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    Stupid daylight savings ended and I don't get my TAY until 8:30! Now what will I do while eating breakfast?

      You could write an angry letter to a newspaper. Just complain about anything, try to make it as ridiculous as possible and then see if it ends up being published.

      hahaha i was having the same problem.. i thought it was just mark being lazy, but then it twigged that daylight savings must have ended!

      At least yours didn't happen prematurely on Friday! Stupid Windows! GRowl!!!! mean you were getting it earlier than the rest of us suckers?! D:

        7:30. Ah, the good old days where everything was perfect and the TAY world revolved around me and what time I usually have breakfast.

          I liked the 7:30 TAYs as well, it meant that when I got in to work in the morning there would already be a handful of comments.

    Yes we have gotten that bad... :P
    Well, I haven't got to much to say yet, except that I'm thinking that maybe someone else should take over the TMNF tournament this week, because I'll be a bit busy, and also that I'm enjoying Lego Star Wars III a lot (which is why I'm so busy :P)
    Oh and Q-bo, I found this, it should get rid of motion blur in Crysis 2

      I'm confused, who's the real Aidan Dullard?!/adullard or!/aidandullard

        *retreats into shadows*

        Nah, I'm trying to get Google to forget the 'adullard' one so I can un-private the account (at the moment it's the first search result for my name and I'd prefer if random people didn't trawl through my tweets).

        So I set up the other one as a decoy/public account, for the moment.

      No, we have not gotten that bad and if you do that again my overenthusiastic friend, you shall be keel-hauled by pirates, or attacked by ninjas, or eaten by zombies or something.

        *retreats into shadows with Aidan*
        Okay fine then, I've gotten that bad :P

        Keel-hauled on a pirate ninja ship which is on a crash course for a zombie infested island, only to be mauled by a bear with miniguns for its arms?

        I like the sound of that.

      I can take over the tournament if you like lambo buddy, but I was thinking so we don't all trackmania ourselves out, we could just have a week off? I think we need a few more games to run on Leather Cap Society so that more ppl can get involved in case they don't like a particular genre.

      OH and, thanks for pointing that out^, I did see it on Sunday, but I figured my reply would not be approved. I have been keeping an eye one the creators thread on Steam about that tool. Atm it still seems to be rather buggy. But its certainly a step in the right direction. But I just can't bring myself to pay the ridonkulous price on Steam! Especially for a game which has let me down... :-/ But I want it badly.. Damn... I'm actually saving my beans for Dirt 3, really getting excited about it now, so I'll grab that first and wait until crysis gets a bit more reasonable in its price.

        Yeah, a week off Trackmania sounds good. How about a Minecraft building comp? Or a LCT comp?

          I definitely would be interested in doing a LCT, a proper one now that ghoulies are back!

            I've created a leaderboard on the LCS webiste, right here

    Well, had an interesting weekend.

    3DS had to get replaced because it had about 5 dead pixels just appear on the 3D screen in a row, leaving a lice black line through the screen. Bah. So I've got a new 3DS, which means I need to re-give out my friend code.

    Also, Lord Crumplebottom's dog (Real dog, not Nintendog) decided to much on my copy of Pokemon White after I left it at his place. Y_Y

      Whoops, new friend code is:


      Can *you* handle Fistbeard in your Street Fighter IV? I THINK NOT!

        They're goggy chews! Rover (our dog, which I probably didn't need to point out on account of his name being Rover) has a great fondness for Nintendo products, he must have eaten at least 4 of them! Sammy (the other goggy) has a fondness for Sony controllers...

      How muched was it? Unplayable??

        Couldn't even slot it in, the cartridge was split open, tooth marks, contacts were screwed.. yeah.

        *goes into EB Games to buy a new copy*
        Me: [jokingly] I wouldn't be able to trade this in, right?
        Clerk: "No, you can't. Too damaged, sorry"
        Me: "I was joking, you know."
        Clerk: *look of bitter hatred on his face*

    Well, despite procrastinating all weekend, I managed to get the latest Buttercup post finished.

    Part 15: External Organs

    Unfortunately, my net has been capped so I can't really play Demon's Souls again until the 6th unless I want to play in offline mode. On the plus side, I still have enough material left from my last play session to get me to next week. Which is nice and all, except I want to play some Demon's Souls dammit.

