The Art Of Mortal Kombat

For a game that's always been darker and grittier than its rival Street Fighter, the new Mortal Kombat has a surprising amount of... beauty to it.

The game's art style sets the same tone the rest of it does: a return to not just the roots of the series but the business of fighting, and nothing says Mortal Kombat like moody, moonlit nights and people dressed like they're in a comic book from the 1990s.

Working with Mortal Kombat developers NetherRealm, British concept art house Atomhawk was responsible for the character and environment design seen in the game. In this gallery you can see some examples of the work they did, including some examples of stage art as well as the changes and updates made to the look of several of Mortal Kombat's most iconic characters.


Comments relevant to my interests

    Eeeugh. Some of that character art is Rob Liefeld level of bad. On first impression I thought SubZero had broken ... whatever that girl's name is ... spine.

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