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    Did our good man Serrels attend a dawn service this morning?

    Wow! TAY is early this morning!
    I think the world must be nearing it's end. First Valve-Time goes backwards, and now TAY gets posted early!

    A new week, a new TAY.

    Finished Portal 2 yesterday. I couldn't believe the twist at the end? Who would have thought after all that, the Butler was the one that did it!




      OT: Was a very clever ending.

      Also, Cave Johnson is the coolest CEO in the history of the world.

        He was AWESOME. Didn't realise it was J.K. Simmons doing his voice until pretty late in the game.

        HAAH HA HA!
        Cave Johnson!? Best CEO!?
        Quick, Bidwell, write a memo to this TadMod fellow!

        Dear [ ] friendly associate / [X] ugly rival,

        It has come to my attention that you have recently been [ ] praising / [X] insulting my character. As personal thanks ([X] sarcastic / [ ]not sarcastic) to you, I would like to give you this gift of:
        [ ] A single boiled candy
        [X] A punch to the face
        [ ] An unreleased Mann Co weapon, not fit for the general public due to safety concerns
        [X] A selection of Mann Co comics, depicting me setting bears alight and making sharks cry

        In conclusion, I [ ] appreciate the praise / [X] ignore your UNMANLY and therefore worthless claims against me.

        Sincerely yours,
        Saxton Hale
        CEO, MANN CO.

    So, I kind of want Final Fantasy IV Complete for the PSP, but it doesn't come out until Thursday. Anyone know of any broken street dates?

    Well, with PSN down I haven't been able to do any of my usual shenanigans. No Demon's Souls and no Portal 2 co-op. Sadface.

    On the other hand, I have discovered the Portal 2 will work on my MacBook Air. So I might try co-op on that. As long as I can display my temperature on the other monitor so that I know when things are about to catastrophically meltdown.

    Something else that some people might find interesting. The owner of Mech Keyboards is a friend of mine and loaned me two of the keyboards he sells. A Ducky DK9008(B) that I haven't really used yet but weighs more than my laptop and another one that I'm not sure of the model number that I'm using right now.

    Pretty neat stuff, although it does take a while to adapt to the mechanical keyboard after using the Apple keyboard.

    I''ll report back on that. It takes a while to adapt and I most definitely have not adapted yet.

      Its Bad enough that it's down. But I had to replace my PS3 on Sun because the BD drive crapped out (Motor) half way through HarryPotter:ATDHpt1.

      Now I can't deactivate or create the PSN accounts I need to to successfully use the Data transfer utility to clone my Old PS3 onto the NEW. meaning while I can play games on the NEW PS3 I'm not going to get any trophies and all that...

      so Doubly screwed.

      Once I have the new PS3 up and fully running then I have the choice. Do I send the 80gig with faulty BD drive back to sony. OR do I attempt to swap the drive out with the BD unit from my Very dead (GPU) japanese 60gig unit?

      Finished Portal 2 co-op.

      It didn't cause my laptop to meltdown and there was much rejoicing.

      I downloaded mine of the US PSN (before it went down....) last week and I'm having fun with it. I'd be curious what the performance is like on UMD with the install option as the load times of the ol PSPgo are crazy fast.

    So last night I played monopoly and I got beaten because within the game me and my sister make ridiculous deals. For onstage for 2 of. Her properties I trade paying all her bills within game. I was winning by 6000 dollars and she landed on her boy friends properties like 5 times in a row. Gah anybody else been doing any old school board gaming?

      My strategy is simple.

      Ignore everyone else, and just buy everything! "Oh, you landed on a railroad? GIVITOME!" Then throw money at them.

      Usually they see through my clever plan though.

        My strategy should be don't feel sorry for everyone. Cause your doing good for a round

          The secret is to be a dick. Always. All the time. To everyone you ever meet. It works really... Uhhhh... It works for me.

    Found this (NSFW). It's about how a ridiculously uneducated christian man thinks Portal 2 is a tool to convert people into homosexuals.

    At first, I was laughing the entire time, because I assumed that this was an Onion style article, but no, judging by the comments, it seems that this is a legitimate idiot. I wonder if this is how the ACL views video games?

      LOL. Sorry to burst your bubble but Christwire is a satirical website (Like The Onion). Tha fact that this is satire is glaringly obvious. Sadly some of the commentors completely missed that.

      No, it's just another stupid parody site

      Christwire's a parody website, so, thankfully, the article is not real. There may be people in the audience who don't realise that though, on both sides of the argument.

