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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff – like what do you want to see from the next generation of consoles? What do you expect to see?

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interested in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us – more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

The rumour mill is now churning, apparently we can expect a new console from Nintendo to be unveiled at E3, and Sony and Microsoft are supposedly targeting 2014 for their next-gen efforts. What are you guys expecting? Do you think they'll still use disc media? Will they have traditional controllers? What sort of specs do you expect to see?

Let us know in the comments below.


    I just want M$ to include the power supply within the case of the hardware.... anything else is a bonus!

      Why is that such an issue?

        Portability some people bring their systems to friends houses, events, and where ever they go during travel. That brick is very cumbersome, and it very costly to replace if lost.

        The only real benefit to it being external is heat reduction on the system.

        When xbox 360 launch is was $100 to replace the power brick which was 1/3rd the price of a system.

          Really? I just through the lot in a lap top bag and was sweet. Found the contrllers harder to pack!

        Let me throw another issue up. Lets say you have 2-3 TV's aroud your house that you can game from like I do.

        With the PS3, you need a HDMI cable and one of those '8' shaped power leads and as long as you have these in each room, the console can easily be taken into a bedroom for streaming movies and then to the other TV for bluray ddn yet another for gaming...

        With the 360, I can't do this. I have to have the HDMI cables which is fine, but then you have to unplug the power brick and move this each time also. when this is often in a difficult place to get to it becomes an issue..

        Just saying is all.

          I wish I could be rich and lazy!

            Well, at least you get to be stupid and obnoxious!

    All I want is cross-platform gaming, which has just started to come out in the current generation of games with Portal 2.

    If that was standard, it would make a huge difference in how I approach co-op and mean that I play a ridiculous amount of it.

    Also keyboard and mouse support for consoles, to level the playing field for competitive cross platform gaming.

      While I like the idea of mouse/keyboard support for cross platform gaming, all that does is leave casual players at a disadvantage and probably unable to enjoy themselves in multiplayer.
      There are already people who use mods so they can mouse-aim in Halo, and it ruins the game when the guy hogging the sniper can react and aim far more quickly and accurately than everyone else.

      I like console multiplayer because for the most part it's already a level playing field. You're only hampered by your net connection and as long as your broadband is at least passable you can enjoy the game.

      While I support the idea of cross-platform play, I think in competitive multiplayer it's just going to be detrimental to the console crowd.

      I mean, what if they forced PC gamers playing with Xbox gamers to use Xbox controllers?

      +1 consoles definitely need cross-platform support
      Funnily enough, I can Sony including this, but not Microsoft. Microsoft seems to be trying to make gaming on Windows as painful as possible, so that the PC doesn't cannibalise on the Xbox360 market, which Microsoft probably gets more money from...

        I think the problem all stems from Games for Windows Live. I've never used the service, but I've never heard anything good about it.

        If they had made that service workable and intertwined with Xbox Live, including cross platform multiplayer. Then GFWL could have been able to compete with Steam.

        With Sony now letting PSN users link their PSN accounts with Steam, that means that MS is well behind the pace and will probably take a long time to come on board. As long as GFWL is alive, MS will probably never have any sort of Steam integration on the Xbox.

        I don't mind too much. Even though I prefer gaming on the Xbox, if third parties start to make use of Sony and Valve's cooperation I will start playing predominantly on the PS3.

          Which means that if the PS3 starts gaining market sure as a result, MS will either be forced to join in, or actually make the GFWL thing work.

          Either is good news for us!

            That's the dream, here's hoping it becomes reality.

        By cross platform gaming do you guys just mean PCConsole like Portal 2 is doing on Steam and PS3? Or do you also mean XboxPlaystation?

        The first one is plausible, as seen with Portal 2. The 2nd is never going to happen.

        But seriously, how much of a difference is PCConsole even going to make? There just aren't that many players on PC when compared to consoles these days. It saddens me to write that, because I will always prefer a PC copy of a game where possible. When I was playing Black Ops full on, I had bought it first on 360 to play with housemates, but as soon as I built my new PC late last year I switched. The numbers on Xbox compared to PC was staggering. At any one time there would be 1.5-2.5 million players worldwide on Xbox but on PC there would be lucky to have been any more than 60,000!

        Apart from Valve who has a vested interest in Steam and broadening that platform with their AAA titles, I can't see the benefit for other developers.

          By cross-platform, we mean that multiplayer is not tied to a single platform. So a person on a PS3 can play against or with those on the PC or 360.

          It matters because it means you can play with friends whilst still using your platform of choice. That's quite a nice feature to have, as Portal 2 has already shown.

      It boggles the mind to think there isn't and expensive 360 only keyboard and mouse available that M$ can have a monopoly on.

      Or better yet just make it so any keyboard and mouse can plug in so us console only jerks can check out StarCraft 2 or play Dragon Age Origins "the way it's meant to be played".