    Hey Mark (Or Elly), can we remove the US stories that have absolutely nothing to do with us?

    For example, the MLB story earlier this morning (SEGA MLB Online) links to a site that doesn't let me register. All for the simple reason that I'm not American or Japanese...

    Now I'm not saying that was your fault (because you coudn't have known without trying it yourself), but I've noticed some other articles that were rendered void on KotakAU.

    Just my little Monday morning rant...

      What about when an article doubles up?
      You know, Mark does a peoce and then the US does the same peice and brings nothing new to the table.
      Too much work for too few people??

        Actually, I've noticed that when Mark breaks a news story and the US version picks it up, they never credit him as the author, whereas it is always credited correctly when the vice and versa are switched... :\

        Something tells me we're going to have a revolution on our hands!

          Yeah, Mark should be given credit when he breaks a story!!! Also, on the USA articals of no use to us, while it may not be terribly useful for Aussies, don't forget that a lot of Americans visit Kotaku AU now cause of the shitty new US format, so those articles would interest them. Thats my take on it anyways. :-)

          They don't seem to have the system we do. One writer plus a feed from the US. They just scavenge his research!

      Yeah, I'm thankful for all the great work done on here, but a lot of stuff is just kind of teasing. Like new features coming to Live in the US, or competitions that are US only, or open betas that are US only. You read the article and get excited and then realise too late that you aren't eligible.

      At least we aren't still hearing about how great the indie area on Xbox Live is.

    Are you all better yet? I hope you're not still sick. :-(

      I think the same should be asked of you and your little one! weren't you feeling a little under the weather last week? If so, I hope all is well now!

      oo also how was supanova?! I couldn't go due to lack of funds.. was there anything cool there we should know about?

      Strange, Official Kotamum, she's so caring and thoughtful! :-D Mummmmm, for my B'day, can u get me a 3ds?? please please please? I'll be good, and pick up my undies off the floor!!!

        I'll get you a 3DS for your birthday if you get me one for Mother's Day. ;-)
        Also...undies on the floor? Ewww. Oh well, I should be thankful you're at least changing them....

          Floor and undies go together like dog and bone.
          It's not "Eww" it's just the natural order of things.

      Awww! Thanks for your concern - it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

      ...but no, I'm really not.I've actually got a couple of things:

      First up, it's likely I've contracted some exotic lung disease from my cousin (who's been sick since December and had to spend a week in hospital), but no-one I've spoken with seems worried/interested(?!)

      Secondly, I've got a rib/sternum 'thing' where the rib cartilage has broken away from my sternum and... well, it's painful, uncomfortable and aggravated easily but I'm not sure there's much they can do - I've had it over 9 months now and starting to get used to living with it.

      That being said, anytime I go to a doctor now they see the latter on my record and become all concerned I've still got it before sending me for more scans and giving me anti-inflammatories which I don't take 'cause they don't actually help... (i.e. exactly what happened when I saw two different doctors last week -_-)

      So I'm trying to find someone totally new to see for the first thing (who won't get distracted by something else) but yeah, ultimately I'm still sick. :(

      How're you feeling after last week - were you all better in time for Supanova?

      (Also, congratulations - this is probably the most I've revealed about my medical history to anyone... ever!)

        Yikes Ambrose! I hope you do find a doctor who'll look further for you. In the meantime I hope we're doing a good enough job distracting you.

        And I'm fine. My son still has a snot face but he doesn't care, so I don't either. Except when he sneezes on me. Ick.

        *hugs Ambrose the Fourth carefully*

          In general I'm not too bad (for a few hours every day or so I feel like I'm dying, but usually I'm okay). I just want it to go away/not get any worse so I miss the Kotaku meet-up! D:

          And don't worry about the sneezing - I remember when my older brother (years ago) went up to dad (who was lying down) and leaned over him to say "I feel sick"... before proceeding to hurl right in his face. That is what you need to watch out for... lol

          But again, thanks for your concern! Kotaku peeps are so nice ^_^

    Well had to stay home this whole weekend not by choice this time. My car servicing bill put me way over my fortnightly budget for my apartment saving fund so I got another week before my next pay comes in :(

    In other news, I finished off Golden Sun: Dark Dawn completely, and I also managed to beat Dullahan!! For those that don't know, he's a near impossible to beat optional boss in the golden sun series. He's notorious among fans for his difficulty, makes my djinn combo strategy completely useless and uses summons that can potentially instakill your whole party and if not instakill, high damage. Bloody hard to beat!