      Hahaha, if that isn’t trolling I have so much pitty for that man and even more for his kids.

      Thats not a real Christian website. It takes the piss out of christian ultra-conservatism.

      Have a look at some of the Popular Posts. They're hilarious.

      Awesome! I don't really read much satire stuff, so I wouldn't know. Good to know that people aren't *that* stupid to think this about Portal 2.

    any update on a 'trending' view for kotaku??

    Anyone else read this?

      Poor Crazyguy, you post about it first, and then everyone comments on the latter post, simply because it already had a comment.

      Don't worry, I am here to recognise your ability to be ignored. Good show, ol' chap.

        I was gonna say something, but it was too awkward :(

        Thanks for the link, CrazyGuy!

        Story of my life, mate.

        *raises pint of Boags*

        Story of my life. :)

    That lovable ol' rogue, Jim Wallace of the ACL, really values the freedom avd pluralism of Australian society... or not.

    Unlike the other link, this isn't a joke :/

      Yeah, absolutely disgusting. This is what we're dealing with.

        *In TF2 soldier voice* This is the enemy. He does not know fear, he does not know logic, he does not know common sense. He relies on intuition and superstition to fight and believes himself invincible in an argument, despite the fact he frequently uses nonsense to justify himself.
        He is also stubborn as an ubered heavy and half as smart.
        Know your enemy, gentlemen, because he doesn't know you.

      Damn straight he should be ashamed of himself. Although that image is for the US and DADT, its message is universal. What a fool.

      Won't somebody think of the children!*

      As long as they don't turn out gay or convert to Islam.

        Oh man, they must hate my good friends David and Jonathan (arguable about what kind of relationship they had), and man, Sebastian, this other friend of mine would be crucified by them.

        I think he has a street or something named after him.

        Since most of you will probably have no idea what I'm talking about, look them up.

          I hadn't heard of the David and Jonathan story - interesting.

          And yeah, I've watched a 1978 film (Sebastiane) about St. Sebastian. It was, um, good. *cough*

      Goddammit. People like him give a bad name to all the actually good Christians out there. Now yeah, I know that Jesus was actually a bit of a dick, and only wanted forgiveness (in a spiritual, not physical sense) for those who asked for it, specifically from his idea of a god, but he had so many other good messages...

      Fuck it. If he wants to act like this, then he can have a taste of Leviticus 19:34. I am really tempted to go biblical on his arse.

        The Book of Matthew is rife with appropriate quotes for people like Jim Wallace:

        Matthew 6:1 “Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven."

        Matthew 23:13 “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to."

        Jesus did not approve of those who made a big song and dance about their religion. Jim's whole schtick seems to go against those particular teachings. This amuses me.

        It also saddens me because for some stupid reason, Jim Wallace has political influence.

      The guy was a General in the Australian Army and a commander of the SAS.
      He has been places and done things for this country that I cannot even imagine.

      For that, he has earned my respect.
      As an Australian citizen he has the right to an opinion.

      And his statement was correct.
      At the time of World War One, Australia (and the Empire in general), did not support gay marriage and it was not an Islamic country.

      However, today is not 1915.
      The world and Australia has changed, a political leader must remain relevant, or they will be quickly unemployed.

        I agree that he is in fact correct.

        But, they also didn't go to war to fight for small minded people with ignorant views of the world as a whole. They went to fight for their families, and for Australia. The Australia which states that "To those who come across the sea, we've boundless plains to share." With a more modern approach, it's saying that we are a country for everyone.

        Some people just make me mad...

          At the time, that wasn't the national anthem of Australia... we were still singing God Save the King.

            Holy crap, you're right, while the song was written in the 1870s from the look of it, it didn't become our anthem until the 1980s. Christ, that makes me feel so young.

            Alright then. How about we go with, they were fighting for Australia, and each and every soldier had their own personal idea of who or what they were actually fighting for, and that attempting to clarify that would be a gargantuan task, which nobody should be allowed to attempt.

              It's probably fair to argue, technically, that the Australia they were fighting for doesn't match the modern country. By definition people can only fight to preserve what they know and hold dear.

              But part of what they were defending were the institutions and values that accepted, and even encouraged, change. Many of the people around in World War II were the ones dismantling the White Australia policy and institutionalised prejudice thirty or forty years later.

    So I got a friend to start playing Minecraft.
    I'd wish multiplayer was more accessible instead of having to hop on servers (thankfully we've got one courtesy of FatShady), because I want to play with my friend but it seems a bit ridiculous to go through all the trouble for 2 players only.

