Telltale Games Nabs Law & Order: Los Angeles For Episodic Series

The Telltale Games factory has added one more property to its lengthy episodic games portfolio, NBC crime procedural Law & Order: Los Angeles. With Back to the Future, Jurassic Park, The Walking Dead and many, many more episodic series on its plate, why Law & Order?

Well... "Law & Order: LA fits very well with the style of episodic entertainment experiences Telltale has been building since our very first days," said Telltale co-founder and CEO Dan Connors in a release. "The talents and skills that we've been building at Telltale are ideally suited for the structure and storytelling approach of televised procedurals like ‘Law & Order'."

A fairly convincing argument, Mr Connors!

Law & Order: Los Angeles - the video game(s) - will "take the crime solving focus to interrogation and criminal investigations, with a heavy dose of courtroom drama on each case," according to the announcement.

Like many of the episodic series Telltale are known for, future Law & Order LA games will come to the PC, Mac, unspecified consoles and mobile platforms. The first Law & Order games to feature the virtual likenesses of Alfred Molina, Skeet Ulrich and Terrence Howard will arrive sometime in 2011.


    That's actually the old cast photo - Skeet Ulrich got killed off last week.

      Yep, they also just retooled it officially into 'Law and Order: LA' to make it more 'catchy' because it's had ratings that were terrible. If it follows last years ratings, expect it to end up cancelled like Trial By Jury.

    LOLA was squashed in the ratings last night now that Ulrich is gone.

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