    So, I had my first serving of Spam on the weekend.
    I bought one of the small 200g cans, just to be safe. Went for the "Classic" variety, naturally, and ended up eating the whole lot, cold, straigtht from the can. That's not to say I particularly enjoyed it, I just thought I may as well experience Spam in its purest form.
    I now feel enlightened. I wouldn't recommend it, but I could certainly handle eating it again given the right circumstances.

      heheh poor soul.. if you did have to have it again, did you know there are whole recipe books out there dedicated to spam? Perhaps try it with one of those? ;)

        I did check out some recipes, but then just thought "stuff it" and ran in guns blazing.

      YOU ATE SPAM COLD. sorry for the yelling dude that is brave the best way to have spam is cooked with eggs.

        Yeah! Eggs and spam fried up is the way to go!
        There's a fine art to eating one of the worst foodstuff in the world, you know.

      I like it on a sandwich with sliced pickled onions. Its so bad its a delicacy.

      Right cicumstances being trapped in a cave in the middle of a blizzard after a plane crash and being so hungry that you have a choice between your own frostbitten foot or the can of spam. And yet the foot still looks more appetizing.

      SPAM is one of those things that everyone agrees is awful, but still eats it anyway...

      Also, thanks to SPAM and Monty Python, we have e-spam:

    So I rented Demon's Souls on Friday and spent the whole weekend playing it. Great game. Can't believe it took me this long to try it. I'd go out and buy it if not for the fact the online servers are going offline in a few months and Dark Souls is coming out at the end of the year. Maybe I'll just rent it for another week.

      It's about $30 from, seems well worth the money to me.

      Oddly enough, you're probably further along than I am because I'm basically only playing once a week.

      How far have you made it and what's your character like?

        I've beaten up to 1-2, 4-4 and just started 3-1.
        I started as a Wanderer and my current stats are:
        20 Vitality
        12 Intelligence
        20 Endurance
        13 Strength
        18 Dexterity
        10 Magic
        10 Faith
        15 Luck

        My equipment is a full set of knight armour I found in 3-1, Falchion +7, Soldiers shield +7, Spear (forgot what sort) +1 and a wooden catalyst. My only spell is Soul Arrow.

        I don't think I'm that far into the game. I spent a lot of time just learning how to play then even more time grinding souls to buy my self a full set of plate armour from the vendor in 1-1, upgrade my stats and items and buy about 250 arrows to take out the Red Dragon in 1-2 (which took me about 20 minutes of shooting to take down).

          I've only beaten up to 1-2, 3-1 and 4-1 (halfway through 3-2 at the moment) with a Magic focused character.

          Not sure on stats, but Vitality, Intelligence and Stamina are all around the 18-20 mark. Magic is 20, maybe 21 and most of my other stats are close to what Royalty starts with.

          Equipment is a Silver Catalyst (using Soul Ray and Flame Shot) and Adjudicator's Shield with a Crescent Falchion + 1 and Talisman of God also equipped (the Talisman is so I can cast Evacuate). Armour right now is the Gloom Armour you get in 3-2, but I'll probably switch back to the Black Leather that I found in 3-1 because the lack of mobility in the Gloom Armour.

          I really wish I could just power through this game, but that doesn't work when I'm also trying to write about what's happening.

    Did anyone know Diana Wynne Jones died just over a week ago?

    wtf, news channels, why did NO-ONE cover this?!

    My faith in media has diminished significantly...

      TWITTER covered it! :D

      But yeah, really sad story. She was an amazing author.

    Kotaku Sydney Meetup

    Don't worry, I've not forgotten about it. I've just been waiting till we're a bit closer to date to organise.

    So if somebody could just remind me what date the out-of-Sydney people are coming down that'd be great. Was it next weekend or this?

      Um, if by out-of-Sydney people you mean me then next weekend.
      Me! Saturday the 16th. For one night only! Well, actually it would have to be lunchtime.

    So, I went to Supanova on Saturday and it made me sad.
    I forgot to take my books to be signed because I was too busy remembering to pack snacks and drinks for the kids. And Warsword didn't bring any axes this time so I didn't even get to buy the nice little axe I had my eye on last time.