      You could set up a lan server. Here are some instructions on how to. It's not too complex.

    I just got around to reading Mark Serrels epic 3DS Street pass adventure. Too bad he missed out on 50. I'd dare say he'd have gotten there if Nintendo had a better launch line up. It doesn't seem like there is much reason to guy one other then curiosity at the moment.

    It was a good read but it just mad me sad again that I couldn't get to the Sydney meet up and I Really wish I’d gotten to go to distant worlds. Is that likely to ever happen again?

      Oh yeah, that reminds me. This is something I posted on the 3ds streetpass event article.

      "Evidently there were more people with 3dss than you thought…it was a conspiracy, man!…they seem to have organised together to make sure they didn’t streetpass with you!

    I think I settled on a name for my art blog. I wanted something snappy, something that could roll off the tongue. I'm thinking of going with:
    Jamie Watt's Imagisphere of Funtastic Wonderment & Artistic Endeavourations.


      What about:

      Jamie's All-Invigorating Lapses into Brilliant Artistical Inventive Talents.



        Clever, yet possibly misleading people into beliveing there will be considerable doodles of young ladies below the age of consent.

      It seems a bit long, no? Unless most blog names are like that, I wouldn't know.

      Mine is just a pun of a 3D function, people who use 3DS Max would know.

    I've been on a bit of a katamari binge all weekend :0 Never had a chance to play the ps2 ones before, and I've been having a blast! Has anyone played the ps3 one that came out a little while ago? Trying to decide if it's worth getting, or whether it's too much of the same?

    Also wanna put out a hi and thanks to Jimu and his lovel wife for the lunch meetup! Joan and I had a great time, and certainly look forward to meeting up again sometime! :) Maybe get some gaming in next time!



      I played the 360 one, seemed the same as the PSP one, somehow I find it harder...the 360 one.

    Marky Mark,

    Did thee recievest an electronic mail from thines truly this gracious morn?

    It was Cheapskate.

      Will check now.

        Ah! So that's how you get Mark's attention, speak in Old English!
        Let me try then
        Oh thou great and wonderful Lord Mark, ruler of the land of Kotaku.
        I beseech thee to check thine mail inbox, for thy servant hast sent a letter in thy general direction, on the subject of delayed gifts. Nary a portion of said gifts has been received by thy servant, who hath anxiously awaited their arrival since the third month of our High Lord Mark Serrels.
        I pray thee have mercy upon thy gracious and humble servant and send such promised gifts in due hast, lest I bequeth from TAY and make my presenceth known on the forum of thy mortal enemy, Bruff the Gruff...

    Also, is there anyway I can stop Kotaku logging in with Facebook and still be able to use Facebook?

      On facebook, click Account in the top right corner, go into Privacy Settings, then down at the bottom click on edit your settings for apps and websites. Click on remove unwanted or spammy apps (Disclaimer, kotaku is not a spammy app, click kotaku australia, then click remove app.
      Hope this helps

      if memory serves me correctly, strange said the solution was to remove the kotaku app/link from facebook itself?

      Off-Topic, but: Holy Balls! Please change the background of your blog to be something less eye-siezure-worthy!!!

      ON Topic: I think you need to clear your active logins through your browser, because AFAIK there isn't a "log out of facebook" option.

        LOL. Yeah, that's only there because I'm at work. Obviously I will create my own custom backdrop later. I'll also be removing all the text and replace it with a logo. Till then, you're all stuck with Purple Space.

    I'm watching a Let's Play of Majora's Mask. At one point they say "if you walk without rhythm, you won't attract the worm." Obviously they didn't get that the line was a reference to Dune because when they fought the boss that's two giant sand worms, they didn't reference the line again.

    Oh, such wasted opportunities. Silly goons.

      Ohhhhhhh it's a dune reference! That makes so much sense now. I always thought it was some obscure reference to the worm dance, but no, this makes much more sense. Ha, how about that.

        I read Dune for the first time reasonably recently and heard that song again shortly afterwards.

        It might have been that I heard the two reasonably close together, but it seemed so specific that it didn't seem like it could be anything but a Dune reference. That, or my brain just happens to be particularly good at picking out references.

          Yeah same, I only read it for the first time over last Christmas. T'was good! Not sure I could be bothered following the whole series though... I kind of like it at that point. I dunno, could be wrong, maybe the series is utterly spectacular and I'm missing out?

