The Arrival Of The First Mass Effect 3 Screens

First screen shots of BioWare's Mass Effect 3 are here, thanks to Game Informer, and if there's one thing we can glean from our first look at this year's big sci-fi RPG, this sure as hell is a Mass Effect game.

We're only going to get two screens for now, both of them showing Commander Shepard scrapping with Cerberus forces on the Salarian homeworld. The great space armour and lens flare that you love from the Mass Effect series returns, no doubt, but it appears the game's HUD may be going through some changes—is that Shepard's health displayed Dead Space-style on the back of his armor?

More Mass Effect 3 visual treats at Game Informer...

Exclusive Mass Effect 3 Screens [Game Informer]


    About the armour, those red lines were present (in varying colours) on some armour types in ME 2, so i doubt its a health bar

      Yeah, it's usually where the weapon 'slots into' the armour.

      They were in 1 as well though they were blue if memory serves

    Didn't the armour in the last game have lights on it that changed between green, yellow and red as you lost health?

    They weren't obvious but I'm sure I noticed them when i was in cover a few times.

    Graphics and screens are nice, but I'm waiting for info on the characters and crew. I wonder if any teammates from ME2 will be teammates in ME3? Maybe some from the original?

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