    And usually it's my kids who ruin things like that for me but this time it was my husband! He was all sullen and sulky because there were too many people. I have no idea why he expected there to NOT be loads of people. :P
    My daughter did me proud though, she even pointed out a guy with a painted box on his head and said "look, a Minecraft head". I've never played Minecraft so I've no idea how she even recognised that!

      lol what a legendary kid! you've done well strange! Keep up the good work! ;)

      Most importantly, did you see Jimu?!

        I kept going up to people asking "Jimuuuuuu? Jimuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!" No affirmative responses so I guess I didn't see Jimu. :-(

        I did however buy a copy of Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom for less than its OzGameShop price. I'd call that a win.

    Did the SuperNova on the weekend. Seems to be less and less about comics evry year...

    Got Claremont to sign a ridiculous amount of comics, they made me get a few signed then line up again then a few more then line up again, which is fair enough, some people only had one comic.

    Claremont was an odd old feller, would stop to flick through comics at random, I guess when you've been writing comics since the 70s you don't get to see them all that often.

    Took a peek a Katie Suckoff from Battlestar, she was WAAAY skinnier, was wierd.

    I spent a good 3 or 4 hours there and spent no money. Was really keen to get a new Tshirt but the quality of shirts these days is pisspoor.
    I still have shirts that I bought in highschool (over 10 years ago) that are still wearable. I don't see any of these ones lasting more than a year!

    Got a video of a bloke with a full beard dressed as sailor moon!

  • It's Monday morning competition time!

    I bought The Hangover on Blu Ray on the weekend and it came with a token for a windows media digital download copy. I'm mainly an OSX guy, so while I *could* find a way to redeem the code, I'd rather just share it with somebody who would make better use of it.

    So if you'd like a copy of this movie, tell me why I should give this code to you! Without using the letter E. 10 words or more. Preferably making some sense. Best coherent answer posted by midday today wins!

      Awsommmm a challang!! Ok, I am xcitad that you will talk to my today!! :-D Sorry for punking you, won't happin again until April 1st 2012! Having alriddy got a copy of thah Hangovrrrrr I don't want it! But I havv good nooooz! But I'll say that B low so as not to confuz thah Hangovrrrrr puntars! ;-)

      Ggggzzzz! That was hard!

      I own this film and am in a similar position to you. OS X is on my laptop, so this download is of no worth thanks to complications with my OS.

      Still, I do think that this is a nifty way of gifting this film. Good luck.


      Damn man.. that's tough. I think this would be a good film to add to my group of films, and I know my Mrs would happily.. look.. at said film!

        see! told you it was tough! I didn't even notice i used an e in 'be' :0 fuck it!

          I shall try again! Damn man.. that's tough! I think this would amount to a good night of fun film watching! I was told good things about this film and I know my Mrs would fancy focusing on this film for an hour or two! If you act in a kind way and gift this film to us, no doubt both of us would hold an undying adoration for you for a long duration!

      Should I try and win this thing? Is that film actually worth watching? Would I find it full of bad puns and fun only a boy would laugh at?

      I would worship a copy of that which you award, mainly for a good amount of humour which is in it.

      THERE! xD

      And the winner is...


      Oh wait, he was fired. In that case, the winner is...


      He wins because I like the sounds of undying adoration. Send an email to my gmail account, batguy.kotaku and the code will be yours!

        haha win! you are totally made of awesome! I'm sure my wife will love you long time for this! ;) My anger at you being unbeatable in all kotaku game challenges has begun to subside!! Soon it will be replaced with love and all things fluffy! Thanks dood! email on the way!

        Hmmph, clearly mine was the superior entry as it was so coherent you didn't even realise it was an entry!
        If you wanted adoration of the undying kind instead of minimal 'e's you should have mentioned this in the terms and conditions. :P

        Seriously though, well done Welbot! Nice work on the adoration thing, hope you enjoy the movie.

    DA2 is longer and has more depth than I expected, at least for the moment. The endless tide of side-quests and repeated environments are becoming a real pain, but it's not that bad a game (at least, not the howlingly-bad monstrosity that some reviews called it).

    If they'd only been given another few months or a year of development, it could've been amazing.