            From what I've heard, the first book is the best (it's the only one I've read), the other books written by the original author are alright, and the ones written by his son (I think) are just terrible.

            I had the same problem. I read the first book, enjoyed it but decided that it probably wasn't worth reading the rest of the series. That being said, I have Children of Dune sitting on my Kindle just begging to be read, so I may report later with some interesting findings.

            I read all six dunes and the last two are the best!

              Sooo... does that mean 2 3 and 4 are mediocre but I have to read them to get to 5 and 6? That sounds like a lot of dune reading... I like to diversify genres a bit between each book. Not 6 of the same genre, let alone same story :(

                I'm pretty sure he's being a troll.

                I could be wrong though...

                  You are so wrong!
                  Loved the whole series, every book. The last two were the best. NO SHIT!

                  No troll.

              I dont know man... I've read all of them.

              Chapter House was, well... well, it wasn't good.
              Let's leave it at that.

    So who has ordered Mortal Kombat despite the ban ?

      Yes... do please post that on here.

      It would be even better if you could log into Facebook whilst you do.
      Leave your full name and address here too please.

        I tell you, the intelligence level here just mows my blind...

      I didn't.

      Before release I thought the game looked clunky and not too impressive. After watching some high level Street Fighter players like Combofiend and Alex Valle play it, I feel safe in my assumptions. Others may have fun with it, but it isn't my type of fighter.

    hello hello hello.
    i'm at uni library trying to study but failing miserably. : (

    Whew, came back from Melbourne.
    Spent a lot of money, got a few albums, a few dvds, and Insane on PC for $5 at EB.
    Oh... I forgot to mention... one of those DVD's was Wrestlemania X-Seven. :D

    Ah work tomorrow after a rather dull weekend and after the only thing I was planning to do was sleep i'n until at least 8 my plans have been foiled because if me unable to sleep i'n crappy beds that aren't mine. How was all of your weekends?

      My old friend the toilet had a great meeting with my face, and I can't remember four odd hours of that night...

      So pretty good!

        Thursday night I got pretty drunk with a mate from work on a shitty beer that I have never heard of before thats his favorite. Then another mate and his gf came over and we watched the office on a projector. Then because I'm only I my p plates had to spend the night on the worlds best couch. But I had to leave for a 4 hour drive to a shitty house owned by my mums boyfriend. So one part good 4 parts meh.

          Weirdly, I don't remember drinking that much, I'd had two beers, and was midway through a stupidly strong rum and coke when it all went black (I may have had another, less strong one prior to that, but I'm not quite sure). Weirdly, the last photo on my 3DS was taken at 11:59 (it's great because the click comes way after it takes the photo, so they try to get out of it, and fail).

          I was enjoying the party until that point. For some reason I like talking to people while intoxicated, but despise it normally.

    Any Kotaku readers in Brisbane? If you have a 3DS/DS, please join StreetPass Brisbane!!/pages/StreetPass-Brisbane/205781172778573

    Quite a few people over on /r/gaming seems to have this weird idea that the harder levels of Portal 2 were taken out because of limitations with console controls and not because the playtesters were complaining about difficulty. Valve wanted to reach a wider audience, which meant toning down the difficulty, it really isn't that hard of a concept to grasp.

    Everything in the first portal can be done just fine with controller. Hell, it can be done with a trackpad. I know, I've finished the first game on my laptop using the trackpad. The reduction in difficulty has nothing to do with controls.

    Stupid PC master race shenanigans. Just because keyboard and mouse is better doesn't mean that controllers are completely incapable.


      How is your mechanical keyboard going ? Any good,

        There's two of them.

        One has firmware issues and doesn't work with Macs (an issue I'm told only effects a small number of keyboards), so I can't really comment on it much. Although when I plugged it into a Windows machine and did a few minutes of random typing it felt awesome. Very snappy, very responsive.

        The other one does work on my Mac and is what I used for two chapters of Portal 2 co-op. For that level of gaming, I didn't notice a huge improvement over my Apple keyboard or the MS wireless keyboard I have. In terms of typing on it, the keys feel softer than my Apple keyboard but there is more travel distance.

        After years of using Apple keyboards, I really haven't used the mechanical keyboard enough to say that it's better, just that it feels different and that is throwing me off ever so slightly.

        I really want to try the one with the firmware issues out properly. It's pretty much what I imagined a mechanical keyboard would be like, aside from the fact that it doesn't work on my main computer.

