotakuians!

    For the regulars on Minecraft, I think I may drop on the server a little less often before I get my lag issue fixed. May try to get RAM upgrade, but I don't know if 1GB to 2GB will make a significant difference. Netbooks aren't really designed for gaming in purpose. I hope I can hop back on before tree city is finished and I can make more "I got wood" euphemisms. :P

    And are we having the Sydney meetup on Saturday 16 April? Any specific plans on what to do? How to meet? etc.

      I dunno how much it will help you with the ram either, but from what I was reading, some people went from 10-12fps to 20-30fps when they upgraded their netbook ram, so there's hope for you at least! Ram is pretty cheap aswell, so at least it wont break the bank!

      It looks like my lag problem is now much less than it once was... but again no players were online when I was on yesterday. I had to quit cuz it was night and a creeper was outside my front door, so I was stuck lol.

      RAM upgrades are always good no matter what, if you can get it and you know you can install it onto your system, do it!

    I just wanted to thank FatShady and the rest of LCT for inviting me to their virgin minecraft world. I lost pretty much all of Saturday in there, and a few hours yesterday farming material for the project.

      No probes dude.

      You know what. Batguy loves my iPhone morning typos so I'm leaving that one for him.

        Cheers. I LOLed at the typo and the nod in my direction!

          Fun to have you in there mate! Also thanks to all the MC gang for not going completely mental over my daughter!!

            Damn, did I miss something unbelievably adorable?

    ME3 Game Informer thingy (there are scans floating around for anyone who doesnt have an issue):
    Things to note:
    1. Ashley looks weird and now looks like they crossbred Ashley and Miranda
    2. Boobs ninja. According to a friend, "its very unit 02 meets MGS"
    3. No mention of Tali, which apparently has people in an outrage? I mean, I like Tali, and she's a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything, but surely after ME2 with her kind of surprise reveal, you'd realise Bioware are doing the same thing, and wouldn't shoot themselves in the foot like that.

      Don't care what Ashley looks like now, that xenophobic bitch won't be appearing in my ME3 games. My FemShep will be happy to see Alenko again though, having stayed faithful to him even though he shunned her. *sob*

        Mmm. Alenko <3

      I'll just be happy if Samara comes back with the option to romance her.

      No Tali?! DEAL BREAKER FOR ME! ... kidding... still pissed off though :P

      Sounds more like EA pushing for results too soon again to me

        I'm ok with there being no Tali... the people on the Bioware forums are pretty damn creepy about her.

        I'll be vexxed if Reager doesn't show up with their fleet though... I was counting on that firepower.

    What's the weather like in Sydney? Do I need to go shopping for warmer clothes to wear this weekend?

      The week before last, it was all gloom and doom, but then it cleared up, but then it uncleared up yesterday, but now it's brilliant. Bright blue sky, not a cloud to be seen where I am.
      Probably best to check closer to the day. :\

      It's fine, you probably don't need to worry.

      ...but I wear shorts throughout the entire year, so I'm not sure how reliable I am...

    I just bought a new monitor to use with my laptop when writing.

    13" MacBook Airs are great for many things, but trying to use them at a desk for an extended period of time is a bit of a strain on the old peepers. Pictures would follow, but it seems like my iPhone does not like the lighting in my room, so you can't see what anything looks like.

    I really should be a camera nerd like the rest of my friends, I'm sure one of the chunky DSLRs they carry around would take this photo without any hassles.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I bought my final two books from Borders last weekend, and good ones too:
    - Mogworld
    - (Insert other name that I can't recall as I'm at uni)

    This was my final adieu to Borders. Did anyone else get any last-minute books from them?

      I would love to get mogworld but ad an audio book read by yahtzee. Is that available

        That would be awesome... but alas, I don't believe it is available! :(

      I went to Borders at Garden City but they've already sold basically everything worth buying.

    Decided to shelve my 3DS until a decent crop of games arrive (Zelda, Mario, Harvest Moon, Star Fox etc). Didn't plan on buying the 3DS til some good games were released, but I saw the sale on CatchOfTheDay, and decided to give it a shot (for $200, why not) and was one of the lucky ones :). That being said, never played a PilotWings game before, is it worth picking it up to get some use out of the 3DS?

      Pilotwings 64 was a lot of fun and became quite challenging at the end.

    Anyone else keep getting a white page saying error 503 (I think it was 3) and the message "Service Temporarily Unavailable"?

      Yeah, it's been happening since Thursday-ish last week, apparently they're having back-end issues. The main problem being that I repeatedly refresh every time I get it, as others likely do, which can't really be helping their server...

    In the words of Cory Doctorow:
    'Here's a fantastic animated adaptation comic/skeptic/awesomesauce purveyor Tim Minchin's poem "Storm," a verse-form rant about the miseries of woowoo, the glory of science, the delights of skepticism and the miracle of the actual world.'

    JUST got back home from *groan* shopping. The ladyfriends weekend is mon/tues so thats when I have those kind of things on. But you guys arent even past page 1 yet?! Cmon, its gone lunch time! I'm still too lazy to read all of whats been said above tho... I skimmed.

    Thats all. I have nothing interesting to contribute. Except an apology to Blaghman for being a dick over his film review. I'm really a harsh film fan Blagh, I still love you!

      Don't worry Sughly, I don't mind. I'm internally harsh to films, but I have weird taste, so I can understand a normal harsh critics point of view. I'm not sure what I'm trying to say here, but I forgive you.

      No wait. Uhhh, you were mean to me and I cried, I demand a drawing as compensation... *cough*

    Its a small world after all.... *in my best singing voice*

    I just got a new PC at work. As a result i had to spend a hour or more with a number of our IT dudes to get it sorted. As it turned out, Kotaku was open on my PC. Starrted talking and after a few minutes, it got to the point where you say.. oh, you a Kotaku regular, do you know my mate?... which is almost always NO.. but this time it was YES.

    Bukake Kane it seems is the mate of my IT bloke at work! He is also the only Kotaku person i have met IRL (Dead Rising launch) so it was extra special... Anyway, Funny story i had to share.

      I met TadMod once, a bit of a twat.

      I am keen to meet everyone on the weekend though! I'm working on my scottish accent to make Mark feel more welcome amongst my nerdiness! :D

        I met JamesMacStoleMyHandle once.

        Bugger stole my identity.

          This sort of thing is why you won Kudos. :-D

    Hey guys, if you haven't already done so, you need to get yourselves down to your local K-Mart and get one of these
    It's only $12. I bought one yesterday and it looks sweeeeeeet :D

      I have a rather large one of those rolled up under my bed...

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