      I thought the crazy pew-pew battles made up for it. I started playing on Nightmare, and, flashy animations aside, the combat was still the same in a strategic sense, so that held up well. But once I hit the Rock Wraith at the end of Act I, it took so long to get it down to 10% health before all my guys died (45+ minutes), so I tuned it down to Normal and everything from them on was so easy. I really think you do need to put it on Hard or Nightmare to get the most out of battle. As for battles on Normal, well, I enjoyed them because they were fun. No, they're not particularly tactical, but they were a blast to watch and play.
      I also thought some of the story elements were good; even if they felt like missed potential. Act II's was probably my favourite, because it brought in new political conflict that had been building up for a while, which I enjoy. But then that was over and done with, and Act III was kind of tacked on, I guess.
      So I thought it had enough redeemable qualities to be an enjoyable game, even if it wasn't great.

        I'm so tired by the time I get to play I just leave it on easy.
        Almost died twice in the deep roads the other night, that's how tired I am!
        Mostly I don't need to try, it's handy cos I brain dead.

        I've gotta admit the pew-pew battles are kinda fun. It's a good feeling when your party works together to take something down quickly.

        Then again, it makes the inventory system pretty useless (just press A to win).

        I'm still torn, think I'll have to wait until I finish the game. The plot is getting interesting, though.

    Well Steam... I offer you thanks, you have now made over half of my laptop games completely bricked by your latest update. I can't sign into Steam on my laptop anymore, only on my PC. I hope you can now see my sarcasm in how pathetic of a decision you have made on this. I don't even know what justified this new move by you guys. You already had a system that stopped people from signing in from two locations at once, so why the hell do this too? Seriously Steam... I was very tolerable of you guys before, but now, you fricken suck!

    Tech Knight

      Is this some part of an intended feature, or just a bug? I know Steam had a lot of teething problems when it started up, but now I find it to be the best place for digital copies of games. The amount of feature packed into the service is pretty impressive too.

      I haven't really suffered many troubles in the past, but I have heard from most that if there are issues with an update they're usually pretty quick to fix them.

        That sucks! Hopefully it is just some kind of bug. I will also have a whinge about Steam, it seems lately the prices of new games has gone upwards, and there has been hardly any good sales lately! Last few weekends nothing under $10/$5 has interested me. (Last of big spenders is me)

        I think it's part of a feature, it doesn't give me any error message or anything, my PC is off so it's not "another place is already logged in kind of error" it just goes straight back to asking for my password again, every time.

          Look in your emails, you should be getting emails from steam about another computer trying to access your account. In the email there is a code, use that code instead of your password on the laptop, you'll only need to do this once, afterwards your password should work

            I just checked, I'm not getting any emails, not even in my spam filter

      Are you having problems with Steam Guard? Because you can turn it off, just go into the settings and press Manage Steam Guard Account Security...
      Hope this helps

        So they turned on a new feature that disables my laptop's games without asking? Yeah great job! *sighs* alright I'll have a look at it tonight and see what's going on. Thanks for the tip

      Anyone remember the days when you went down the shop and bought a COMPLETE game, threw it in your console/Puter and it just played?

      I didn't think so...

        I remember the days that Steam didn't cave and didn't start sucking, offering real-time updates for free, none of this DLC shit ever existed, allowed for easy to install CS 1.4 mods and new maps just by connecting to servers that run it. It used to provide such a great quality service for multiplayer of valve games, now look at them...

          If I wanted to play multi I would have to visit a freind or have them visit me.

            Well for someone who didn't really have any friends at all in high school, I didn't have that luxury. By the time I finished high school it was already too late

              Are you the home-school guy?

              High school was the pinnacle of multi gaming for me, Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, GoldenEye and Red Alert on two PSX and two TVs.

              I've never gone in for the online thing so much, so impersonal.Nothing more fun then physically de-seating your mate so you can shoot him in the back!

    Today is frantic and busy. I'm working harder today than I normally do and I'm not at work. Today also is crazy ambitious and has a steep learning curve.

    You shall see more on Wednesday.

      Ohh! I'm erotically interested now! DETAILS! MAWR DETAILS!