        Long story short, I need more time to really tell you if they're worth it.

      /r/gaming is just a circlejerk of PC Fanboys. I think I hate PC fanboys just as much as the racist/homophobic idiots on XBL.

      Seriously, they just absolutely crucified Crysis 2, bitch about everything, always rant about how much better the PC and how everyone is a sellout for not making good PC games. Considering the costs, the testing to make sure it works on all sorts of combinations of PC Hardware, and the PC Piracy levels, I don't blame the PC devs at all.

      Also, they see ONE screen. ONE loading screen that says 'saving, do not turn off console' and they start ranting about how Valve are terrible people, the potato ARG was a waste of my time and a cashgrab, day one 'DLC' and basically, Valve are hellspawn. FFS. Tossers.


        I try to avoid anything relating to the PC master race or consoles over at /r/gaming, but I fell into this trap.

        The sense of entitlement is ridiculous.

      Hey! I played with a keyboard and mouse!
      And just this morning I was saying that bits of it were too easy!
      Hypothesis: PROVEN

      Seriously though, not that I agree with the stupiding up for console, but as someone with poor controller skill(z), I would have a bastardly hard time doing any fast shooting whilst midair on my PS3 controller. And I feel like those sorts of hectic moments were a bit lacking in the game. Only notable moments: Colliding in mid-air with your partner, and doing that one where you had to laser the turrets mid-air, both in co-op.
      That 4th trailer about the boots where Chell is all leaping and bounding about the place shooting portals was pretty cool. Not that I expected anything crazy like that, but, a few more would have been nicer is all.

        You'd be amazed at just how much time you have for those sorts of moments.

        More importantly, Portal does a great job of training the people who play it. By the time you get to trickier parts of the game, you should be good enough to pass them with whatever tools you have available. Even if those tools include a Dual Shock 3 :p

        I would have welcomed harder puzzles. The only thing missing from Portal 2 was the harder puzzles. Instead of really exploring the possibilities of the new mechanics introduced, they seemed to just cover a few interesting uses and then moved on to the next one.

        Still, the point was that the reason for the harder puzzles was not console controls. The reason they didn't end up in the game was because of negative feedback from the playtesters.

          This is where the level editor will come in. I hope to see some crazy awesome and difficult levels being made with it, both SP and Coop ones :D

          Well I guess the problem with a puzzle game is the limited amount of times you can re-use an idea before the player starts effectively and quickly identifying the problem and the solution. Single Player always seemed to be moving onwards, but I feel like they refined some of the puzzles in Co-Op, like when you had blue gel a light bridge going downwards and then bounce your way upwards. It took us a while to figure that one out, but if they had done something similar later on, we probably would have been right on top of it.
          While I yearn for more, I can understand why they did move one so quickly.

      I'm so sick of people giving other people a bad name. Christians, PC Master race people, Murderers...

      The calls are ridiculous. Admittedly, yes, Valve probably could have made Portal 2 look considerably better (my crappy machine can theoretically run it on full), yes, they could have had more puzzles that required quick finger use (which I used to suck at on pc).

      They didn't, and I doubt it's the consoles fault. Stupid people, can't they just accept life for what it is, and embrace the good? There's so much joy in this world... I am far too old for this.

        I do differentiate between PC gamers and PC Master Race. The first are pretty cool dudes who happen to prefer the PC, the others are self-entitled douches who think that all other forms of gaming are inferior.

          Aye, you did, but I'm a master race guy. I find pcs preferable in every way.

          Except cost.

          And I'm a cheapskate.

          Also, I'm not a douchebag about it to other people. I am happy to accept that not everyone wants to fork out money for a gaming pc.

    Hey Jimu,

    Just wondered what your opinion was of The L:ast Remnant. Also, anyone else with an opinion on the matter, feel free to voice it.

      Have you played it? I loved it.
      I don't think I finished it though, there was sooo much stuff to do and I think I played another game and kept forgetting to go back to it. I was really enjoying the different battle system.

        I haven't played it.

        It was one of those games I always saw in the Xbox section and wondered about. Saw that I could get it on Steam and was thinking about picking it up. I've recently converted to the wonderful world of PC Gaming after realising I could get my PS3 controller to work on the PC

      Played it, love it.

      Is the one game I leave on the 360 HD, is good but a little repetitive. I want to do all the missions before I head off on story.

      Is an interesting take on the classic turn-based system.

      FUN FACT: It is the one JRPG I know of that it is better NOT to grind...until you get to the last dungeon...

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