    Cross platform online gaming! I've wanted to see this go mainstream ever since we networked Atari ST's to Amiga 500's for Stunt Car Racer and more!

    What would I like to see? Keyboard and mouse support :P
    Nah, I couldn't care less about the next gen consoles right now, all I want is for game devs to treat the PC with some respect, cause it can be way better than consoles. But then again, consoles have their own strengths too...

    I guessed that this was going to be the subject of the next "Tell us Dammit" post so I already have an answer.

    What I expect to see:

    Both the new Xbox and Playstation will have blu ray players. Not so sure if the Wii 2 will.

    Both the new Xbox and Playsation will have at least 500 gig of memory at launch. Terabyte models will come along at a later date.

    All next gen consoles will likely have a poor launch line up. The new Xbox might launch with Halo 5 (I say 5 because I expect 4 to come out within the next two years).

    What I want:

    The new Xbox to keep the same controller as the 360.

    The Playstation network to remain free to use.

    The machines to be powerful but not cost a fortune. $500 would be a good price.

    For Australians not to miss out on a bunch of Xbox Live features.

    What I don't want:

    I don't want the new Xbox and new Playstation to be focused on motion controles. The Kinect and Move are fine but I don't want that sort of thing to be the focus of the new consoles (except for the Wii 2). I'd be happy if they release a new version of the Kinect and Move 2 years or so after the new consoles launch but I don't want them to be the main features of the console.

    I think along with the Wii2, Nintendo will relaunch the power glove. It will be used in conjunction with a wireless nunchuck and while also supporting a full range of motion detection, each finger will serve as a toggle. Flick your index finger to fire your weapon, clench your fist to reload, extend your middle finger to taunt. The possibilities are limitless*!

    *limitless in this instance means "limited to six or seven basic mechanics that everyone will get tired of very quickly".

    I've drifted away from consoles and back to the PC in the last few years so my 360 has been collecting dust except for a few exclusives and open world games I'd rather play sitting on a couch.

    I'm more interested in the focus of content rather than the tech specs. Great hardware, no good games... no point in investing. Obviously the latest hardware would be great but more and more I'm seeing the focus moving away from the quality content and towards gimicks to keep people interested - Motion controls, little bouncing avatars and endless adverts and TV options I really don't give a damn about. I own a console to play games on, not to replace my PC or my other home entertainment equipment.

    As a professional who works long hours, I'm more interested in quality SP content that is of descent length and quality. I'm hoping the next generation of consoles don't get caught up further in catering for the 30 sec attention span crowd. I'll wait to see each company's line ups before making a decision. But then there is the possibility of just hooking up my PC to the 50" screen and waiting for the next Steam sale. :P

    Reading that back, it turned into a bit of a rant. Oops, I really need the next five days off. :)

    The longer it takes for the next gen to hit the happier I'll be.

    I can barely afford to play current games.

    The best thing would be if they somehow made more games include a portable way of playing. Like FF8 did on PSX(not that I ever could take advantage).

    I love how the Pokewalker lets me convince mysel I'm still playing while walking to work.

    As it stands I might just get a #DS and be done with it.

    I only upgraded to 360 2ish years ago. I have become a waiter. If I was an early adopter I would have bought the PS3 straight up and been dissapointed when I realised it wasn't fully backwards compatible.
    That was a HUUUUGE issue for me. When I changed sides it really opened up a larger library cos I was able to by a few of thos OXB exclusives I missed out on.

    If both do backwards compatibility next gen, I think it's likely I'll swap back to Sony so I can play the couple of exclusives I'm interested in.

    As it stands with games like Lost Oddyssey and Blu Dragon remaining exclusive I am happy with my choice.

      If you had bought a PS3 straight away then you would have got one of the 60gb consoles and it would have been fully backwards compatible with PS2 and PS1 games....

    I'd like manufacturers to stop making their consoles gloss black. Dust stands out on them like a sore thumb.

    At least with a matte finish you don't notice it as much.

    Physical media please.


      The day we go all digital is the day we lose any competition for sales and start paying EB prices for everything.

      Free online play for all systems.

      I want to see the same pricing for XBL/PSN in Australia as the US. Why should we pay MORE for the same content when the Australian dollar is HIGHER than the US dollar? I'd also like to see them sort out the international publishing situation too so that we get all of the same content as the US stores at the same time.

        Everything you said here :)

    Rechargeable controllers for all systems please.

    Even now, I'm pretty content with the current state of gaming to the point that I haven't really ever thought about my wants for the next cycle.

    The announcement of the NGP did spark some interest though, the idea that a home and portable console could essentially be one is closer to reality now.

    I do like portable games that are different stories to brand franchises, if the option of downloading your save to your portable and continue on from where you left off is exciting (I know it won't work for all games though)

    With that, I would love to see combo packs at retail, where you can buy both the PS3 & NGP game in the one box, if they are going to such an extent to link the games somehow, then this should be an option.