    I am amazed and surprised at myself! I managed on the weekend to repair my rrod! With only one bandaid required!
    Getting the case of is the main pain, but I managed. Then I had to remove the x-clamp. Then I was cross that I decided to attempt the repair without new heat sink gloop. So, I *cough*, not that I'm a tight arse, *cough* carefully scraped the old excess heat sink gloop from the sides of the chip, and saved it. Then cleaned of the old stuff, then reapplied the saved gloop. But I very carefully ensured I had a smooth thin even spread. Then, I stuck the old heat sink back down, tightened it up so good, that the allen key slipped and I scraped my hand across the mobo soldered pins, drawing much blood from my fleshy thumby bit.

    Once done, I decided to test it while it was still in bits, I turned it on, and pow! It was green! I grinned like a maniac! So then I went back to teh work bench, and put it all back together properly and gathered the kids around to celebrate my genius, pushed the power button, and it went rrod on me again. :-/ The kids laughed, and pointed, and said hurtful things about my manlihood. They walked off, and I sat looking at it despondently. Then I turned it off and on and off and on 10 times, and gave it a few fonzy whacks, and turned it back on and it went GREEN! I was like :-O I left it on for an hour, and retried a few more times, it seems to be fine and back to normal!

    Then I got to sing "I fixed the XBox, I fixed the Xbox, No time for red rings Cause I fixed the Xbox, cause I coulddddd." to the tune of We are the Champions, until my kids threatened legal action citing copyright laws. (They really just started hitting me with pillows, but for the purpose of this story it sounded better).

    So there we have it, much thanks to FS for sending me the repair kit! :-D And thanks again to Batguy for the ridiculously cheap xbox which he had no idea would go all rr on me, but now I've repaired it, I feel like a champ! :-D

    (I think you should get an xbox rrod fixerer achievement when it restarts.)

      epic journey! well done sire! I totally agree with you on the need for that acheivement! That would be funny as hell!

      Sweeeet. Stoked to hear that it's working again! Here's hoping that the Fonzy whack keeps on doing its job!

      Re: blood. That sounds like a little like me over the weekend. I set out to change a washer in the shower. An hour and many cuts to my arms and face later, it was fixed!

        Just putting this out there, but you guys don't think a life of gaming has damaged our manly home repairing skills do you??? Its just that I tried fixing the toilet a few months ago, I lifted the lid, pulled out some plastic dohicky, put it back in again, and it made no difference! Its still making a hissing sound and leaking a bit of fluids!! Its just so shameful to have a man in overalls come in your home with a toolbox, fix the problem in 2 minutes, bend you over and shove a $300 bill in your pooper zone.

        Why is there no home repair games? Its the only way I learn!!! If it weren't for Carmen, I'd have no idea the world was round!

          Handyman Mama?

          I'll admit that I neglected an important details for comic effect: I got mad and spent an hour cleaning lantana out of our front yard, so that I clear access to the water mains tap.

          Plumbing on the whole is a painful job and I think that most people are terrible at it, regardless of their preferred pastimes. You usually have to contort yourself at weird angles while lying on hard tiles, things are all slippery wet and/or smelly, and even a tiny mistake will cause everything to leak at the end. I hate it. Which is why I was happier getting cut to pieces doing the gardening :P

            I once tried gardening, I got bitten by four the face... :(

              This is why our kind should stay indoors. Far to many scary things out there. *shudders* Bees, Lantana, John Burgess etc.

              Those must have been some crazy-ass bees! Normally they just sting you...

      congrats Q-bo, you get a great sense of manliness when you fix something others can't. Well at least i do, that seems a bit self indulgent but meh.

      Congrats! Glad to hear that the fix works, I might give it a try, depends on whether I can get my act together and enter and win the wrestling comp though...

    Hey Mark, are you watching Wrestlemania?

      I wish. You?

        That wrestling reply comp finishes tomorrow at midnight doesn't it?

          Yep. Tomorrow at midnight. I'll probably chuck up a reminder post this afternoon with a couple of the entries we've had so far.

            I've decided my acting skills should be left between me and the mirror. But, since the prize is of such epic nature, I think its only fair that the winner actually has to fight you, preferably in mud, with speedo's, via web cam...

        Unfortunately not. I'm checking the website every 15 minutes, though.

      Undertaker vs. Triple H (who's looking old) plus appearances by The Rock & Steve Austin... sure, it's a bit gimmicky, but it's awesome!

      Sadly though, I'm not watching it either :|

    Very few things make me RAEG!! - babies, obviously. Unicorns, probably rainbows.

