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Dammit we want you to tell us stuff – like what is your game of the year so far? We're only a four months in, but there have been some good releases - what's been you favourite?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

If I had to choose, I'd probably go for Ghost Trick, even though it's barely a game in the real sense, and it only makes it in by default, given that it came out in Japan a zillion years ago. But what about you guys? Any decent game of the year contenders yet?


    Shogun 2 for me at the moment.

    I honestly can't remember which games have come out this year, so I'm going to go with the safe answer and just say Marvel vs Capcom 3.

      I second that one. It's the one game I've been consistently going back to over and over again!

        i shall third this!
        i've been playing it non-stop since i got it!
        maybe we should have a kotaku comp?
        actually maybe not, i don't know if i'm good compared to you guys :P

    I think the only game from this year I've played is Pokemon Black...

    So Pokemon Black it is!

    Crysis 2 so far, mainly because it's the only shooter I've played in years that had a genuinely *fun* singleplayer campaign that I felt compelled to run through a second time.

    I'm looking forward to The Witcher 2, as I'm a die hard fanboy of the first game. already got my Colelctor's edition purchased and presumably will get it on release day, assuming EB doesn't dick me around with it. apparently they are "sold out" of the collector's edition with that Geralt bust, but I think it got canned at the last second.

    Witcher 1 - No collector's edition for me after I pre-ordered it. Pissed.

    Witcher: Enhanced Edition: No bonus material, sell me the game itself and no books / bonus DVD's / nothing. Just plonk the DVD in the retail case, and the guy got super offended when I asked "Shouldn't that come with the walkthrough, short story, 3 DVD's. etc?"

    They better not jerk me around with this collector's edition, or you shall hear me YELLING WITH THE FURY OF 100 NORSE GODS!!!1

      Really? they didn't even give you the rest of the pack? Arrogant pricks. I loved the short story in the edition, would buy the others but I don't think they were ever translated from polish which is a shame.

      First Witcher game was amazing. Definitely picking up the second on launch day. The art style and graphics from the videos and screenshots looks incredible.

    Killzone 3 - It was simply Epic. Looks great, plays even better and was long enough! Awesome!

    That's a tough one - most of my favourite games this year were older - RDR, Super Meat Boy, Trials HD, Magic: The Gathering, Monkey Island 2: SE. Dead Space 2 tried hard but didn't really have that spark I'd expect from a GOTY. A couple of iPhone games were decent but not amazing.

    So you're right. Ghost Trick is probably the current front-runner winner by default. It's the only 2011 release I've played that offers the right kind of vibe.

    Currently it's Lego Star Wars III, but that's more due to the fact that it's the only game I've bought this year...

    Crysis 2, never thought I'd say that as I expected a pretty but very generic game. Instead I got a FPS that felt very open, was a lot of fun and has me replaying it again.

    However I expect Portal or DNF to take this title soon, what other big releases has there been so far?

      The only releases I can think of are:
      Dead Space 2
      Dragon Age 2
      Crysis 2
      Lego Star Wars 3
      Need For Speed

    I would habve thought I'd be saying Dragon Age 2, but it seems Pokemon White has sucked me in way more.
    Good old gameboy(I don't care what you say they're all game boys. The PSP? Sony gameboy!).

    Mass Effect 2 on PS3 has been a highlight for me, even though it's old.

    Just got Crysis 2, so that's currently at my top now. haven't been able to get onto as many games recently as I would like though.

    I've only purchased one game this year, Dead Space 2... But that's because I'm patient and wait for games to get cheaper... screw full price!

    I'm going to have to say dead space 2 by default (and i haven't even finished it) as its the only game I've played that was released in 2011, uni has not been kind.

    Dragon Age 2 was alright, Pokemon Black/White have been excellent, but Magicka is utterly hilarious.

    Haven't bought too many of this year's releases to date, but the pick of the bunch for me so far has been Killzone 3.

    Have to go with Marvel vs Capcom 3 so far.

      Is it as good as 2? I just can't imagine it happening...

        It was described to me as being more balanced then 2. So like, rather then just a few characters having broken moves, everybody has 3-4 broken moves and are equally broken.

        This makes me want to play it even more.

        I think its better and thats even while rocking rose tinted specs looking at the original arcade machine!

    I can barely remember what games I've bought this year! Dead Space 2 I had fun with but don't think it's GOTY material.

    I won't have a GOTY until Arkham City comes out.

    So far I think Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars has been surprisingly good. other than that maybe Marvel vs Capcom.

    Ill tell you something.

    Resistance 2 is a bad game.
    It's bad. Real bad.
    I wish i trusted my gut instinct after all this time and left it in the bottom of the brgain bin.

    That is all.

      it is great, you just suck at it...

      multiplayer FTW!

    I'm going to say Homefront.

    The multiplayer is exactly my cup of meat.

    Bulletstorm was fun, but once I was done... I didn't feeling like going back
    DA2 ended up feeling like a chore to finish.
    Crysis 2 is still in its wrapper, but I plan to play that this weekend.

    999 was the most memorable game that I've played this year so far. (Technically it came out last year though)

    The thing is that I rarely play new release games, most of the time I'm playing stuff that came out years ago (eg I'm playing Disgaea AoD and the first Mario Galaxy at the moment)

    Hasnt really been anything ive gotten into this year yet. Have to admit though, I have enjoyed the Darkspore beta a lot, even if it feels a little shallow..

    The only game I've bought this year was Deadly Premonition and the only games I've played this year are Etrian Odyssey, Yakuza 3 and Nier.
    Would have bought Dragon Age but everyone seems so underwhelmed by it that I'll wait until it's cheap.

    I'm thinking most of the game of the year contenders are yet to come, anyway.

      Oops, I meant Dragon Age 2, and I meant to say something about all the games I've bought/played being last year's.

      Agreed. With Mass Effect 3, Arkham City, FFXIII-2 (hey I can dream), maybe another Assassin's Creed, (and maybe Max Payne 3? Fingers crossed!) GOTY is definitely going to be a July-December competition.

    Fight night Champion. The online component of that game has had me stolen for weeks.

    Have yet to buy a 2011 game. Did get just cause 2 recently. Seems pretty awesome. Mostly been playing demons souls again lately though.

    Only played Dragon Age 2 and Killzone 3, so I'll go with DA2.

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