    I think the main thing that everyone wants is cross-platform gaming. This would extend to PS4 & the new Xbox. Wii is a different animal since there aren't a lot of games on all 4 platforms (PC being number 4)

    I would also like to see a feature available where you can buy a game from games on demand but instead of downloading it, rip from a disc. Since a lot places in Aus don't have unlimited bandwidth caps this would make things easier on the end consumer. This should also link that disc to the account to prevent re-sale of games.

    On the PS4 side, I would like to see a reverse engineered feature when the launch console is actually able to play prior games (No thanks to you 80GB PS3)

    For Wii, some core games would be great, even in the current generation, another SSB would be fantastic. The Wii ID would have to be replaced with names. Also be able to output HD with no oddly spliced combination cables

    For all systems, smaller would be better. Keep the discs, as per the above mentioned bandwidth problem, but lose the unnecessary empty space.

    PS4 and Wii need easily changeable hard-drives like the 360

    Finally, and this would never happen but it would be nice, a cross trophy/achievement profile. Personally I find the PS3 controller more comfortable for fighting games but the 360 for shooters, it would be nice to be able to move my trophies over to achievements or vice versa

    All I want is the X360 hardware beefed up (controllers and UI etc is great already) and for MS to look at XBMC as a model for truly merging my loungeroom devices. A games console that can also perform what my Apple TV does with XBMC installed would be awesome...

    Cross platform gaming, even though I know it's very far fetched.

    Save games in the cloud. And the ability to log into another console and you won't need to "recover" your gamertag (man does that annoy me).

    The ability to buy or share DLC with family members - I'd like to be able to buy my younger brother DLC.

    The obvious hardware jumps.

    Australia to not get jibbed on the content front, and for console digital distribution to be embraced with more realistic prices.

    Dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you!

    For the console manufacturers:

    1.larger hard drives -at least 500gb at launch.especially because industry increasingly focuses on downloadable content and digital distribution

    2.Backwards compatibility

    3.Profile and trophy transfers from the ps3/xbox360 to the next Gen. Gamers have invested a lot in their online profiles and it would be a disservice to their customers if they lost them.

    For the developers:

    1. Creative art direction for their games-I would hate to see the same next gen 'brownness' that affected the early games of this generation

    2. Regular discounts on DLC and downloadable games. I would like to see psn and xbox live to follow the steam model and encourage developers to have regular discounts on their games. I have been waiting to purchase DLC for a 2008 game but the price hasn't changed in 2 years :-(

    Cross platform support for games & multiplayer! I don't want to break the bank for a $1500 pc for pc-only games if i could play them on my xbox360. Also an integrated stream for gaming profiles & achievements.

    Most of what I want has already been really well described by the guys above me.

    I'm a 360 owner, so most of my concerns relate to that.
    But in short:
    - Hardware reliability from Day 1. Surely MS would realise the value of ensuring hardware quality is good from the day of release onwards.

    - Significant upgrade to the specs. I honestly don't mind paying more for the console, if there is some assurance of the hardware level and that the console will have a lifespan that matches or exceeds the current gen.

    - Upgrade of the UI and general features of the online network and such. Perhaps things like larger party sizes, more features that encourage community spirit, making a system that I understand how voice channels, party chat and game lobby chat works (I'm stupid like that) and a functioning player rating system

    - This is less reliant on the actual console: Cheaper Games on Demand. I will never download a game that A. Takes room on my limited HDD and B. costs more than a physical copy that I can buy at many of the local retailers.

    - More features available internationally. Australian gamers deserve the features that are entitled to American gamers, from special membership promotions to Indie Games to be available (though I know it's more because of our classification system than the developer/console's fault)

    - And of course the basic features one expects from sequel consoles: Backward compatibility, all the features in previous consoles, able to transfer ID/Gamertag, etc.

    I guess in summary: I want a console that when I take it out of the box, everything works and works well and there's a lot of things. And when the console after that is released, everything still works and works well and there's even more things.

    I'm another one for true cross-platform support.

    And I know this is going to sound very master race of me, but less straight goddamn ports to the PC.

    Although, short of buying a console, I'd do almost anything to play RDR.

    Standard pink LED lights lining the casing. I said standard btw.

    Just take the existing console and put a clock in it or something.

    I want them integrated into my TV. Or maybe like a game channel on the TV with support for all controllers.

    Oh, and I want to download the games straight into my brain. VR!

      I'd need a brain upgrade - mine's already full :(

    All games to be full hd at 60 fps would be nice

    Some sort of beverage making device built into the system would be nice, and it should talk to me and be able to engange in meaning full conversation about philosphy and life etc.

      You can get married if you want that.

      The beverage-making part, at least... :P

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