    But Melbourne's buses are the worst. I've been waiting for half an hour and three were meant to come. When one did come past, it was an express and notr taking passengers.

    So, bleh.

      I'm with you on that bus rage! Also, your hatred to unicorns can be diminished simply by knowing we have tamed thems.

      Everything about Melbourne's public transport system is a joke.

        Everything that's a transport service in Melbourne is a joke. Buses, trams, trains, taxis, etc

        Really? That makes me feel better, about Brisbanes lame excuse for a system. It has gotten a little better, at least on my routes. I remember waiting a whole afternoon for one and then gave up and went home.

          Our system is fine, it's our traffic that does the damage.

          If you can, stick with the trains!

    Just came in to say its my birthday! And you people have started talking waaayyy too much for me to catch up on at the moment. Cmon its my birthday, you should wait for me dammit! Now I'm gonna be behind on TAY. On my birthday! Did I mention its my birthday?

      Are you trying to say that there is a relationship between this particular date and the date that you entered this world? I'm not too sure I understand the importance of that.

      Could you perhaps try to spell it out in a somewhat clearer fashion?

        I'm celebrating 26 years since I had to come out of my mothers holy region. Ewwww...

          You made me think of my mothers ewwww region! Damnit!

          Happy Birthday though ya crazy nutjob! :-D


      Meet me in the CBD and I'll shout you lunch...

        Oooo... ok but theres two problems with that. One, I'm shy. Two, I think my ladyfriend has planned something and might not appreciate me running away to the city. One day though Jimu, one day...

      Oh great, now I'll have to bake you a birthday cake. What a shame you won't be here to eat it. :P

      Happy Birthday Sughly!!!

      Happy birthday indeed sughly! I'd offer to treat you to lunch, but you keep telling me you're shy, so would there be any point? ;) If you do feel up to it, I'd be happy to join you in celebration!

      Happy Birthday - that little awkward moment in TAY on Sunday that no-one else saw can be your present!


        Haha, I just saw it. We can make it work some how...

          Seriously though, you draw amazingly

          Always so cute :3

          ...of course, now you just need to get to work and release something - and no, you can't have the rest of your birthday off >:(

            Haha, I SO did though. Opened up photoshop this morning, looked at it, then went and played NBA Jam. Its my party and i'll procrastinate if I want to.

      I'll make more brownies and eat them in your honour!

      Happy birthday to you
      happy birthday to you
      You look like a Sughly
      And you smell like one too

      Of course I have no clue
      What a Sughly smells like, do you?
      So let's just forget
      That I ever said that too you

        Haha! If I were to describe the smell of Sughly, it would probably involve coffee, sweat, and mouldy cheese. Mmmm...

      Happy Birthday!

      Happy Bro-day.

      It's bromazing that you manage to be brotastic while still being old.


    hey welbot or anyone else with a suffient knowledge of networking. I want to set up a minecraft server for offline play for me and my sister to play on. However i have no idea how to do this. Ideas???

      Ok.. start by downloading

      Put it in a folder, and then run the file.

      Once it's finished setting up the spawn area, you can close the file, and you'll notice there's a whole bunch of other files in the folder.

      Open the file in notepad, and change the online-mode to false.

      Restart the server file, then load your minecraft client, and connect to your lan IP. That's it!

        If you need any more help with networking or setting up the server feel free to hit me up, email is i_706_i(at)

        I run an offline minecraft server for my housemates, though I sometimes open it up to the outside world when they are away from home. I also do tech support for a living so I should be at least somewhat useful.

    Has anyone tried NBA Jam on insane difficulty? Its... insane. I havent got past the first team yet. Sometimes I'm ahead by 2 or 3 points even. It doesnt last long.

    Oh yeah!

    Had credits roll on Pokemans White last night. Saw some animated older generation Pokes, White Forest is an underwhelming dissapointment...

      jimu whats your team you beat the game with. I'm a little stuck and by stuck i mean i leveled up my starter to much and everything else is weak. So now i have to constantly grind to get anywhere.

        Haha, sounds like my son. He keeps changing all his other pokingmen every time he comes across a new cool looking one (which is often for him). So now hes managed to get to elite four status but cant beat them. Because they all suck. This is Pearl or something tho...

        Try grinding against Audino (they give huge exp, and are only found in shaking grass) using the lucky egg. Makes it so much faster.

