The Complete History Of An Under-Appreciated Games Developer

You may know Volition as the developers behind the Saints Row and Red Faction games. But its history is actually a lot longer, and more illustrious, than that.

A film crew from Game Informer has, during the course of some studio visits, got a little sidetracked and catalogued the entire history of the developer, from the present-day hits all the way back to titles like Descent (when it was still known as Parallax Software) and Freespace, names which still give PC gamers a case of the tingles.

Your mileage on these will vary depending on how much love you have for each series, but if you're like me and have enjoyed most of the stuff that's come out of Volition over the years, they're a great watch.

You can see them at the link below.

The Secret History of Volition [Game Informer]


    Freespace 2 was an epic game. I still play it from time to time. There is still yet to be a better space combat sim that outdoes it.

      Of course not many really even try these days. It's been a sadly neglected genre over the past decade or so.

      Time for somebody to dust off some of those old franchises like Freespace, Wing Commander, Colony Wars etc. Or even, god forbid, come up with a whole new one.

    These videos were amazing. I've been playing their games since the first Descent, it's good to learn the backstory behind the team.

    And hearing the sound of Freespace's weapon fire after all these years sent a chill up my spine. I wonder if the game is playable on win7...

    The Descent series are my favourite ever.

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