        My what's-his-face water guy is level 31 and I only just got into the third place and caught Victini... he's my next strongest guy (at L.15), even though I've caught 21 pokemon

        lol :/

        Tried just doing the switcheroo?
        With the new exp system that scales with levels, if you grab a new 'mon, and just have them as your lead Pokemon before switching out to another battle-worthy Pokemon, they can get pretty great exp, escpecially if you follow what Cracks said and also give them a lucky egg.
        Lucky Egg has an exp multiplier of 1.5x, and level scaling is a factor of [Fainted Pokemon's level + 2 / Your Pokemon's level + 2], so if your Pokemon is crazy underlevelled, you'll get there in no time.

          Tis true, over the course of the game I have switched everyone except the starter.

          Better idea (in my opinion), go to the battle building in New York like city (I suck at names), it's filled with all the clerks and stuff, and a janitor guy talks to you when you first enter, and when you beat all the guys in it, you get given an exp share. It's just like having a weak pokemans as a starter, but without having to actually put them in combat (it's a held item).

            I find it's a good idea to make use of all the handy items in the game.

            I never did any grinding, used the luck egg a bit.
            Doesn't seem like a grind-heavey game which is sweet.

        Ghost/ground golem
        Water/rock turtle
        steel/dark ninja/hero dood.
        fire orangutan/gorrilla
        grass starter
        last was the tick/spider electric type, he was useless so I switched him for the Black legendary when I got him

        All of them are low 50s.
        Sorry I don't know any actual neams, I called them:

        Giant Robo

          I'm up to victory road, but I'm going to be swapping out a few of my pokemon, beat the entire of the dragon gym (one Pokemon centre break to get PP back ,and a few MooMoo milk used) with my level 42 excadrill (he is completely imba, attack rating is ridiculous), otherwise I have a 42 Victini (keeping), 43 Swanna (gone), 38 Emboar (gone), 12 Larvesta (going to grind), and 44 Zoroark (Definitely keep).

          I pretty much destroy everything, for no readily apparent raisin, it's great.

          u craaaaazy
          Joltik/Galvantula with Compound Eyes, having 91% accuracy with a STAB Thunder? Facerage time!

    No joke, my chest feels tight now.
    If I die from a heart attack, I'd just like to say that it was WORTH IT.

      Considering this for lunch today...

        DO IIIIT!

        Just be prepared for an afternoon nap!

        I just finished one at uni.

        Kinda overrated. It's delicious, but not "omg the best thing evar".

        Now, if only this weird irregular heartbeat would go away...

      They are good. Tastier and less calories than a Big Mac! I am apparently not allowed to have one though because I am not a man. :-/

        No excuses:

        I feel like I should try one... but normally I don't like KFC 'cause I find it tastes like everything is salt, flavoured to be like food.

        And, y'know, it'll probably finish me off :P

        The "BE A MAN!" marketing angle thing confused me.

        Mostly because they're calling eating the Double 'having ManTime'.

        It's weird isn't it? The Maxibon is going for the same angle at the moment too - the "Man chew". Even weirder is that they're both the same shape!

        I guess that some marketing genius has worked out that men only want to eat food that they can grab in one fist. Makes sense - it's so annoying when that second hand or some sissy stick gets in the way.

        You would understand. Not being a man and all.

          *You WOULDN'T understand.

          Dammit! I swear that was edited after I submitted it :P

            I kind of have to say, I'm not sure I can fit that stuff in my hands. I have difficulty with a quarter pounder from maccas, but I've seen friends manage it with a pounder (with added bacon).

            I guess I'm just not a real man. I'll go console myself with some musical theatre.

              Well, if it makes you feel any better... you are the very model of a modern Kotaku commenter.

      I don't think I could actually eat that. It just looks like it'd be so greasy that it'd fly out of my hands like a wet bar of soap as soon as I picked it up.

      My wife loves KFC, but I think even she might draw the line there.

      While on the topic of junk food, if anybody lives near Magill Rd in Adelaide, a new place has opened there called The Burger Foundry. I tried it last weekend and it is AWESOME. That burger was the size of my head. You may well need 2 hands to handle a Whopper, but you need a goddamn forklift to handle this one. Top-notch quality, too, which I guess you'd expect when they're charging $12 for it.

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